An Internal Investigation on Workplace Romance and Drug Use

The Symptoms of Groupthink and Its Effects on Business Decisions

Irving Janis coined the term groupthink in 1972, deeming it an event that occurs when faulty (bad) decisions are made in a group setting, caused by group pressure that leads to a meltdown of mental competency, moral judgment, and reality testing. Common symptoms caused by groupthink include making irrational decisions, dehu…

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Technology Adoption, Performance Changes With IT Systems in Place, and the Effects These Changes May Have on the Employees in a Company

Many companies, regardless of size, can sometimes find themselves in a situation where they do not know whether or not to change the way they’ve been doing a certain task up until that point. In most cases, this involves something like the transition from doing something manually to automating that process through the use o…

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How Seriously a Union Can Affect Even the Largest of Companies; Hostess

Unions are an issue that supervisors in almost any large company will eventually have to deal with. They will either be dealing with an already-established union or with a workforce that is planning on starting an organizing campaign. A union is an organization which represents either the workers of a certain company, or pe…

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The Many Impacts of E-Business and E-Commerce on a Business: A Review of Ralph Dandrea’s New York Times Article

E-business, as stated in the book, is the term which encompasses the entire set of activities which makes up an internet-based business. E-commerce, on the other hand, only includes the “online buying and selling of products or services.” Both of these forms of business are part of an industry which has been growing since t…

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The Importance of Security Clearances in Certain Jobs

You do not have to be Crazy to Work Here Jobs that require security clearances are typically involved with some controversy for various reasons, among them the sensitivity of information the employees work with and what qualifies a person to hold such a security clearance. Jobs that require a security clearance can be foun…

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Organizational Stages of Growth With Examples

Organizational Stages of Growth For entrepreneurs, strong, steady, and large companies do not just happen overnight, but are rather cultivated through four stages of growth. Each additional stage of growth is characterized by an increase in the amount of structure of a central formal management. This paper will discuss eac…

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Effects of Information Systems on Finance and Accounting

Effects of Information Systems on Finance and Accounting Accountants and other financing professionals have the monstrous task of gathering, processing and analyzing financial data. What this task looks like has gone through a number of monumental changes through recent decades. Regardless of what point in time is being ex…

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Information and Marketing Strategy of Kensport Company and Ray Company

Executive summary Kensport Company is a division unit of the parent ray company. Ray Company is the parent company that deals with the distribution of sportswear. The division was launched to sell and market the new product KenSport sports shoes. This new company division is located in the state of California. The new div…

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Business Model and Target Market of an Online Business JaVaughna’s Boutique

As an online business, it will intend to have physical locations in
various states. It will be useful for making deliveries and handling
serious customers` complaints. The business headquarters will be located in
San Francisco, at the 18th floor of 350 Mission Street building at the
northeast corner of Fremont Corner Stree…

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Introduction and an Overview of Best Buy Company an Electronics Retailer in the United States

Best Buy is among the largest consumer electronics retailers in the
United States, covering up to 19% of its market. The company has 4,000
stores worldwide, including such countries as the USA, Canada, Mexico,
Turkey, and China. It deals with the production of cellular phones, TV
sets, computers, home appliances, cameras, o…

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Global Economy and Strategic Plan of Harley-Davidson Inc.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
Global Economy & Factors Affecting H-D 4 Motivation for Expansion 5 Risks for Expansion 5 Competitive Advantage 6 Entry Strategies for Global Expansion 6 Internet Approach/Strategy for H-D 6 How the Internet Adds Value 7 C…

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Go Green’s Financial Plan and Marketing Strategy for the Business

The decision was to buy the “Go Green,” coffee shop, which is an
already existing business. The financial plan addressed important matters
regarding the intended launching, operation and management of the business.
The “Go Green” Coffee shop is a small business and many policies and
decisions have to be based on the princip…

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The Weekend Effect in Stock Prices and Stock Returns

