An Observation and Comparison of the Differences Between the Neighborhoods in Toronto

An Observation and Comparison of the Differences Between the Neighborhoods in Toronto

The purpose of this field trip was to observe and compare the different, rapidly growing neighbourhoods in Toronto. Students were given the task capture evidence of certain aspects that appeal important to them. Students had to take into consideration the 5 themes discussed in class when going through these neighbourhoods….

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The Life of Eleanor Roosevelt and the Speeches on Social Welfare

Eleanor Roosevelt was the 34th First lady of the United States. Both her mother and father died leaving her an orphan at the age of ten. Eleanor married her distant cousin, Franklin Roosevelt, whom would later become president of the United States. When her husband got ill, Eleanor completely changed the importance of a fir…

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The Reasons Why the United States Accept Refugees from Other Countries

Why do we have to receive refugees from other country? Refugees are people who are forced to leave their country to get away from war. They seek for food, peace, security and home. There are a lot of countries who already accepted or still accepting refugees. There are very important reasons that shows why the United States…

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Identity Theft and the Ways to Prevent the Cyber Crime

Identity Theft Identity theft is when someone else wrongfully uses your information and acts like you and intends to commit fraud in your name. Criminals usually collect other peoples name, driver’s license, or Social Security Number. They obtain Social Security Number because then they can easily obtain false lines of c…

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The Value of SafeGrowth in Creating a Safer Neighborhood

SafeGrowth is a crime prevention program that focuses on building a local capacity to create and sustain safe communities on a small scale (Saville, 2009). It is built on the idea that small functioning neighbourhoods provide the safest way to build cities in the 21st century (SafeGrowth, 2016). The program addresses crime…

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The Controversies Surrounding Marco Muzzo and the Criminal Justice System

Marco Muzzo and the Myth of the Criminal Justice System The criminal justice system is often showcased in the media. Many people turn to news outlets to find out what is going on within the criminal justice system. On Thursday, February 4th, 2016, Jacques Gallant published an article on the Toronto Star website titled “Mar…

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An Introduction to Street Racing, an Illegal and Dangerous Act

Street Racing “Street racing” is when one operates a motor vehicle in a race with at least one other motor vehicle on a street, road, highway or other public place1. It is often accompanied by “stunting”, which occurs when a driver of a motor vehicle intentionally tries to lose traction on the road or highway, spin in a ci…

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The Strong Views of Judith S. Murray on Education, Religion and Gender Equality

Judith Sargent Murray’s Views on Education, Religion, and Gender
Equality Expressing strong views on education, religion, and gender equality
are topics that Judith S. Murray appears to have expressed through her
pieces of literature (772-779). One of her literature pieces is titled “On
the Equality of the Sexes” and…

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The Evolution of the Drug and Arms Trade in the Global Community

The drug and arms trade are both complex systems that have continuously grown year after year. Drugs are traded around the globe both legally and illegally. The arms trade itself is worth an estimated 80 billion dollars globally. Trading ranges from ammunition to weapons of tad destruction. With the increase of sales from t…

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The Best Model of a Society’s Government for My Hometown

The power elite models of a society’s government are considered in two models: Mill’s model, and Domhoff’s model. Mill’s model, created by sociologist Wright Mills, best fits my hometown. Mill’s model can be easily compared to Marx’s ideologies, and it states how a few privileged, extremely rich, powerful, and authoritative…

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The Reconfiguration of Identities of the Family and Women

The Reconfiguration of Identities When we think of colonialism, especially in regards to the African continent, we often view it as occurring in distinct phases, for example, beginning with its seizure and occupation, ending with its liberation, and continuing with postcolonial studies of its legacy. While there are some l…

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The Sociological Understanding of Agency, Identity, and Colonialism

Colonialism, Identity, & Agency The task of defining colonialism is an effort that has led to furrowed brows and narrowed eyes. The how-to’s and do’s and don’ts seem to go through routine changes, varying with the discovery or privileging of new lenses in different ages. What this suggests is that colonialism isn’t tempo…

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The Cause and Effect of Violence

