An Evaluation of the Stigma of Tattoos in the Workplace

An Evaluation of the Stigma of Tattoos in the Workplace

Why Are Tattoos In The Workplace Still Taboo In 2016? I have seen a number of articles throughout the past six or seven years asking whether or not tattoos are beginning to blend into what I know as the “acceptance era.” This is the era between the birth of Generation Y (the generation born in the 1980s and 1990s, compri…

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An Analysis of What Causes Individuals to Become Serial Killers

Serial killings are a different concept than instances of homicide. They are often more violent, brutal, and complicated. Serial killings do not just happen once; theyare murders of two or more people, by the same individualin separate events, over a period of time, and the motive is not precisely clear or rational. That is…

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An Analysis of Serial Killers and Their Crimes in the Different Articles

Introduction: Serial killings differ from other types of homicides, as homicides are crimes committed in the moment, and are acts of anger and passion, where as serial killings are motivated by the psychological mind and past experience of the killer. The distinctions in motivation behind serial killings from a regular hom…

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The Rising Problem of Pornography and the Lack of Solution to the Growing Issue

It has come to my attention that pornography addiction is running rampant among young adults. kids are viewing porn more and more each year. In the past, pornography addiction was reserved for middle-aged men who owned dirty magazines or comic strips. It was reserved for men working in strip clubs. There was once a time whe…

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An Analysis of the Handgun Control Incorporation’s Ad

The Handgun Control Incorporation creates an ad to sway the audience which is American citizens against the use of handguns in America. Tensions over gun control within the United States has rose, especially with the recent cases of police brutality becoming more apparent through media outlets. The Handgun Control Incorpor…

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A Critical View on Gandhi’s Nonviolent Direct Action

Is Nonviolent Direct Action Viable? According to Gandhi, “The law which is most in harmony with human nature is that of winning over others by the power of love- by soul-force. When, therefore, a man, wins over an enemy through love, he simply follows the law of his nature.” This quote is a part of Gandhi’s philosophy of…

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Women: Equal Representation in Politics

Women: Equal Representation in Politics While women have made incredible progress in the last century, the United States only ranks number sixty nine among countries with the highest percentage of women in government. Countries that have a higher percentage of women involved include countries such as Tajikistan, Pakistan,…

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The Effects of a Patriarchal and Capitalist Society on the Women Crime Rate

Effects of a Patriarchal and Capitalist Society on the Women Crime Rate The purpose of this paper is to explain why women become incarcerated with a focus around both the theoretical strengths and weaknesses of the Socialist Feminist Theory and its capability to clarify the level of offending that takes place. Three exampl…

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The Life of James Joseph Bulger Jr, One of FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives

Busing was the attempt to desegregate Boston public schools between 1974 and 1988. The Racial Imbalance Act was passed in 1965 and ordered school districts to desegregate or risk losing state educational funding. Many opposed this new law, especially predominately working-class whites, such as the Irish-American districts i…

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A Response on Appeal to Colored Citizens of the World, an Article by David Walker

In response to David Walkers’ Appeal to Colored Citizens of the World How did Walker use religious beliefs and language to appeal to both oppressed and oppressors? David Walker introduces the injustices committed by slave owners in comparison to the treatment of Helots by the Spartans. He believes, “The sufferings of the…

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The Steps to Achieve a Fair and Just Society

In a just and fair society there ought to be systems in place that allow for its citizens to express their true nature. A specific example of this natural expression is gender. People should not be confined to one definition of sexuality or their gender. Many will claim that gender is based off of chromosomal structuring, b…

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The Humanitarian Works of Emma Watson

Behind The Scenes I am sure that if you were to ask yourself “who is the most influential person in the world today” Emma Watson isn’t someone you would name off hand. In fact, some may even question “who is this Emma Watson?” I would find this reaction entirely reasonable and understandable. She had grown up on the set of…

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The Role of Humorists in Society