Stock trading is a subset of finance, which is characterized by
several economic anomalies. An economic anomaly occurs when a financial
item such stocks behaves in a manner, which is inconsistent with the
economic model. Unlike other social sciences, financial economic
instruments are unstable with irregular behavior which…

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The Economy and Apple Inc. in India

Apple Inc. in India Presentation of India General India is a nation in Southern Asia that borders the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and Pakistan. Currently, the nation has a population of 1,236,344,631 residents. Of this population, 72% are Indo-Aryan, 25% are Dravidian, and the remaining 3% are Mongol…

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The History of American Airline’s AA Logistics

American Airline’s (AA Logistics) was established almost fifteen years ago, in 1999. Since they first came into the airline industry, the company has grown leaps and bounds. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, with almost one hundred and twenty staff members working in five different offices American Airline’s has become one of t…

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Mark Zuckerberg and His Management Style

Management of Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg was born in White Plains, New York on May 14, 1984. He graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy in 2002 where he then made the decision to carry onto Harvard University (“Mark Zuckerberg Biography” n.d.). While at Harvard, he studied Psychology until he founded the social netw…

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The Three Objectives That Every Company Should Strive For If They Desire to Gain an Edge Over Competitors; Apple Inc.

Executive Summary Often times in business there is not always an industry monopoly. This means that there is competition between multiple companies to gain the majority of popularity from the public. When there are so many businesses fighting for the same consumers, competition can become very fierce, very fast. There are…

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An Analysis of Mattel Incorporated

Potential Growth of Mattel Mattel Incorporated is an American-based toy company that was created in 1945. The company has been operating successfully for decades. They have come up with plenty of trendy toys that have kept both little girls and little boys quite satisfied. This does not mean that Mattel has a monopoly on…

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The Secret to the Success of Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines: The Secret to Success Southwest Airlines has been prospering in the airline industry since 1971 (Wharton, 2008). Despite rising fuel costs and the sluggish economy, Southwest has been able to stay profitable with their genius business model since 1973. Coming a long way from its humble beginnings, Sou…

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The Benefits of LinkedIn in the Recruitment Process

LinkedIn Recruitment Speech Today I am going to discuss the use of LinkedIn while recruiting. LinkedIn can be a great resource for finding and evaluating potential employees. Though the majority of you probably do not find yourselves in a position to recruit employees, you have probably heard of LinkedIn or may even be a m…

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An Evaluation of Tesla Motors, Inc an American Automotive Manufacturer

Evaluation of Tesla Motors Tesla Motors, Inc. is an American automotive manufacturer. The corporation focuses on designing, manufacturing, and selling electric cars that are considered the wave of the future. Tesla Motors entered the public spotlight in 2008 with the release of the Tesla Roadster, the world’s very first e…

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The Benefits of an Established Brand in the Competitive Market for Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. Brand Loyalty Building a brand is detrimental to the success of a company, but can take a great deal of time to accomplish. An advanced brand is capable of boosting the reputation of a company to amazing successes and infinite prosperity in the market. The internationally known brand of Apple has been able to do…

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The Marketing Strategy for Barbie, a Doll by Mattel Incorporated

Marketing Barbie Mattel Incorporated is an American-based toy company that was created in 1945. The company has been operating successfully for decades. They have come up with plenty of trendy toys that have kept both little girls and little boys quite satisfied. One of the biggest successes that Mattel has experienced th…

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The Life and Works of Marissa Mayer the CEO of Yahoo!

CEO Profile: Marissa Mayer Marissa Mayer is the current CEO of Yahoo!, a rather popular internet service. Yahoo! provides users with a search engine, e-mail, gaming platform, and so much more. Prior to her hire at Yahoo!, Marissa was a long-time executive and spokesperson at Google. For unknown reasons, Mayer left Google i…

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An Internal Investigation on Workplace Romance and Drug Use

Internal Investigation: Workplace Romance and Drug Use For this particular investigation, the question at hand is: Did these two former employees engage in an inappropriate workplace relationship and/or engage in illegal drug activity within the building? To execute this investigation and gain a definitive answer, I will…

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