An Argument in Favor of the Pro-Life Faction of the Abortion Debate

An Argument in Favor of the Pro-Life Faction of the Abortion Debate

The issue of abortion has always been a very controversial topic in our society. Abortion poses a social, moral, and medical crisis that causes many individuals to develop an emotional and aggressive mood. Many individuals have different thoughts, ideas, and opinions toward the issue of abortion, but the two main distincti…

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The Effects of Literature on Readers Views on Gender Roles and Sexual Behavior

Abstract Researchers Fong, Mullin, and Mar conducted a study to see how literature effects readers views on gender roles and sexual behavior after noticing that there was a lack of research on this media outlet. After having 328 participants fill out several online surveys, they found that narrative fiction does increase g…

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The Corellational Statistics on the Use of Cannabis in Countries with “Liberalized Laws”

To begin with, it is important to understand that above all “correlation is not causation” (Aronson, E., & Helmreich, R. (1973). Furthermore, some key differences between both “correlational” and “experimental” is that in experimental statistics, the variable associated with the experiment are manipulated. These adjustment…

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A Personal Recollection of the Sandy Hook School Shooting and Safety Measures That Need to Be Adopted

I was a sophomore in high school when the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting occurred in Newtown, Connecticut. We lived just an hour north of Newtown and since the shooting was very close to home it brought up a lot of concerns about the safety of schools that flooded the local media and school discussions for months to follow….

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Understanding Servant Leadership According to Larry Spears and Russ Moley

Leadership is described as the state, position or action of heading
an organization or a group of people. Leadership entails controlling,
administration, ruling and governance of a group of individuals or
organization. According to the introductory chapter as written by Larry C.
Spears, servant leadership is a leadership si…

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The Historic Case of Bloody Elizabeth Bathory

Of all the horrible people and crimes in this world there are certain people that stand out more than others. They have always been around, from the beginnings of human civilization to present day. Elizabeth Bathory was among the nastiest of her time. She is a perfect example of a what it means to be mentally disturbed. Tho…

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The Issues of the Polygamous Groups in the United States

More than fifteen people are feared dead after a flash flood hit Utah
town and another smaller town home to Warren Jeff’s polygamous group (The
Telegraph, 2015). These floods were caused by heavy rains that hit the red
rock cliffs and started trickling down the Maxwell Canyon through the Short
Creek area and towards the Sal…

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The Formation and Growth of Women’s Movement Phenomena in the United States’ History

The formation and growth of women’s movement is a phenomenon that has
been neglected by many sociologists for a long time. These movements
usually happen at random and unexpected thus making people lack the time
and means of studying them from the roots up to their consequences
(Freeman, 1973, pp. 792). One of the most sign…

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The Act of Feminism by Naomi Zack

Feminism is the act and process of advocating for women’s rights. It
is a social movement that advocates for women’s equality to men on the
basis of social, political, and economic grounds (Zack 23). A feminist is
anyone that is out to advocate for equality between women and men in all
aspects of life. I am a feminist and b…

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The Role, Objective and Function of the World Trade Organization, and Application of the Ricardo Theory

This essay discusses the world trade organization and the Ricardo
theory (Schefer 2010). It gives a detailed description of what they are,
their roles, and importance in international trade. This essay also gives a
detailed summary of how they deal with issues to ensure smooth running of
international trade. In addition to…

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An Overview of the Issues for the Underage Drinking

The SARA model which involves scanning, analysis, response, and
assessment is an important problem solving tool in analysis and examining
of problems or issues (Marquis, 2009). The scanning phase of the SARA model
is concerned with identification of the major events and conditions
associated with drinkin…

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Ladies Against Women in the United States and the Principles of Media Affecting the Population

Media bias is an issue that has been in discussion for a long time
(Sloan and Jenn, 12). In most cases, the media presents information in the
way they desire it to be perceived and not the way the situation was at the
scene. In order to expound on this, the article ‘Advertisers are looking
inside your brain: Neur…

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A Report on the Problem of Poverty in the United States of America

Poverty is the lack of usual acceptable material possession. Poor
people lack the services and goods they require for their survival
(Iceland, 2013). In USA, poverty is associated with food insecurity.
American government basis its argument on poverty on the total income that
is received without including the non-cash suppl…