Analyzing Humorists’ Role in Society Comedy has, for many years, been a canvas onto which comedians and humorists alike choose to portray their inner monologues, feelings, and opinions on particular subjects. It is also a natural aspect of human life, starting with babies who laugh at the funny faces of their parents, to c…

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The Effects of Online Photos in the Speed of Adopting Dogs

In an article about the adoption of dogs from shelters being aided by online photos called “Speed of Dog Adoption: Impact of Online Photos” You can safely assume the experiment taking place is measuring how quickly dogs are adopted based on their pictures. The study is done by determining how the photo type affects adoption…

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Different Situations That Require Parental Intervention

Term Paper PSY Any parent knows kids grow and run into problems. Your job as a parent is to handle the situation the way you see fit and my job as a psychologist is to analyze and present reasoning to the actions. I have five situations, first is my 2-year old throwing food even why I ask them to stop. My second is my 6…

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The Problems Teenagers Face in Transition to Adulthood

This article states and addresses the many problems teenagers go through before becoming adults that cause mass shootings and violent actions. The discussion divulges into living situations they have to deal with including class issues, oppression by social hierarchies in schools, and what kind of people they tend to turn t…

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Civil Disobedience as a Tool Against Injustice in Society

During the American Revolution, when America was still under British rule,
the people rebelled in order to achieve the rights and justice that they
believed they deserved. Agreeing to avoid the oppression that the British
monarchy created, the politicians of America transformed America into a
democratic society, promising f…

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An Analysis of the Issue of Whether the Syrian Refugees Should or Should Not Be Allowed to Enter the United States

This election year, keep in mind to vote for the candidate who will voice your opinion on whether or not we should allow Syrian refugees to enter the United States and how many rights you think the Syrian refugees should enjoy. It’s a dilemma that we have to face due to so many people being displaced during the Syrian civil…

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The Right for Every Citizen to Vote

You may ask yourself should non American citizens be able to vote in the presidential election, my personal opinion is yes but with some exceptions. I find nothing wrong with non citizens voting if they are planning on live in America and possibly raising a family here however with me saying that I would like them to have a…

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An Analysis of Kate Good’s Article Elephant Artists? Here’s Why Making an Elephant Paint Is Cruel, Not Cute

When teaching or learning, it is imperative that a pupil has a multitude of examples from which they can model their work, in order to grasp what constitutes as quality work and what does not. This technique of teaching and learning is especially useful in the field of academic writing. Through examples of good and poor qu…

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The Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana and Its Effectiveness to the Medical Field, Criminal Justice System, and the Revenue of the Government

The legalization of marijuana has been a common topic in the United States for a long time. It has been decriminalized in Massachusetts and legalized in states like California and Colorado. There are different views concerning the effects of legalizing marijuana on the world and everyday lives. Currently, the US drug policy…

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The Issue of Police Brutality in Correlation with Racial Profiling without a Probable Cause

An African-American male was driving down an urban street in Savannah after work one day. As he knows it, it is just a regular day, however, for the Police Officer who passed him at a red light, it is about to become his worst nightmare. The cop, who already had a previous disposition about African-Americans from what his p…

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The Different Symptoms of Online Gaming Addiction

Addictive Online Games Online gaming is really the hottest trend today because technology is taking over the world. According to statistica portal, as of 2014, there are already 28.72 million PC online gamers here in the Philippines. How about today? When our population already doubled. Majority of them were adolescents wh…

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A Field Study on One’s Perception of Their Performance in Relation to How Their Clothing Fits

Study Purpose: The purpose of this study was to find if the appearance of someone based on how their clothing fits them affects their perception of their own performance and how they believe someone else may perform. Study Design: This was a field study. Study Procedures: The participants had three weeks to complete an o…

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An Annotated Bibliography on the Topic of Income Inequality

Annotated Bibliography: Income Inequality Pasquali, Valentina. “Income Inequality and Wealth Distribution by Country.” Global Finance. Ed. Denise Bedell and Alessandro Magno. 2013 Global Finance Media, Inc, Mar. 2013. Web. 24 Apr. 2014.

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