An Introduction to the Various Forms of Customer Loyalty

An Introduction to the Various Forms of Customer Loyalty

What Are The Forms Of Customer Loyalty? How Are These Types Of Loyalty Related? How Can Marketers Use Customer Loyalty?
Different consumers have different purchasing habits, and this forms the basis through which businesses can understand their customers, which can help them market their products/services effectively. Custo…

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An Organisation’s Success Is Attributed to Its Corporate Social Responsibility

In the current society, the success of an organization has been attributed to its corporate social responsibility (CSR). According to Katsioloudes (2002), CSR is the duty in which an organization undertakes in an attempt to safeguard the environment and community where the organization is located. The corporate social respo…

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An Introduction to the History of the Apple Inc. Organization

The Apple Inc. organization was formerly known as the Apple Computer, Inc. It is a multinational corporation found in America and it is headquartered in the state of California, Cupertino. The company continuingly develops, sells, and designs the consumer electronics, personal computers, and computer software. The company’s…

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The Significance of Corporate Social Responsibility in an Organizations

Corporate social responsibility refers to some of the strategies that organizations carry out in their businesses in such a way that they become friendly to the society. This involves a range of activities such as working in partnership with communities for the purpose of improving the status of the community. One such soci…

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An Introduction to the Analysis of Training Program

Training Program
This training program focuses on increasing the effectiveness of groups and teams performance through collaboration. In this training exercise, the training components are essentially listed in the form of progressive tasks describing each activity fundamentals.
The Training Design
The objectiv…

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The Cultural Diversity in Major Global Companies

The Oxford learner’s dictionary defines global operations as those undertaken in relation to the whole world. It is when national economies are merging into interdependent and integrated global systems in the process termed as globalization (Charles 2011, p. #).
When a company becomes global, (multinational), this corporati…

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An Introduction to the Importance of Trust

The element of trust is vital, as it provides the room for retaining confidence among the employees within the new outlet.  The act of trust towards each member of staff allows the entire organization to make faster and effective decisions, in case of a misunderstanding in the system. Trust in process facilitates the proces…

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An Analysis of Statistical Data in Students Who Takes Business Administration Degree

Statistics is a very broad discipline that is defined as “the collection of informative data, interpreting these data and drawing conclusions about a phenomenon under study” (Johnson & Bhattacharyya, 2010). Statistics has been perceived to be a technical subject since it is thought to involve analysis of heavy computati…

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An Evaluation of various Motivations and Strategies to Success

Many people are driven and enthused by success tales, recipes and commendations of others. Success, even though it is not yours, feels pleasant. It feels comfy. One lives in that moment and wants to remain in it. Many people on the other hand, are scared of failure. They bury their failures. They try to disregard them. Peop…

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An Introduction to the Relationship Between Governance and Internal Auditing

This study examines the correlation between corporate governance and internal auditing. The study also examines the value of internal auditing to an organization and if it should be done away with. It is a hypothesis in the study that internal auditing is an independent profession different from external audit. Evidence sho…

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The Profile Overview of Commercial Metal Company (CMC)

Commercial Metal Company (CMC) is one of the corporations that engage sin the manufacture, marketing and trading of steel and metal products. The company as swell as its subsidiaries are engage din recycling of steel products with the corporation operating over 150 plants not only in the U.S. bit also in the global context….

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Different Ways in Which Companies Can Motivate Staff Members

The model that audit firms are a training ground for fresh graduates is slowly faiding away. Many organizations demand more tangible value from audit work, which is hard for newcomers to deliver. In fact, most big audit firms require up to 10 years of working experience.
Preference for top-notch staffs is driven by their mu…

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An Analysis of the Virgin Group

Diversification is a strategy, which companies use in an attempt to increase their profitability. They do this by increasing the volume of sales through the creation of new products or identifying new markets. Diversification can either be in the form of expanding into a new segment within an industry, or starting a differe…

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The View of the Top Management for the Company

The top management vision for the company. What top management feels about the future of the company permeates into the entire organization. If the CEO for instance does not have faith in the company’s future, a tone of hopelessness may prevail among employees. The nature of the immediate work group will affect one’s percep…

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An Overview of Aesthetic Point of View

One certain reasoning behind global art and culture is that they are both interlinked hence inseparable. This personal reflection paper explores the concept of one’s “aesthetic point of view” using six given articles. Additionally, it explains the contribution of the six articles in growing and developing of an…

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A Comparison of Southwest Airlines and Semco in Corporate Culture and Organizational Structure

The case study of the two companies represents the principles and practice of management. In the two cases, we can define management by its approach to employees and say that Management is the art of getting things done through people. This means that managers achieve organizational goals by arranging for others the necessa…

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An Analysis of Design Brief Projects and Marketing Strategies for Zappos Online Shoe and Clothing Shop

Design brief refers, to the instructions that state what the designers should do. It states the parameters and objectives of the design project. The design brief clearly states what fall in and outside the project scope. Design brief is used to find out how successful the project has been.
Nowadays, retail is more about com…

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A Study of Extrusion Technology Inc.

Extrusion Technology Inc (ExTech) is a manufacturing company that focuses its energy on the production of physical and mechanical structures used in electronic components especially for communication devices. With time, the company has grown to supersede the domestic market requirements. Consequently, the top administration…

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An Analysis of Various Efforts to Attain Maximum Input from an Employee in the Company

In order to attain maximum input from an employee workforce, there is need to infuse appropriate work conditions, skill levels, salaries, and ethical standards. According to Cheminais et al (1998), “in the work situation, the trend of giving workers more say and involving them in important decisions regarding their tasks is…

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An Argument Against Trade Unions in American Companies

Trade unions refer to associations of employees whose primary agenda is to check on the employee – employer relation. Formation of trade unions began in the 1800s and their influence has grown ever since. The existence of these unions is entrenched in the constitution.  They advocate for the favorable working conditions and…

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An Argument Against John D. Rockefeller’s Tactics in the American Oil Industry

The oil industry has always been a force to reckon. Many people and tycoons invest in it in order to gain massive wealth within a short stint of time. Rockefeller was one of these many people who was out to enjoy the fruits of investing in the oil industry. However, his investment was questioned by many basing on the method…

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An Analysis of the Importance of the Internet in Business Operation of Caesar’s Palace

One of the basic tools of business which has turned out to be quiet essential is the internet. The discovery of the internet as a communication tool has been described by many people as the backbone of business marketing. Many businesses around the globe have incorporated the internet in order to facilitate their operations…

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An Examination of the Reasons for Bankruptcy of Bregmann and Bury

Personal investment of Bregmann and Bury was $5,000. They no longer had credit lines with the bank. Their short and long term liabilities were $25,000 and $21,000 respectively. Bregmann and Bury experienced bankruptcy basing on such reasons:
They were too excited – “We see what we want to see” mindset. They neglected the im…

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An Analysis of the Purpose of UWF Team

The purpose of UWF team is to strengthen interpersonal relationships and foster individual development in the course of working to fulfill organizational objectives. Teamwork is therefore the capability to comprehend and recognize the diverse strengths and abilities in a group setting and then applying them to one final so…

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An Overview of the Tuesday Morning Corporation

The research paper aims at trying to explain the events that led to the creation of Tuesday Morning Corporation and the events that led into its becoming what it is today.   Lloyd Ross started the corporation from a garage sale he held in a hired warehouse in the early 1970s. Thanks to him, the chain of Tuesday Mor…

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