An Overview of Neighborhood Organizing According to Robert Fisher

An Overview of Neighborhood Organizing According to Robert Fisher

Neighborhood Organizing: The Importance of Historical Context “Neighborhood organizing has a history as old as the neighborhood
concept itself. It is certainly not simply a product of sixties dissent.
New Social Movement theory argues that community-based resistances —
around geographic communities such as a neighbo…

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The Positives and Negatives of Multicultural Community Organizing

Multicultural Organizing I don’t believe there are any downfalls to multicultural organizing, but
there are many positive things that come from it. Some strengths of
multicultural community organizing that come to mind are that it helps the
organizer understand the community and culture, which strengthens the

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A Discussion on the Importance of Reducing Violence in Crime in America

Reducing Violence in Crime in America Today in the United States, the people of our society have multiple views and opinions about the violence and crime rate throughout the country; some people believe that we need to enforce stricter punishments on people who commit crimes while others say we need to eliminate handguns…

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The Issue of Human Trafficking as a Form of Modern Slavery

When most people think of slavery they think of slaves in the past
never the present time, the reality is that slavery is still around today
and it’s bigger than it has been in years. Human trafficking is a form of
modern slavery that is quickly becoming one of the largest criminal
industries worldwide. It’s ranked as the…

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A Recount on the Fort Hood Shooting

Fort Hood Shooting On November 5, 2009 in the Fort Hood army base a gunman opened fire at
the Soldier Readiness Center, killing 13 people and wounding 30 others. The
alleged gunman, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Army psychiatrist, was shot
by civilian police officers and was seriously injured. Following th…

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A History, Definitions, and Analysis of Both Sides of Abortion

Introduction For many years, abortion has been one of the most controversial issues
in our society. Because moral values and law intertwine, the abortion
debate continues to be a difficult topic to argue. Pain, sorrow,
embarrassment, anger, regret, and shock are all emotions that come with the

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The Benefits of Leaving a Violent Gang

Gang Members: This isn’t Your Real Family As stated by Tupac Shakur in the song Thugs Mansion, “How can I be
peaceful? I’m comin from the bottom; watch my daddy scream peace while the
other man shot him” (A-Z Lyric Universe). Los Angeles is home to some of
the most violent gangs in the world. Anyone who resides in…

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Is It Ethical to Kill Elephants for Conservation Purposes Even Though They Exhibit Signs of Extremely High Intelligence

Is it ethical to kill elephants for conservation purposes even though they exhibit signs of extremely high intelligence? Last week in my response I highlighted the reasons why it may be problematic for conservation groups to sponsor culling of elephants especially when they are running on a donation basis that is mostly su…

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The Struggles of the Mexican Women in the United States in the 20th Century

Challenges of Mexican Women in the 20th century There were many people who immigrated to America throughout its existence. Though all immigrants had a tough time adapting to the new way of life in America, Each group made a different impact and provided the cultural diversity that still exists today. Each group of…

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Why Were There Riots in London in the 1980’s?

Why were there riots in London in the 1980’s? Word Count: 1,808 In the 1980’s, racism was still alive and well, unfortunately. A series of race riots began occurring throughout the major English cities including London, Leeds, Birmingham, and Liverpool. London saw three major riots between 1981 and 1985. The three major r…

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What Does It Mean to Be a Good Parent?

Good parenting, what does that mean? Many people think they know what it means to be a good parent. In reality most people do not have a clue how to be a good parent. Being a parent in today’s society can be a very hard though. Although I am not a parent yet, I was lucky enough to be blessed with two sets of parents. I was…

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The Evolution of the Status of Women in Chinese History

The Evolution of the Status of Women in Chinese History Power and importance in ancient China began and ended with the male population. For most of Chinese history, the importance of women has been mostly ignored. They are barely included in some historical texts regarding China. For most of their existence, women in ancie…

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An Overview of Reification and Its Influence in a Society

Reification and its Influences on Society Reification is the fostering self-hatred and projecting it towards other people in order to make oneself feel better. Growing in a society that is characterized by different groups of people with different backgrounds and different expectation, people develop a hatred for themselve…

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The Definition of Interdependence Through the Perspectives of Realists and Feminists

The word ‘Interdependence’ for Realists and Feminists All these theories have influenced the world over the years and because of them the world has developed and grown a lot. I think that without all these theories, like Realism and Feminism, the states that we live in right now would not be the same. We are in a way “de…

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The Casual Relationship Between Education and Poverty

There is a casual relationship between education and poverty. More than one out of five children in the United States live under the circumstances of poverty; and these rates are even higher for Hispanic and Black children and for those under the guardianship or a single parent. It is believed that there is an association p…

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How Can We Help Our Children?

Scientifically proven, the average person develops their personality and many other aspects that determine who they are through their parents and other factors in which they have contact with early on in life. This can explain why the son of a painter and an architect may value the degree of art whereas the son of a stock b…

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An Argument in Favor of Women Should Register for the Draft Because They Want Equality

Have you ever thought about how women do not have to register for the United States draft like men? Recently on January 24, 2015, the Secretary of Defence, Leon Panetta removed the military’s ban on women serving in Combat. This action resulted in an uproar about if women should be required to register for the draft as well…

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The Relation Between Poverty and Obesity

One of the latest epidemics that is sweeping the US is the obesity epidemic. Being obese is classified as having a body mass index of 30 or above. “An astonishing 68 percent of American adults are overweight.” (Woolston, That’s more than half of the adult population. One of the causes of this epidemic is livi…

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President Barak Obama and the Issue of Racial Reasoning

When I think of racial reasoning the first thing I think of is President Barak Obama. I admit that he has been a great president and was very qualified but was that the only reason that he was elected in the first place? I feel like during the time he was running for president I remember a lot of people saying that they we…

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Racial Stereotypes and Three Racial Paradigms

If you are walking down the street past all different kinds of people chances are you are either consciously or unconsciously looking at people and seeing their race. This in itself is not a bad thing but the implications with associating certain attributes with certain “races” can quickly lead down a disastrous path of pre…

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Women Should Be Able to Fight on the Frontlines

Feminizing the Frontline Since the Revolutionary War, men have taken precedence over women in combat. Soldiers are encouraged to advance their careers in the military; yet, there are numerous positions unavailable to females. Today, women are excluded from roles such as Armor Officers, Cannon Crewmembers, and Special Forc…

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Can Violent Video Games Serve as an Outlet for Aggression and Reduce Social Violence?

Video game violence has been blamed for shootings in schools, increases in the level of bullying, and violent behavior towards women. Critics say that violent video games desensitize their players and teach children that violent behavior is a reasonable way to solve conflict. Violent video game supporters argue that a major…

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The Role of Women in the Mafia

Although women cannot be initiated into the Mafia, that doesn’t mean they don’t play an important role. When the men are not around to run the mafia because of death or imprisonment, the women have to step up and show everyone how it is done. Throughout history women haven’t really been said to be involved in the mafia, but…

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Unveiling the Truth About Women in the Mafia

Unveiling the Truth About Women in the Mafia Typically when the word “women” is associated with the word “mafia”, there is a stereotype that comes to mind. This goes beyond the generic gender stereotypes because the mafia is being referenced. It’s common knowledge that the mafia consists of mostly men and it is an orga…

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A Discussion on the Issue of Overcrowding in the United States

The issue of overcrowding in higher education has been a growing problem throughout the United States in recent years. There is no clear definition of “overcrowding,” but one term that it constitutes is “impaction.” Impaction can be defined as “student demand that exceeds the financial and/or physical capacity of the instit…

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