An Examination of the Three Articles on the Effects of the Environmental Factors on Three Firms

An Examination of the Three Articles on the Effects of the Environmental Factors on Three Firms

The business environment is the surrounding factors to the firm’s
operations that are always changing and affect performance. Different
companies depending on their growth level are affected by various
environmental factors with emerging firms being the most challenged by
these factors. The environment can also be classifie…

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Understanding Thrift Store and the Salvation Army Thrift Store and Its Aim in Raising Funds for Charity

A thrift store can be described as a store that takes cast off clothes and buys rummage with the specific aim of raising money for charity. However, this description does not reflect the true picture in all thrift stores today. The Salvation Army thrift stores, for example, are set up with the aim of raising funds for chari…

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The Importance of Ethics and Business in China

Doing business in the global arena today is complex with the rise in competition from other players in the industry. To stay in business, many managers or employees engage in many ethical vices in a bid to make profits. Ethics is an important aspect of business that is normally corrupted in conducting such business. Ethical…

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How To Become a Certified Public Accountant in the United States of America

First off, it is important to highlight that the purpose of this paper is to research the career of certified public accountant and to describe what that position represents in the business world. Also, this was the requirement for the Accounting class at Georgian Court University. I chose this career because it is the most…

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An Analysis of the Camel Cigarette Ad and Its Effects on Consumers and Society

In our consumer-filled world, advertising is the utmost expensive technique companies use to sell their goods. Advertising serves the purpose of persuading consumers to buy a product, while simultaneously convincing viewers that the company’s item will offer something better than competitors. Increases in product replicati…

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An Argument in Favor of Marshal Cohen’s Business Approach of Hiring Good Looking People to Enhance Businesses

In the article “Going for the Look, but Risking Discrimination” by Steven Greenhouse, Marshal Cohen supported the act of hiring good looking people to enhance businesses. I agree as he says in his argument,” Retailers defend the approach to hiring based on the image as necessary and smart, and industry experts see the point…

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The Types of Skills Managers Need to Run a Successful Business

I decided to research a section from the textbook about what types of skills managers need to run a successful business. The article I found is from and it lists 12 different types skills that every manager needs. This includes human skills, technical skills, and networking skills. All three of these skills are v…

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The Conce of Design Thinking and Its Importance to an Organization

Design thinking is a concept that explores creativity and innovation not just as an abstract or stylistic form, but also as a process or protocol for solving problem in order to achieve a competitive advantage and in turn industrial success. Design thinking uses a designer’s sensibility and criteria in matching user prefere…

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Evidence Based Management

There is an emerging movement in organizations across the globe known as evidence-based management. This is a method used for decision-making in an organization and is based entirely on empirical research. Typically organizations use the results from a handful of statistically significant experiments because that way the re…

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An Argument Against Gordon Gekko’s Way of Greedy Business

Gordon Gekko is definitely not the type of businessman the United States needs to get out of its recession because he does what is best for him and not for others. Gekko is not the businessman America needs to get out of its recession because he will do whatever it takes to make money, whether it’s legal or not. For exampl…

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A Study on the Development of Home Depot by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank

When Father Oscar Romero spoke of being a “man for others,” he was referring to all people across the world doing the right thing and making good decisions for themselves and others. In the world of economics, when businessmen look to start companies they often misuse this concept and start businesses hoping to gain a profi…

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Industrial and Organizational Psychology

In the world of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, a major area of focus is on employees. Employee attitudes and behaviors in the workplace are measured predominantly using two types of scales. These two methodical approaches are known as magnitude estimation and category rating. The field has been torn between thes…

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An Overview of Spotify and Its Effects on the Music Industry

Throughout the twenty-first century, the accessibility for individuals
accessing music continually rises, especially over the past handful of
years. A surge of music streaming products and applications hit the market,
such as Spotify, becoming immensely popular amongst consumers; however,
many of these music-streaming platf…

