An Assessment of the Liability of Employees and Employers in an Organization

An Assessment of the Liability of Employees and Employers in an Organization

Liability Introduction In any organization, the employees of that organization have a certain degree of liability especially when they are making statements in a former employee’s reference. The employers and employees have a duty of care. This means that the employers and the employees have to offer a valid description o…

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An Overview of High-Performing Project Teams in an Organization

Leading and participating in a High-Performing Project Teams The term a ‘high-performance work team’ means a people of a common objective with special and harmonizing skills who come together, invent and come up with constant positive results. The group’s main aim is usually to excel in its performance via having common go…

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An Analysis of Money as a Motivator in the Workplace

Is money a motivating factor in the workplace? Definitional For any employee in an organization, motivation comes in various forms. These forms may vary from in- office excellence to the provision of the most coveted parking space in the organization. However, most employees are motivated by money. Some people argue that…

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The Advantages of the Adoption of Technology in the Human Resource Departments

HRM and Technology The advancement in technology has enabled firms to make various changes in their organizations especially in the functionality of the human resource departments. Some of the advantages of the adoption of technology in the human resource departments may include; Cost decrease: the impact of adoption of t…

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An Assessment of the Effects of Technology on Human Resource Management

How human resource management is affected by using Technology Introduction Currently, the world has become a universal village. There are various improved forms of technological advancements, communication, and computer applications that have brought the horizons closer and altered the functioning of organizations worldwi…

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The Factors That Affect the Demand for a Particular Product in the Market

Factors that may impact demand for a particular product The price of other goods; the prices of other goods impact the number of products that can be purchased. The impact of demand can be positive or negative based on the nature of the good. If the good is a complimentary product to the original product, when the prices o…

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A Study on Distribution and Promotional Strategy of a Business Firm

Distribution and promotional strategy Owing to the nature of the goods that the business produces, the best distribution channel would be to sell online. Most of the customers in the target market of the company are individuals who are willing to pay for the convenience of getting their products without having to visit the…

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An Overview of the Law of Demand in the Business Industry

The law of demand The law of demand denotes that when there is an increase in the price of the commodity, then the quantity that is demanded reduced and when there is a decrease in the price of the commodity then the quantity that is demanded by consumers is increased. There are however some exceptions to these laws of dem…

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A Case Study: Changes in the Supply Contract Between GARD and DuPont Engineering Polymers

CASE STUDY Major facts Mike O’Leary, who is GARD Automotive manufacturing agent, has announced his retirement. Richard Binnish is his successor. Tom Lippet is has been Gard’s long term supplier of polymers. Additionally, Tom is coming to negotiate a contract with GARD. DuPont Engineering Polymers have been a critical feed…

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A Discussion on the Effects of Different Variables on Enterprise’s Industry Structure

There are many independent variables that affect Enterprise’s industry structure. While there are little to no political variables that challenge them, some economic variable affect how they operate. For example, 20 percent of managers pay comes from incentives. That means they are operating to produce the bottom line expen…

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Nantucket Nectar: Potential Partnerships with Other Companies

The culture developed under the Nantucket Nectar team drove how they became so successful in the New Age Beverage segment. Their word of mouth tactic of advertising along with their story of humble beginnings allowed them to make such great relationships with regional distributers. In regards to expanding their company to a…

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A Discussion on the Success of the Interface Carpet Company Through Sustainable Practises

The case of Interface Carpet is very interesting in the idea that they are trying to be leaders of change in a heavily industrialized world. The matter of corporate social responsibility and practicing sustainable methods of production is faced by many large producers of goods in America today. Ray Anderson, the CEO of Inte…

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A SWOT Analysis of the Walmart Company

Walmart is an American company that utilizes techniques of cost leadership in their department stores and warehouses. Founded by Sam Walton in 1962, Walmart is headquartered Bentonville, Arkansas and operates in over 11,000 stores and in 27 countries under 55 different banners. As a super-cell, Walmart took home in net inco…

