An Examination of the Different Theories of Leadership

An Examination of the Different Theories of Leadership

Leadership has been a topic of interest for a really long time.  The earliest forms of leadership were known in the 20th century.  In the 20th century Frederick Taylor proposed his theory called the theory of Scientific Management.  This theory changed the way that leaders interacted with employees and the way that employee…

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An Examination of the Business Strategies of IBM

When IBM first stated to expand internationally before Palmisano was there and it did so in the classic international pattern of many enterprises. IBM during that time undertook most of its activities from home and sold most of its products internationally through overseas sales offices. But Palmisano joined IBM in 1972 and…

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The Outsourcing Strategy of Boeing Co

Boing decided to reduce the risk of technological gamble. Boing outsource 70 percent of its content on the 787 and other manufactures most of them are based in other nations. The Boing 787 Jet is supposedly be the future of airline travel and plane making as well. The Boeing 787 has 250 seats and it is made from composite…

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The Importance of Being Prepared during an Interview

I decided to take the online Interview with InterviewStream. I feel as if InterviewStream may be a good tool for monitoring your interview and see how you react, but the interview is not as dynamic as one would be in person which makes it difficult to gauge how well you are answering questions. I realized that I need to ho…

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A Case Study on the Importance of Schedule Compression for an Employee and the Company

Introduction In the case study provided, we answered questions pertaining to the scenario that Sarah, the project manager, is given an assignment by her company that faces some issues. These issues include: limited resources, time issues, and integrity of her company. As we explore the case study and provide feedback, it…

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Answering Questions About Union Pulp Inc. and Environemental Management

Question on If I were Hans Amir, I would not grant Rudy Hartanto his request of
round trip ticket or cash. The ultimate answer to his request will be no.
About the issue of the “talking blanket”, I would just recommend for him
that, it’s beyond my control if he wanted someone to warm his blanket while
in the move of i…

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A Discussion on the Changes and the Methods That Could Be Helpful to a Salesperson

In the last few years, the sales environment has experienced changes
which have flipped the role of salespersons in many ways. Some of the
aspects that have led to these changes are technology, business models,
economy, and the society (Estampe, 2010). These factors have forced the
salespeople to adapt to new ways of commun…

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The Use of Psychographic Segmentation in Doing a Market Analysis

Psychographic Segmentation The adventure services currently marketed to the young “care-free”
age of eighteen to twenty somethings can be bettered. To increase profit
quickly and on a large scale, the company can implement a different
marketing strategy. Using psychographic segmentation, rather than
demographic segme…

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The Importance of Market Segmentation in the Introduction of a New Product

The process of putting a product or service on the market is one that
requires much research and planning (at least that is one of the more
common strategies). In that research process lies the need to identify and
create a strategy to reach the consumers that an organization has interest
in. Dividing “consumers of interest…

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Hofstede’s Cultures And Organization: Applying Cultural Measures to Business

This chapter of Hofstede’s book , “Cultures and Organization”,
dissected the way organizations are structured in terms of the “pyramid” ,
“the machine”, “the market”, and “the family”. Hofstede takes cultural
measures and applies them to businesses across the globe. Some measures he
uses to analyze the organizational struct…

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The Importance of Ethics in Accounting

Ethics in Accounting
Accounting is extremely dependent on ethical decisions and practices. Since
financial statements are required for decision making, it is imperative
that these statements accurately reflect the business transactions.
Otherwise, owners and investors will make wrong decisions based on the
false information…

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Alan Mulally Saves Ford from the Brink of Bankruptcy

Alan Mulally and the Ford Escape from Bankruptcy Many of us are familiar with the story of Ford’s recent comeback. The company was on the brink of bankruptcy during the most recent global financial crisis, and was being offered stimulus funds by the federal government. While Chrysler and General Motors accepted the bailo…

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An Overview of the Challenges and Triumphs of Toyota as a Company