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An Analysis of Cultural Beliefs and Practices as a Core Barrier to Universal Human Rights

Culture is a core barrier to universal human rights. This is basically
because it divides a society along ethnic or community lines thus making it
difficult to universally ensure that human rights are followed as required
(Goodale 2009, p.25). In most cases, such ethnic communities are shielded
from the rest of the so…

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An Analysis of President Barack Obama’s Actions of Legalizing Same Sex Marriages and Medicinal Marijuana through the Lens of Lao-Tzu

Some people have asserted that the American political system benefits the
people most when the following views of Lao-tzu are carefully applied:
Therefore the Master says:
I let go of law,
And the people become honest.
I let go of economics,
And the people become prosperous.
I let go of religion,
And people become serene.

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The Similarities and Differences between Vygotsky’s Theory of Social Development and the Chaos Theory

Vygotsky theory of social development (Social Development Theory)
centers on the importance or impact of social interactions in the
development of cognition capabilities of a child (Kozulin, 2003). The
theory emphasizes that social learning is a key thing in a child’s
development and precedes development. It argues that cul…

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An Argument in Favor of the Decision to Use the Midazolam Sedative in the Oklahoma Case

The decision made by the U.S Supreme Court to allow the use of the
sedative midazolam in the Oklahoma case is constitutionally right.
According to the constitution, the Fifth Amendment allows the use of death
penalty on criminals in whose cases the victim died (Magleby, Light and
Nemacheck, 395 para. 2). In using this penal…

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Sociology and Socialism in the Andy’s Example

In the movie, Andy is depicted as a leader and has status in the
society due to his father’s position as a judge (Reid, 16). Andy is the
chair of many student committees, a task that keeps him so busy at a time
when he is expected to study hard to finalize his studies and graduate. As
a result of the commitments to the comm…

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An Analysis of the Impacts of Class, Stereotypes, Discrimination, and Institutional Racism on Criminal Justice

Class is defined as the system of ordering a society where people are
arranged into groups according to the social, political or economic status
(Barak, Leighton & Flavin, 2010). Class is a categorization of people in a
society and defines how people relate, interact and how they are treated.
Race is the systematic classifi…

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A Report on Andrew Keen’s Non-Fiction Book Cult of the Amateur; How Today’s Internet Is Killing Our Culture

In his book called the Cult of the amateur; how today’s internet is
killing our culture, Andrew Keen highlights a number of disadvantages
associated with the modern technology and particularly the internet. In his
book he says that the internet is a big threat to a peoples’ values,
innovation and the economy. Keen presents…

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A Discussion on the Influences of Immigration

Immigration is a topic that I feel strongly about. It is something that runs through my veins and will always be a part of me. I feel so fond of this topic because both my parents are immigrants to this country. My mother is from Mexico and my father is from Turkey. Both of them came legally to this country and became citiz…

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The Advice I Would Give to a Young Unemployed Pregnant Woman

Tracy being a young unemployed pregnant woman, I would try to advise her to see the doctor even if she wasn’t sure what decision she should make about the unborn child. Secondly I would ask her the reason why she had not informed the unborn child’s father that she was expecting a baby. If she was open into telling him, I w…

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A Report on a Social Issue of Racism in Canada and Korea

Racism is a belief of views that express humans as being divided into groups referred to as races and which have different capabilities of handling tasks. Racists view different races as having different levels of abilities (Kloos and Karen 48). They view some groups as superior while others as inferior. Racism has been a g…

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An Analysis of the Issues of Unwarranted Eavesdropping of the United States’ Citizenship

Unwarranted eavesdropping of citizen’s emails and phone calls in the United States was secretly started by George W. Bush the previous United States president (Janczewski and Colarik 27). This was as a result of fear that terrorists may be using such communication means to plan on how to lounge attacks on the United States…

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An Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of non Self Disclosure act

Non Self-disclosure is the act of withholding personal information and not telling someone the unknown aspects of your own life (Forrest, 2010). The facts withheld in this case should be personal and unknown to the listener. On the other side self-disclosure is the act of giving personal information to unknown people. Non s…

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