An Experiment on the Effect of Mary Kay Lip Balm as What Was Advertised

McDonald’s Market Impact to Burger King and Taco Bell

The way that Burger King and other fast food restaurant chains do business and markets their products to consumers is due to the change in our society to where the consumer wants the biggest, fastest, and best product they can get for their money. This change in society can be attributed to a process known as McDonaldizatio…

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Defining Diversity and the Importance of Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the Workplace Generally when someone begins speaking about diversity in the workplace, thoughts of Affirmative Action, racial diversity, or even sexual equality are usually foremost in our thoughts. However, diversity in the workplace really is so much more than this, we must also consider aging workers, handi…

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Pro and Con of Separating the Board Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer

October 22,1999 Term Paper Separating the Board Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer: Pro and Con & Rebecca Hundley I Introduction Numerous reports on corporate governance have emphasised the desirability of increasing the number of outside directors on boards. An equally important and related issue is a grow…

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A Discussion on the Effects of Doublespeak in Marketing

Have you ever gone to McDonalds and looked at the menu and said “Wow, look at that Quarter Pounder. That looks really good,” ordered the Quarter Pounder and opened it to find something that looks like its franticly made and looks nothing like the picture used on the menu. This example is much like doublespeak. Doublespea…

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An overview of Worker’s Compensation Service

Worker’s Compensation is a service that provides reimbursement for lost wages to employees who have sustained injuries from work or work-related tasks. It is also one of the services that is most often the victim of fraud. Each of the three types of fraud, claimant, employer, and provider, is defined by the same characteris…

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An Analysis of Private School Vouchers and Their Marketplace Strategy

Proposals to use private school vouchers, a marketplace strategy, as a mechanism by which to improve the general quality of public education have produced a lively debate. Frequently, that debate has degenerated into a disagreement about whether public schools are as good as private schools or whether a given private school…

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The Function of Leaders: techniques and Tactics

The Function of Leaders: Techniques and Tactics At the top of the corporate hierarchy of today, decisions are constantly being made. In turn, these decisions affect all employees further down the pecking order. To be successful, these high-ranking members must know how to accomplish tasks by leading the people with lower a…

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A History of Donna Lukas an Employee of the Month

Color Your World employee of the month Donna Lukas made the impression on her bosses and co-workers as the “paint lady.” Donna will add yet another piece of her work this month to the Toronto Gallery of Art. She has earned the reputation of being the lady to go to when in doubt of colors. Fellow co-worker Jaclyn Smith rem…

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An Overview of the Coca-Cola Company and Its Relationship with the Greater Whole

The Coca-Cola Company: And its Relationship with the Greater Whole Coca-Cola is the number one captivator of people’s throats. The company, in the last one hundred years, has managed to transform people’s thirsts in to a need for Coca-Cola. The story of the Coca-Cola Company has humble beginnings. In 1885, John Pemberton,…

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How Videoconferencing Has Broken the Bonds of Slavery

For centuries people have been enslaved in their work and careers. Since the industrial revolution, with the creation of the assembly line and the mass production of products, business owners have enslaved common men and women. Marx and Engels looked at this situation in The Communist Manifesto, the proletariats laboring un…

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The Life and Times of Industrialist J. Pierpont Morgan

MORGAN, J. Pierpont (1837-1913) Banker and industrialist J. Pierpont Morgan was one of the world’s foremost financial figures in the decades before World War I. He organized railroads and formed the United States Steel Corporation. His wealth and financial management skills were so considerable that he was able to steer t…

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A History of Pueblo Citizens and Rio Grande Portland Cement Corp.

