An Argument in Favor of the Wide Coverage of Contraceptives in the United States

The Issue of Racial Profiling in Some Thoughts On Mercy

“Some Thoughts On Mercy” The United States of America is known for having one of the most diverse and ethnically rich societies in the world. In spite of this rich ethnic diversity, race conflict still runs rampant today. In “Some Thoughts On Mercy”, the disillusioned Ross Gay, motivated to write by an incident where he wa…

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An Argument in Favor of the Wide Coverage of Contraceptives in the United States

Contraceptive coverage has created much national debate across the United States in recent years. On one side, many citizens of the US oppose these actions as it contradicts a large majority of the nation’s religion; however, this doesn’t change the fact that the country has promoted a free and democratic state. In other wo…

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Women and Prison in Piper Kerman’s Book, Orange Is the New Black, My Year in a Women’s Prison

Summary “Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison” is about Piper Kerman a Smith College graduate who was convicted in a minimum security federal prison on a drug smuggling and money laundering charge. The book tells us about how Piper ended up in prison and her experience in Connecticut’s Danbury Federal…

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Teenagers Should Not Be Engaging in Sexual Activities

Should teens be having sex, an important question asked by parents, teachers, and teens alike. It’s more common that parents and some teachers will lean towards no, while teens and other teachers will not see a problem at all. The debate is a huge issue, but the real question that needs to be presented is are teens smart en…

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The Many Problems Faced by Our Underdeveloped Worlds Today in Half the Sky

Half the Sky presents so many problems facing our underdeveloped worlds today. The stories that many women shared are so striking and touching. They bring tears to your eyes as you read the tales of the tragedies that they suffered through. Half the Sky brings to light how many problems are bluntly ignored or even cultural…

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An Analysis of Gender Stereotypes in the Rebound, a Film by Bart Freundlich

In the film “The Rebound” a strong and organized woman Sandy is stuck in a monotonous suburban housewife lifestyle. Every morning Sandy gets her children up, gets them dressed, takes them to school, cleans the house, and picks the kids up from school. Sandy is looking through videos of her son’s birthday party when she stu…

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An Analysis of Gender Differences in Depression

Statistically 30% of women in the United States are depressed while only roughly 15% of men are affected by depression (Murray & Fortinberry, 2005). Depression is the severe despondency and dejection that is accompanied by feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness. It is the condition of mental disturbances that typically are…

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A Lesson on Cultural Differences through My Classmate Maria Hernandez

Maria “Camila” Hernandez is from the Republic of Columbia. She was kind enough to answer my questions about her perspective of America. Camila was a foreign exchange student at Notre Dame High School in 2011-2012. She got to learn about our culture during her stay and with this project she got to give me the experience also…

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Prejudice, Unfair Treatment and Racism against African-Americans in the Story of the Death of Freddie Gray

The story I have chosen to write about involves the death of Freddie Gray. Freddie was a twenty five year old, African American male living in Baltimore. Gray grew up in an impoverished neighborhood and had a tough home life. Gray died of a spinal injury after being arrested by police following a foot chase. There is video…

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An Argument against the Idea of Restrictions on Gun Ownership and Operation in the United States

When one hears the words “gun control” they may think of it as the act of preventing guns from causing harm or damage to a group or community. However, in reality the use of gun control by putting excessive restrictions on the purchase and operation of firearms has been shown to be ineffective and costly to those who find i…

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The Idea of Generation Y in the Investment World and Its Positive Impact

It’s no secret that financial planners have one of the most crucial and important jobs when it comes to how their clients live. The basis in which an advisor is able to teach, inform and plan with a client can be the difference between having a transactional or lifelong relationship with a client. As the Baby Boomers are s…

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Florence Kelley Exposes the Hard Truth about Child Labor

By portraying many instances of suffering children and expressing great concern for the future Republic, Florence Kelley, in her 1905 speech, aims to shame the commonwealth for utilizing such dehumanizing child labor in the workforce, in order to push suffrage. Kelley’s demonstration of the suffering many young girls and b…

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An Examination of the Existence of Diversity in American Society According to the Essay People Like Us by David Brooks

Diversity in American Society: An ideal or reality? In the essay “People Like Us”, author David Brooks explores the existence of diversity in American society today, evaluating how our true feelings and behaviours illustrate various issues that exist in our everyday lives. Throughout the essay, Brooks calls upon examples f…