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An Overview of the MOVE Organization’s Corruption of a Small Community in Philadelphia in 1978 in the Book, The Behavior of Law by Donald Black

The MOVE organization corrupted a small community in Philadelphia in 1978, and after being shut down went on to wreak havoc on Osage Avenue with their largest incident that occurred in 1985. Donald Black explains law in a complex way that specifically identifies the subtle injustices and policies that are factored into how…

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The Positive Change in the Environment or Community in the 2010 Pepsi Refresh Project

The 2010 Pepsi Refresh Project: Two Supported Online Elements The Pepsi Refresh Project was a classical corporate social strategy (CSR) marketing launched in 2010. Pepsi offered $20 million to grant individuals or organization that come up with an idea, which has a positive change in the environment or the community. Measu…

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A Letter on the Topic of New Park Management Plan

Dear Mt. Diablo State Park Staff, It has come to my attention that a new park management plan is being created for Mt. Diablo State Park. As a local mountain biker, this topic interests me a great deal. When riding in the state park, it does not take long to realize that there is very little singletrack that is legal for m…

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An Essay on My Project of Making Z-Kabob Into a Successful Business

The moment he finished the sentence, I could nearly hear the sizzling of a light bulb going off, hovering above me as I stood there and thought, “Wow, that makes so much sense”. A very disciplined businessman once gave me some advise at a pivotal time when my families business was extremely close to being shut down. Instan…

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Identifying the Corporate Genetic or Base Strategy of the Nestle Organization

Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to select a publicly traded multinational corporation (MNC) which needs to have several strategic units (SBU) and it cannot be a company used in previous assignments. We are to identify the organizations corporate genetic or base strategy with the explanation of the overall…

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The Positive and Negative Effects of Outsourcing in Business

Outsourcing is when a company takes it jobs and put them overseas so that it’s cheaper to produce their goods. Outsourcing can be done because a lack of employees and high wages.   The American workforce is against outsourcing because it’s taking Americans jobs and having other counties employ their own people. Citizens an…

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The History, Advantages and Influence of Amazon on the Global Market

A study on Amazon’s advantages and its influence on the market Abstract: Amazon is a high-tech company that deals in getting products from manufacturers’ stores them and avail them to consumers at any time needed. It started as a simple online book-selling site and has grown too large online retails shop in the whole world…

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An Overview of the Management Strategy of Organizations Claire’s and Icing

Introduction Tam & Lauren Icing/ Claire’s (Retail) Retail Manager (Cell) 902-469-0580 Claire’s has been in the fashion industry since 1974. Icing is also a corporate company that provides accessories such as jewelry for teens and adults. Claire’s is also the ear piercing headquarters. Claire’s is the destination f…

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A Report on My Leadership Philosophy for the Organization

Part 1 – Leadership Philosophy
Question: Tell me what your leadership philosophy is for this
organization. My response: I will lead by example, I will take care of your people,
and this unit, under my command will accomplish the mission with honor and
integrity. Question: How did you come to that philosophy?…

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Average Work Hours in the United States of America

“Americans work an average of 34.4 hours a week, longer than their counterparts in the world’s largest economies. [In fact], adults employed full time report working an average of 47 hours per week. The next highest country is Australia reporting 32.4 hours per week as their national average (Isodore & Luhby).” When it com…

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The Pepsi 2010 Refresh Campaign: An Overview of the Marketing Strategies of Pepsi

The Pepsi 2010 Refresh Campaign A case study of Pepsi’s marketing strategies The Pepsi Refresh Project, a marketing campaign launched on January 13, 2010, aimed to select consumers’ ideas and fund them in six categories – education, health, neighborhoods, arts & culture, food & shelter, the planet, and do good for the gul…

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The Importance of the Denmark Study Abroad Program on My Career Path to Mechanical Engineering

One of my goals is to get my bachelors in mechanical engineering. My father was a mechanical engineer and was well known for all of his achievements. What made my father so successful in his career is that he traveled to various countries so he had the opportunity to view different ways of thinking and doing things. Sadly,…

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