An Introduction to the Concept of Corporat Social Responsibility

An Introduction to the Concept of Corporat Social Responsibility

Oliver Sheldon started the concept of corporate social responsibility in the 1924. It is an internal company arrangement that dictates the company’s plan in respect to the society. It is a philanthropic principle that the company directors have to initiate through a set of operations for the society’s welfare. This helps th…

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An Analysis of Mercedes Brand

Mercedes has existed for more than a century now. It is the oldest and most famous automobile brand in the globe. Its quality standards, technical perfection, innovative impact, and sound corporate social responsibility have seen it grow to not only a global brand but also an icon (Hawkins, 2006).
The Mercedes Brand is not…

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An Introduction to the Analysis of Kroger Company’s Sexual Harassment Policy

Kroger Company’s sexual harassment policy, does not seem to have effect basing on the actions of Misiolek. The store and district managers, ought to forward the complaints to the headquarters as the cases increased. Failure to report these cases, makes the company liable for misconduct since it appears as cover-up (Velasque…

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An Introduction to the Analysis of the Effective Leadership

chat.onload(function(chats, online) { var link = $(“content1_chat_id”); link.onclick = function(e) { chat.open_random(0); return false; } }); chat.onupdate(function(chats, online) {}); This paper reflects on how effective leadership has brought about a difference in high poverty schools by looking at variou…

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An Introduction to the Analysis of the Ethics in the Corporate World

Ethics in the corporate world is among the elements that keep the sector from engaging in unlawful activates either in form of extorting customers or mistreating employees. Amongst the many strategies that are aimed at fostering ethics, a set of theories governs the undertakings and formulas of decision making. Amon…

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An Introduction to the Methods Involved in Both Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Research refers to the systematic investigation of different situations to establish facts, solve new or any existing problems and develop new theories usually using a scientific method. Research can either be qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative research is a subjective research where researchers introduce their own bi…

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An Introduction to the Analysis of Stakeholders

Stakeholders are individuals or groups who are affected by a project either directly or indirectly, as well as the ones with interests in a project and/or the ability of influencing its outcome in a positive or negative manner. For instance, stakeholders may include the locally affected individuals or communities and their…

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An Introduction to the Analysis of Leadership

Leadership is one of the highly sought after and highly valued commodities in the world. The public has become increasingly captivated by the idea of leadership. People continue to ask themselves and others on how to make good leaders whereby others believe that leadership is a way of improving their personal,…

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The Different Policies and Systems to Raise Awareness to Improve the Innovative Worker’s Performance

The Human Resource has proved to come up with different policies and systems that are out to raise awareness which positively contribute to the innovative forms of workers performance in most organizations. Traditionally, the role of controlling the workforce and ensuring that the workers adhere and are motivated through th…

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A Personal Narrative About Meeting Karen King, McDonalds East Division President

The day that I had been longing for had finally come; the day that I had spent sleepless nights about; the day that had seemingly sapped all my energy and tested my limits of patience; the day that I was to meet Karen King, McDonalds East Division President. I had always been fascinated by her achievements: 30 years at the…

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Methodological Strategies to Achieve Transitional Change

This research seeks to establish how the management applies different strategies to implement discontinuous change in an organization. The research will shade light on steps necessary for implementation of organizational change. The research will seek to address various challenges predominantly in organizational change. The…

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A Definition of Tesone

Tesone (2005) defines Job motivation as a set of forces that are derived from beyond as well as within an individual being, and as a result, initiate work related behavior, as well as determine job’s form, intensity, direction and duration. Similarly, Tella, Ayeni and Popoola (2007) claims that job motivation sho…

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An Analysis of the Use of Polythene

Current situation: the use of polythene has had an adverse effect by clogging sewage pipes, rivers and being an eyesore in nearby lakes.
Driving forces
Clogging of sewer pipes leading to spillage
Clogging of polythene papers in rivers
Death of marine life (fish, birds etc) through suffocation
Achieve long-term solutions

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A Study of the Human Resource Department

The human resource theories have proved to come up with different policies and systems in order to raise awareness and positively contribute to the innovative forms of workers performance in most organizations. Traditionally, the role of controlling the workforce and ensuring that the workers are sufficiently motivated thro…

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A Report on Inadequate Performance

Inadequate performance can be defined as failure of an individual to execute his duties diligently so as to meet the required standards. Apart from inadequate training, there are other factors that contribute to poor performance. The additional factors contributing to poor performance can be divided into two categories (Coh…

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A Study of Marketing

Demand refers to the desire and ability of a consumer to buy a specific product or service. Supply, on the other hand, is the quantity of goods that suppliers can provide for a certain market (Turvey 20). There is an inseparable relationship between supply and demand. The aim of this term paper is to scrutinize in depth the…

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A Discussion on the Centralization of Authority in a Company

The above terms denote the administration authority of any given organization. Centralization of authority is concentrating it in one position or department. In decentralization, authority is dispersed from two different departments. Centralization of authority slants towards power and domineering of the decision-making pro…

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The Vital Role of Courage and Self-awareness in Ensuring the Success of a Leader

Courage, as discussed in Rollo May’s, Courage to Create, is an art that needs mastering and practicing in life. In comparison to Sartre’s work ‘Mauvaise Fois’, translated as, ‘Bad Faith’, where courage and bad faith do not mix in a single inner self.
Rollo May agrees with influential philosophers such as Nietzsche and Sartr…

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A Review of Christina Gold’s Leadership Role

Christina Gold’s leadership role and the achievements she made when she was the C.E.O at Western Union from the year 2006 to 2010 were great and very notable.
The main reason was to allow Western Union bring their services to the market more effectively hence making them more accessible to the global consumers.

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An Analysis of Proposal Argument

Proposal argument basically entails, identifying the problem, then proceeding to state a proposed solution that would be considered fair and workable. The last step involves fore casing that the solution proposed would in fact be feasible.
The speaker in this article commence by describing how his family and he managed to…

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The Challenges in Airline Operation Costs

Airlines and airports face escalating cost, revenue growth constraints and an increasing dissatisfied customer base. By offering passengers a highly differentiated experience and simultaneously enhancing its operational efficiency, the aviation industry can position itself to became and remain profitable in a volatile busin…

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An Analysis of Responsibility as a Purchasing Manager

Purpose/ objective
I undertake the responsibility charged with my department to ensure as purchasing manager, activities to do with purchases flow in the right direction. I wish therefore to take it upon myself to draw a decisive opinion on a make or buy dilemma the company has been experiencing for a while. We…

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A Research on the Borouge Company of ADNOC Group of Companies

This essay provides a research proposal on the Borouge Company of ADNOC group of companies. It provides information about the company. It also states a hypothesis which the research seeks to prove. It also gives the methodologies used in obtaining the information, the data and its analysis. It concludes by stating…

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An Essay on Riodan, Cheap Labor and Global Opportunity to Supply Electric Fans

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The essay is a proposal package for Riodan on how best it can utilize cheaper labor as well as the global opportunity to sup…

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An Overview of the Lauren Enterprises

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The Lauren Enterprises: The Job Route is currently situated at First Canadian Place 37th Floor Suite 6. The offices house on…

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