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Sexism and Gender Stereotypes in the Public Relation Industry

When It came to deciding on what exactly I wanted to do and achieve for my final project in culture, race and media, I knew I wanted to focus it around public relations with that being my major. After pondering for a bit I then decided I wanted to find out if there is, and what other people thought about sexism in the indus…

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An Analysis of the Life and Crimes of Jacob Bruce Breschi in the Article Students Protest University’s Handling of Board Member’s Alleged Anti-Latina Comments by Robert Salonga

In the article “Students Protest University’s Handling of Board Member’s Alleged Anti-Latina Comments,” writer Robert Salonga of San Jose Mercury News explains how a nineteen year old man from San Jose was arrested on December 10th, 2014. This man goes by the name of Jacob Bruce Breschi. It is said that he was been involved…

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An Examination of the Benefits of Digital Media on Society

As time progresses, the use of technology is reaching an all-time high. The rise of digital media has become an accessible source that anyone can make use of. It seems like everyone nowadays knows how to work a tablet, smartphone, and a laptop device. Digital media is present throughout the rest of the world, and continues…

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Ageism and Carewatch in the Article Senior Citizens are Mobilizing Against Ageism: Goar by Carol Goar

According to the article “Senior Citizens are Mobilizing Against Ageism: Goar,” written by Carol Goar of the Toronto Star, people in the Canadian community are striving to make a difference towards ageism. Carewatch is a social action committee. They have discovered that ageism is present in many shapes in forms. They noted…

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A Look at the Case of Sandy Quinones in the Article San Jose: Suicidal Who Shut Down I-680 Later Bites Jail Deputy, Authorities Say by Robert Salonga

According to writer Robert Salonga of San Jose Mercury News in the article “San Jose: Suicidal Who Who Shut Down I-680 Later Bites Jail Deputy, Authorities Say”, a woman planned to jump the bridge off of Alum Rock Avenue on December 8th, 2014. Because of this, the Interstate 680 was closed for roughly nine hours. This lady…

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Paying It Forward and the Pursuit of Real Happiness in Our Lives

“It’s not how much we have”, says Charles Spurgeon, “but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” At first, I did not agree with this statement. I believed that success reflected the amount of money and fame someone had. But after giving some thought to this saying, I discovered that I was entirely wrong. In his article, “…

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An Analysis of the Effects of Materialism in the Works of Jay Ambrose

Heading in the Wrong Direction What is materialism? How does someone know that he or she is actually becoming too attached to material objects? When someone uses material objects, how does he or she know when to stop? And if they do stop, will it harm others in the process? In his work “In Defense of Materialism During Th…

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A Discussion on Cultural Construction

Cultural Construction Laura Flores once said, “Social construction is something you might not be aware of. You are somewhat living in segregation depending on what gender, race and class you are. Race, class and gender don’t really mean anything. They only have a meaning because society gives them a meaning. Social co…

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A Discussion on the Issue of Child Poverty in Canada

Campaign Report: Child Poverty in Canada A large portion of the world’s children are currently living in low-income families, or in other words—poverty. Could child poverty possibly be an issue in Canada? Well, Canada is a wealthy and developed country by any standard.Unfortunately that does not mean poverty does not exi…

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The Demand for Illegal Drugs by the United States and Their Distribution and Production

Part I: Introduction The production and distribution of illegal drugs including marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines is a phenomenon that exists because of the demand for illegal drugs. Examples in history illustrate that consumer demand of drugs drive supply even if the drug is outlawed. For example, during th…

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A Discussion on the Concept of Materialism in the Excerpt In Deferense of Materialism During This Busy Holiday Season

Unit II: Materialism Famous artist John Lennon says that “if everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there would be peace.” In the excerpt “In Defense of Materialism During This Busy Holiday Season”, author Jay Ambrose explains that the growth of materialism serves many great purposes. The author…

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An Evaluation of the Relationship Between Alcohol Abuse and Crime Rate

Commentary In the article “San Jose: Man shot downtown in apparent Raiders-Niners fan dispute” by Mercury News staff reporter Sharon Noguchi, the author states that a man was shot on Sunday night at a local downtown restaurant after an argument between San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders fans. A number of fans who wer…

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