Pueblo citizens are facing a battle. It’s a battle between common citizens and those who are in favor of economic development to decide on whether a cement plant will call Pueblo its new home. It’s a battle to join together in order to educate those individuals in charge about how building a cement plant would cause more ha…

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The Details of the Peace Agreement in Bridge and Buffalo

The Peace Bridge and Buffalo What can construction do for an area? The construction of an office building may bring in a firm, corporation, or company. The construction of a sporting arena may keep a team where it currently is, or bring a new team to that area. For example, the construction of the HSBC Arena kept the Sabre…

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The Social Structure of Bartlett and Sabol Law Offices

Social structure is a part of every organization, whether formal or informal. A very defined social structure is often evident in the workplace. In my workplace, Bartlett and Sabol Law Offices, the social structure is very concrete. There are many perspectives from which the social structure can be viewed. It can best be di…

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The Factors of Efficiency in a Hard Worker

What is a hard worker. What qualifies a person to be categorized as a “hard worker”. He/She would have to be willing to do the work, and not only do it, but do it right. Efficiency, things such as showing up on time, and getting the job done in a decent amount of time. A person would have the knowledge to be able…

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An Analysis of the Impact of Diversity on Organizational Performance

Diversity the new nine letter word It seems corporations rise and fall on new buzzwords, reorganization, downsizing, right sizing, TQM and now diversity. In what seems like a flurry, corporate America has embraced this initiative becoming the champion of this good cause. In a country where skepticism is encouraged, the bas…

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The Influence of Big Corporations on the Lives of Americans

Corporate Control It seems that there is an ever-increasing trend in our society. Big corporations are becoming more and more influential in our lives. As they gain more and more muscle in our government they also invade our schools and many other facets of our lives. Perhaps the most disturbing area of potential influence…

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How Crime Is Affecting Business and Measures You Need to Take

Business Security (how to play hard to get) Crime takes a big bite out of small businesses. How secure are you from burglary and robbery? During 1999 in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, there were 3,577 commercial burglaries and about 590 robberies. The loss from many of these crimes could have been reduced or even prevented alto…

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The Importance of Integrity in the Workplace

Integrity In The Workplace Integrity directly relates to the workplace and keeping one’s word. It is important to have integrity in the workplace because without it, there would be little reason for an employer to keep you. Employment is given with the trust that the person being hired will keep their end of the bargain by…

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Ten Commandments to Follow in Mutual Fund Investing

MUTUAL FUNDS A Mutual Fund is a company that combines, or pools, investors’ money and, generally, purchases stocks or bonds. Ideally, a fund’s size and resultant efficiency, combined with experienced management, provide advantages for investors that include diversification, expert stock and bond selection, low costs, and c…

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An Introduction to the Nike Company

“Don’t Do It”, The Nike Corporation There is a running battle with activists, especially on the internet, to keep corporations and governments focused on human rights and the environment. Recent activity has centered around International Monetary Fund and World Bank. A victory for these such groups came recently when…

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The Resignation of Durk Jager from Procter & Gamble Co.

NEW YORK (CNNfn) – The head of Procter & Gamble Co. – a controversial corporate veteran who tried to shake up the venerable consumer products maker through an aggressive growth strategy – quit abruptly Thursday amid the company’s ongoing profit woes. Durk Jager, who served as CEO of Cincinnati-based P&G for a turbu…

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The Current State of The Gap Inc.

The Gap Inc. When I first thought bout what company I would like to research, I look down and fixed the collar on my shirt. Then it dawned on me that since I love fashion, I could do it on the gap. Who had the power (and the clothes) to make the NYSE take its first casual Friday? The Gap — the ubiquitous clothing retai…

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An Experiment on the Effect of Mary Kay Lip Balm as What Was Advertised

My name is Alexa Paul and I mean this humbly when I say, “I am so glad to be you guys’ test dummy.” I have taken it upon myself to provide you all of your product needs, questions, comments, and concerns. Make no mistake, I don’t take this job lightly. There’s a plethora of products out there, sketchy and amazing, and I am…

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An Introduction to the Philosophies of a Great Leader

     Term Papers A great leader is someone who appears to be priceless. Great leader is the main example of his people; he should have the characteristics of higher standards therefore developing his followers into something better. Extraordinary leaders need to have communication skills to understand what the followers…

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