An Essay on My Journey as a Business Entrepreneur

An Essay on My Journey as a Business Entrepreneur

For a long time, I’ve wanted to follow in the footsteps of great business entrepreneurs and managers like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, among others. What sets these business greats apart from ordinary managers is that they are not only big job creators, but extraordinary role mod…

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Growth Estimate Projections for a Bank

John, a personal assistant to the bank manager, ponders over growth estimate projections for the bank. His boss has just told him of a major project that he has for the bank: the building of a head quarter’s building. On calculating the growth estimate projections and he realizes the ambitious project that his boss wishes t…

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An Examination of the Total Reward Model

The best competitive policy I would recommend to an employer is the total reward model. It attracts future employees and retains employees that are already working. This policy greatly depends on circumstances faced by the employer. Such circumstances consist of; unsatisfactory labor output or loses incurred by the company…

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The Secret to Success of Mark Zuckerberg

Openness to experience: Mark strived for experience right from a tender age. He was open to take risks. He developed programs in campus despite the harsh administration. Though the site was closed, this did not deter him from developing facebook in the same environment. At the lower stages of facebook development Mark took…

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A Study of the Take Off Submission

The take off submission involves the specification of the technical requirement of the work. The specification enables the building owner to understand the full description of the project, the mandatory required material and the quality of workmanship necessary during construction. The submission therefore entails specifica…

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An Essay on My Business’ Path to Success

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Success in life means giving people what they want first before getting what you want in return. My life has revolved around…

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An Analysis of John D. Rockefeller, an Oil Baron, Investor and Philanthropist

Behind Rockefeller’s amalgamation was a desire to reduce the costs further. Nevertheless, this integration propelled him to control over 90 percent of the American oil market. However, this dominance got a challenge from a convergence of factors. The dwindling of  Pennsylvanian oil fields and discovery and availability of R…

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The Challenges of a Single-Working Mother

For me as a single mother, life has been a big challenge because I need to balance my work as a full-time nurse assistant while also making sure that my children are well cared for. It is in this view that I decided that returning to school will not only provide me with an opportunity to further my career success but will a…

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An Essay on Defining a Personal Development Plan (PDP) and Examining Its Benefits

Many organizations in the world today have taken cognizance of the role of Personal Development Plan (PDP) as key tool for achieving results. Indeed, a clear knowledge of PDP concept is necessary for an organization to be able to satisfy the continually changing needs of its customers and employees. However, some organizati…

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Factors That May Affect the Viability of a Business

For any business, and particularly in technological based companies, there are many challenges it has to negotiate. More specifically, there are five core forces that threaten the business itself; threat of new entrants, and substitutes, the power of the buyers, of suppliers and competition from other businesses. It’s very…

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A Summary of Peilim Company and Fattals Hotel of Israel

Currently, organizations involve themselves in mechanisms that transform their way of operation in order to be able to deal with the high rates of competition. The process of transformation always involves a strategic, planned method of learning and implementation that finally renews the brand of the company. This paper is…

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The Main Responsibilities of Executive Recruiters

Headhunters or executive recruiters are charged with the responsibility of seeking and finding highly-experienced individuals; usually high-level executives or highly ranked business managers to fill executive vacancies in their client companies. Headhunters can also be contracted to find employees who are seeking more spec…

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The Different Management Techniques That Contributed to the Success of Apple Company

Management in apple has been one of the factors which have contributed to the success of Apple Company. A number of management techniques are employed in the company which has enhanced it success and existence. In Apple Company employees basically own their learning, training as well as development. This is so due to the te…

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The Life of John Davison Rockefeller

John Davison Rockefeller was an American oil magnate, investor, and philanthropist. Rockefeller started the Standard Oil Company, a business enterprise that subjugated the oil industry for many years. He changed the oil sector of economy and laid down the foundation for modern day philanthropy (Parker 6). When the name of J…

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An Essay on My Internship in One of the Travelling Agencies in Los Angeles

Currently, I am carrying out my internship in one of the travelling agencies in Los Angles; I have been in the organization for the past two weeks. The traveling agency is located in Korea town. Though it is a small upcoming travelling company, its sole purpose is to provide services to its customers who may choose to use i…

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The Duties and Responsibilities of a Network Administrator

A network administrator has the responsibility of overseeing a number of IT functions within an organization. He or She performs some of the following duties: deploying, configuring, maintaining and monitoring active network equipment, network address assignment, assignment of routing protocols and routing tabl…

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A Description of a Wonderful Experience in the Sultan Center and Improving Social Skills

During my time at American University of Kuwait, I got involved in various extra curricular activities. I also acquired various skills and working experiences from the activities that I got involved. Since high school, I have always been athletic and hence my involvement in several sports. I joined various sporting activiti…

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A Description of How a Good Working Environment Enhance Every Employee in a Company

In 2003, I worked at Holiday Inn. The main work involved dealing with customer needs and ensuring that these needs were adequately met. Satisfying consumers was the main goal in order to enhance consumer loyalty. The workplace was employee friendly and I looked forward to each and every day’s activities. The executive in ch…

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A Description of Developing a Model in Helping People Find the Corresponding Job According to Skills

Being a woman who has spent her first 24 years of her life in Iran and another 13 years in US, including personal, professional as well as educational experience in each country, I have been enabled to bring a unique perspective to the community in Babson and to my classmates. Having being raised in Iran and seen the life i…

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An Analysis of Empowerment of the Youth in the San Diego Youth Service Agency

A Visit to San Diego Youth Service Agency
Youths in this country are faced with numerous challenges in their lives. To address some of the challenges facing this group in the society various players, government, and non-governmental organizations have come up with various programs. There are many such agencies which offer s…

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A Description of How Customers Satisfaction Have Raised Standards in the Business

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My achievements have been shaped through the golden opportunity of being in the same group (CtrlS) for a period of more than…

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A History of Apple in the IT World

According to the company’s SWOT analysis, Apple is a very successful company. The sale of its products such as Ipads increased in the previous years. In addition, the manner in which the client prefers the products also greatly increased sales of its products. For instance the sales of Mac computers increased immensely. Mor…

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An Introduction to the Analysis of the Concept Change Management

Change management is a concept that is aimed at bringing positive changes that are in line with current levels of technological advancement. Most graduates are equipped with skills aimed at enhancing performance in an organization but faces many hurdles when they try to implement and bring changes.. Most graduates have a dr…

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An Overview of the Hospitality Industry and the Kempinski

Hospitality industry is a fast growing industry. Kempinski is the oldest hotel company in the world. The company’s root is in Germany it was established in 1987.Kempinski Hotels are well known hotels and resorts which currently run business  in 30 countries, 60 cities with 62 properties . The company is plannin…

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An Essay on Henry Fayol’s Theory of Management

According to Henry Fayol’s theory of management, managerial ability is more salient in higher level of management than in lower echelons. Henri Fayol outlined the functions of management to be;planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling. However, modern day theorists, who base their theories on Henri Fayo…

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