On Toyota’s Ethical Dilemmas, Challenges and Victories Toyota is mostly known for its automobiles, but the Toyota Group is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, making all types of machines and automobiles. Being a primarily Japanese corporation, there is no doubt that the company comes from a culture s…

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A Group Analysis of the Operations of the T. G. I. Friday’s Bar and Restaurant

Group Analysis of T.G.I. Friday’s Bar & Restaurant That which will precede constitutes a complete topological examination of the operations of T.G.I. Friday’s, located in Brick, New Jersey, with a primary focus on the operations of their bar. However, as the bar and restaurant work in a coordinated manner, elements of bot…

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The Effects of Change on an Employee and an Employer

Introduction Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable. Almost every day it seems like something is changing for us; it could be a new budget for our finances, a new way to complete a task at home, or a new change at our places of work. These changes happen for a variety of reasons, such as an increase in productivit…

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The Importance of Managing People Properly

Introduction Whether we like it or not, humans aren’t perfect. We inevitable make mistakes with our peers, with financial decision, and most importantly, at our jobs. When employees make mistakes, it can sometimes cause controversy between workers, supervisors, or even between the company and its customers. Some people…

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The Life and Contribution of Leonard Kleinrock

Abstract This paper utilizes works to describe the work, legacy, and contribution to the world of computing/networking done by Leonard Kleinrock. Networking, as an aggregate, is the key to our society’s ability to function and progress at the rate we are progressing. Because of the actions and innovations carried out by…

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John D. Rockefeller as a Robber Baron

The 19th century witnessed a universal transformation from agrarian society to industrialization in America. New technologies and manufacturing techniques allowed several men to become immensely powerful. Sometimes people categorized these men as “captains of industry,” whose resources, intellect, and power could be used fo…

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The Different Ways of Taking Care of Your Shareholders

On the Generation of Shareholder Wealth in the 21st Century Even as recently as a hundred years ago, investing in the long term was all about that one magic word – dividends. Even John D. Rockefeller was once quoted as saying the only thing that gave him pleasure was to see his dividend checks coming in. However, nowaday…

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An Essay Explaining the Audit Process to Employees and Its Impact in the Organization

Audits are important for many reasons, in the world of business an audit is the formal process for verifying a company’s financial reports in attempts to gain a better understanding of its financial situation. Often this impartial examination and evaluation of the financial statements to include the balance sheet, income st…

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A Study of Marketing Plan and Strategy for Java Tree Coffee Company

INTRODUCTION The power of coffee in the morning has been well known to deliver more than just your ordinary wake-up call. For millions around the world coffee is source of inspiration and creativity while for others it’s a cheap and efficient way get the extra energy that is needed to get over the morning hump. Needless to…

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A Study of the Purpose of a Cash Flow Statement and an Overview of Ford Motor Company’s Cash Flow Statement in 2012

Cash flow statements are reports that present a summary of actual or anticipated flows of cash in and out of a business during an accounting period, typically at the end of a month, quarter, and or year. The reason why a statement of cash flow is important to managers and executives alike is as Epstein (2014) points out “th…

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A Study of Marketing Strategy and Analysis for Nerium International

The purposes of this paper is to create a comprehensive and integrated marketing strategy for a product in which I just so happen to be familiar with and market myself. Nerium Intl. is a new yet diverse organization setting itself up for a global advertising campaign in attempts to launch its flagship product Nerium AD worl…

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A Study of Academic Disciplines That Plays a Role in the Development of Advertising Research

Advertising and market research are two major factors related to and dependent upon Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) strategies. One of the primary functions of ad campaigns is to make available pertinent information regarding a specific brand’s positioning in the marketplace. In doing so a marketing strategy can fo…

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The Benefits of Using Departmental Overhead Rates instead of Company-Wide Rates for Auerbach Enterprises

Auerbach Enterprises; an air-conditioning manufacturing company for automobiles with two distinct product lines (MaxiFlow & Alaska), is considering moving from a company-wide predetermined overhead rate that has been used in previous years to the use of a departmental overhead rate at the beginning of the new year. Using ma…

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