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A SWOT Analysis of the Tetra Pak, International Food Packaging and Processing Company

With its headquarters located in Pully, Switzerland, Tetra Pak is an international food packaging and processing company. This company was founded in 1943 in Lund, Switzerland by a man of the name Ruben Rausing. In 2012 Tetra Pak did €11.155 billion in sales compared to €9.98 billion in 2010. As of 2010 Tetra Pak has 43 mat…

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A Discussion on the Importance of Facility Management and Saving the Environment for a Company

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a company or an organization. How that success is measured differs from department to department. Within the realm of a company’s organizational structure and management processes, there is an underlying need for an individual or group to control how its’ facilities o…

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The Success and Market Share of True Earth, a Food Supply of Organic Ingredients for Pastas and Sauces, in the Italian Food Market

In 1993, Gareth DeRosa created TrueEarth, a food supply that provided pastas and sauces using more superior and organic ingredients. There whole grain pastas and sauces soon began by 1998 and many mainstream supermarket chains began increasing their order for their products based on consumer demands. Because their volume of…

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A Determination of the Cost Benefit to Cash Flow From the Purchase a New Piece of Equipment

The nature of the project under consideration is to determine the cost benefit (loss minimization) to cash flow from the purchase a new piece of equipment. This project will take into account the cash flow repercussions from making this investment over a ten-year period of time which is detailed by the new machine’s life pl…

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An Marketing Analysis of the Airtel Money Transfer Services

Airtel Money Airtel money transfer takes the lion’s share in the mobile money transfer industry, dominating Africa and India amongst other continents. The system makes subscribers spend less time and small transaction fees in paying for services, buying goods, depositing cash to banks or quick withdrawals from bank account…

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Benefits and Disadvantages of the Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is the least possible amount that an employer can pay his or her employees. Most countries and jurisdictions have laws that govern the minimum wage. Setting the minimum wage at a particular level has both benefits and disadvantages. A majority of those who support the minimum wage argue that it helps in rai…

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A Critical View on Job Outsourcing

Workers Job outsourcing has some disadvantages for workers, including low wages, poor workking environment and some security issues. Some of the disadvantage are it promotes anger to the workers who feel that they are paid less than what they deserve this leads to the workers directing all the energy of anger towards the…

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Abuse of Workers in the United Arab Emirates

UAE The United Arab Emirates countries are known for their bad treatment of workers. Most of the workers are foreigners from south East Asia, India and Africa. In cities such as Dubai the workers have graduated from workers to slaves (Dixon, 2016). Poor housing is one major challenge this is because you find out that one p…

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Corporate Social Responsibilities of the Companies

Social Responsibility Irrespective of the environment of operations, companies exert efforts in ensuring that it is conducive to achieving their objectives (Evans 2005). This mostly entails social responsibilities which directly involve day to day involvement or activities of the surrounding population. Examining corporate…

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Risks and Effects of Low Paying Outsourcing Jobs

Workers Protection Nowadays these problems have been realized by many companies and a number
of policies have been introduced to protect the workers.Outsourcing low
paying jobs has always been controversial regardless of whether the aim was
to take advantage of low cost labor, escape trade unions, or to t…

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A Business Analysis: princess Yachts Plymouth Company

Princess Yachts Plymouth Company Princess Yachts Plymouth Company was founded in 1965 and was known as Marine Projects (Plymouth) Ltd. To enhance its sustainability, the company was forced to sell 75% of stake to Bernard Arnault a French businessman. The growth of this company was experienced and in 2008 it had over 60 int…

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An Argument Against Outsourcing of Low Paid Jobs

Outsourcing of Low Paid Jobs Outsourcing basically refers to an arrangement or agreement where an organization or a company and country seeks services of an foreign organization or a company and country. In most cases, outsourcing is used to refer to off-shoring, though they have a slight difference. Notably, off-shoring c…

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