An Interview on the Topic of Women in the Military

An Interview on the Topic of Women in the Military

Should There Be a Call of Duty: Women Edition? After reading and analyzing Jena McGregor’s essay Military Women in Combat: Why Making It Official Matters I was asked (by my amazing professor) to interview three different people on the topic about women in the military. Throughout the three interviews the three pers…

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The Unconstitutional Evacuation of Ethnicity/Race During Wars

Imagine this, every single person in your family and anyone of your ethnicity/race must be evacuated from their homes and relocated to camps because the U.S. is at war or was attacked by your country of origin. Does that sound unconstitutional or does it sound unconstitutional? Well, apparently our freedom-loving government…

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The Genocidal Cycle Between the Rohingya Muslims and the Rakhine Buddhist

The Invisible Genocide The perpetual cycle of religious conflicts throughout history hints towards various underlying problems such as prejudice which ultimately rises whenever communities of different faiths interact. There has been a surge in violence and discrimination towards religious groups by government and rival f…

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The Role of Women and Women’s Rights in Egypt

For centuries, Egyptian women stood independent and individually from their male counterparts, thus allowing the progression of the Egyptian women’s rights movement. Notable key figures from this campaign range from Cleopatra to Hoda Shaarawi, and these influential women faced the adversary of political instability in their…

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The Diversity in the Traditional Family Structure

The “Traditional” Family The year is 1957, a white picket fence is placed in front of a strong brick house. Inside, a husband, a wife, and a beautiful baby. These are seen around every corner, every yard has beautiful flowers and fresh cut grass, children chase each other in circles, play hopscotch on sidewalks, and hide i…

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A Study on Binge Drinking and Its Consequences

Binge drinking is defined as the practice of consuming large quantities of alcohol that brings a person blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to 0.08g percent or above. This is one of the most common issues among youths today. One in six US adults binge drink about four times a month, consuming about eight drinks per binge. How…

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The Small Progress of the Position of German Women Throughout the Years 1871 to 1990

‘The position of German women has shown little change throughout the years 1871-1990’. How far do you agree with this statement? Evidence would illustrate that the position of women had shown little change throughout the years 1871-1990. This can be seen through the patriotic duty of maternal care and providing emotional…

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Increasing the Minimum Wage as a Solution to Address Poverty Conditions in America

The Unexpected Outcomes of Increasing the Minimum Wage to Ameliorate Poverty Conditions Look outside to the poverty-filled streets of America, and you will find yourself feeling fortunate, lucky enough to know you would not have to worry about where you will get your next meal, next shower, or where you will lie down to sl…

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The Portrayal of Women in Disney Princesses and the Need to Change the Misconception on Women

Disney princesses are nothing like they used to be. They are not stuck up in a tower, but out on their own adventure. They are out saving themselves, instead of waiting for a man to come and do it for them. Due to this, some men are even the ones in need of saving. This is mostly due to the changes in modern day culture. In…

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The Concepts and Constructs of Sharma’s Article A Survey of Current College Alcohol Abuse, Attitudes, and Training Needs

Concepts and Constructs This is a survey of the concepts and constructs in Sharma’s journal article “A survey of current college alcohol abuse, attitudes, and training needs.” The journal has been retrieved from proQuest database. The paper also considers the contribution of this study to education. From the research, it…

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Citizens Should Be Allowed to Carry Guns for Protection

Gun Control Gun Control is a disputable subject for many Americans in the United
States. On one side, they argue that the right to own guns is a
constitutional right. On the other side, they reason that gun violence is
the highest cause of death in the United States. The issue of gun control
is a huge debate for Un…

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An Analysis of Aboriginal Control in the 1850’s

In the 1850’s, the main goals of the two Ontario residential schools were to provide education and implement civilization to the Aboriginal children. These goals soon shifted towards making a profit and away from the original purpose of providing an education. Schools became prison-like when faced with a financial struggle….

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An Analysis of Social Stratification Within American Schools

  1. Conflict theorists believe that schools reproduce social stratification. Use the “Tale of Two Schools” virtual fieldwork assignment and explain how the two-featured schools refute or support that view. Social stratification is a universal system that affects the way people think, behave and view themselves. Within soci…

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The Impact of Immigrants in the Culture and Landscape of America

American City Attraction What factors combined to attract great numbers of people to American cities? What were the characteristics of these migrants? How did these migrants change once they were in the United States? How did they change America, cities or otherwise? During the 19th century, there was a rapid growth of th…

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The Significance of the Suffragette Campaign in Attaining the Vote for Women

“How important was the suffragette campaign in women gaining the vote?”…

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A Study of the Relation of Gender and Self-Esteem in Conformity

Abstract Conformity studies have been extensive following Asch’s (1956) classic line judgement task. Numerous factors have been purported to affect conformity behaviours. The present study investigates gender differences in conforming behaviours, and how self-esteem is associated with conformity, by replicating Asch’s orig…

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A Study of Stereotypes in Relation to a Person’s Age

Age-Related Stereotype The stereotype about a particular group has a substantial impact in shaping how we take and interact with individuals and how individuals within stereotyped group see themselves. Stereotypes are unchallenged overstated beliefs related to a group which is widespread verbally or written in the society….

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A Study of the Impact of the Human Rights Act in American Judiciary

‘The passage of the Human Rights Act has provided opportunities for further politicisation of the judiciary.’ Discuss. [25 marks] The Human Rights Act was brought in in 1998 under New Labour in order to bring the UK into line with the European Convention on Human Rights. It contains many articles that details the basic r…

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The Benefits of Legalizing the Use of Marijuana

Legalization of Marijuana Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States as of 2015. As a modern society, marijuana is a very controversial topic debated in the news and court systems. At a federal level it is still illegal, but in some states it is legal for recreational and/or medical use. From per…

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The History of the South Carolina Initiative Called Strengthening Families South Carolina

The South Carolina Initiative called “Strengthening Families South Carolina.” This project will take a look at where this initiative began at the state level and how it was supported. It will also discuss how the initiative influences local government and communities and recognizes how this initiative was implemented at the…

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Traces of Inequality Still Lingers in India

Around the world, the feeling of gender inequality remains prominent. Specifically, in countries like India, women face discrimination daily that go against most people’s definition of rights. The rights seen in freer countries, like America, are not completely shared in India. In India’s society, the state of women is unju…

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The Existence of ISIS and the Re-emergence of the Holy War

“Lest we get on our high horse…remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ” (Obama). For centuries, there has been much disagreement and despise among the Christian and Islam faiths. Beginning in 1095, a series of holy wars, referred to as the Crusades, took p…

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An Overview of the Agents of Socialization

For everyone, the agents of socialization can vary, though all of us experience socialization from our families in some sense and school to a certain extent, which are the agents most of my socialization occurred with. My family members were essential in teaching me what is right and wrong in society, how to take care of my…

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The Reasons and Effects of the Problem of Boys Repressing Their Feelings

A family consists of a father, a mother and nine years old boy; brother to a new baby girl. The whole family was happy with her except for the little boy; he did not like the new situation. He began not to hear to any ones words –not his teachers, not even his parents. He always hits his little baby sister to make her cry a…

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A Study on the Ancient Culture of the Freemasons

Understanding An Ancient Culture A “sight-restoring” ritual by the Freemasons in 1746 started with a master who wore an amulet with a blue eye in the center. A candidate would be surrounded by microscopes and surgical equipment and implements. The master would put a blank sheet of paper in front of the candidate; instructi…

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