Violence: Intent & Destruction Violence. A thorough look at 3 definitions from the Oxford, the Merriam-Webster, and the Cambridge dictionary reveal a commonality, a pattern that would most likely exist in other reference books. In all of their definitions of violence, a trend of claiming that violence is an act that is c…

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Tribal War and the Concept of Ethnicity

What is ethnicity? Although the Rwandan genocide of 1994 is no longer a violence spoke in hushed whispers, the elusivity of it still persists. The cause of it is seemingly apparent: scores and scores of discourses have been published with each author writing in a rhetoric that is confident in its identification of the roo…

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The Major Issue of Unemployment in Uganda

The Untold Story of Unemployment in Uganda Uganda is regularly referred to as the Pearl of Africa because of its emerald green forests, bustling national parks, breathtaking waterfalls, and towering mountains, but the beauty of nature is not reflective of those who live in Uganda (21 Interesting Facts About Uganda You’ve N…

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A Review of Generic Process in the Reproduction of Inequality: An Interactionist Analysis, an Article by Michael Schwalbe

While reading the article Generic Process in the reproduction of Inequality: An interactionist Analysis this article made me become very interested in the topic that is being discussed because the word inequality is what caught my attention “inequality” I actually thought the subject would be based on it but turns out the a…

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The Modern Form of Slavery in the Philippines

Unbroken Chains (Modern-day Slavery in the Philippines) Throughout the history of any, and every, nation it is easily found that, at one point or another, slavery has had its time. It is a topic that is most commonly considered in the past-tense. We discuss the topic as we do stories from long, long ago and often fail t…

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The Struggle for Gender Equality in the Politics in Latin America

Latin America Gender and Politics Thesis: Women in Latin America fought valiantly for a say in government throughout the twentieth century. Eventually, over time, they gained more power in government. After a wave of social revolutions for equal rights throughout North America and Europe, Latin America would soon begin t…

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The Pressure of Being a Teenager and the Decision to Receive Jesus Christ into Your Life

Elderly people say go to church in order to become saved and to be covered by the blood of Jesus. They do not tell you of the pressures you face while trying to decide whether you want to be covered or not. The constant nitpick and ridicule you face as a child about choosing the path of Jesus is enough to make anyone not wa…

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The Level of Criminality in the United States

“Crime & Punishment” This chapter talks about the level of criminality that America has which leads to a very high percentage of crime and prisoners. Statistically speaking, one of every 133 Americans was prisoned and behind bars on June 30, 2006. Despite the fact that America only represents 5% of the world’s population…

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The Basic Human Rights of All, Socialism, and an Explanation of Fascism

-The Central Truth The article talks about the basic human rights that everyone should have, restating the famous quote “We were all created equal”. It also mentions the idea of equality and how it was related to the idea of land-owning, which was proven wrong. Everyone should be equal whether they own some type of propert…

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The Stereotypes About Homelessness in America in Lars Eighner’s My Daily Dives in the Dumpster

Dumpster Diving Personal thoughts and options tend to vary from individual to individual. Hence, poetic the audience may or may not agree with the theme of the work presented in essays or poems. For instance, America reveals stereotypes about the homeless as the junior classes, which are economically unstable with low stan…

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An Opinion That Abortion Should Not Be the Best Option for Mothers

The idea behind human rights and that each and every individual is the
master of his or her fate have manipulated the human mind to believe that
it is okay to do whatever they want in reasonable measures. This tolerance
over a century now has resolved some human dilemmas irrespective of the
fact that there are still disputa…

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The Microeconomics of Illegal Drugs in the United States

Illegal drugs’ supply and demand In the United States, there are various drugs that are termed illegal
for instance the likes of Cocaine, Marijuana and Heroin. Despite the fact
that the drugs are illegal, there is a substantial market for these drugs
in the country. There are several forms of drug control activities…

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The Effects of Gender on Communication Styles

COMMUNICATION DIFFERENCE Communication difference is a characteristic variation of the speech that is common by the particular group of individuals within a particular culture or region. Communication difference should not be considered a disorder of language or speech since some differences such as dialect or accent are n…

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