An Analysis of the Unethical Practices of P&G, an American Consumer Goods Corporation

An Analysis and Perspective on the Corporate Responsibility of Ford Company in the Increasing Number of Incidence Rates of an Unusual Disease

Including blood disorders, cancer and asthma, the residents in Ringwood, New Jersey have suffered an increasing number of incidence rates on a series of unusual diseases. The curious phenomenon has a strong connection to the pollution incident caused by the Ford Company, who dumped tons of factory chemical wastes in this ar…

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An Analysis of the Unethical Practices of P&G, an American Consumer Goods Corporation

With the rapid development of consumer market, information is increasingly important among the growing competition for the market participants. Information asymmetry creates comparative advantage for the firms as they are able to adjust strategies referring to market trends or the strategy of the other company. A minority o…

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Effective Communication in Group Leadership and Conflict in the Analysis of the Team’s Input, Discussions, and Videos

Group Leadership and Conflict Summary This week’s assignment required us to watch two videos Planning a
Playground (2007) and Politics of Sociology (2007) as a group, discuss them
as a group, and write a summary individually. Since this was my first
experience to work as a group in an online class, I was a bit nervou…

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The Scope of Impact of the Implementation of the Policy of Split Shifts

People, as is, are working eight hours shifts. 70% to 90% of sales are occurring between 11am-2pm and 5pm-9pm. This means there is a dead period in the middle of the shifts. The dead period would be unpaid time for those with split shifts. Approximately 40% of the workers are women with kids. If the policy of split shifts a…

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A Case Study on the Leadership, Interpersonal, and Anger Issues of Alex Sander as a Project Manager at Langdon Care Products

Case Study 2: A Day in the Life of Alex Sander Executive Summary Alex Sander is a Product Manager at Langdon Care Products. He recently had a 360 degree feedback review performed on him and found that despite his incredible accomplishments at Langdon, people didn’t like the way that he was operating. Alex was being rude a…

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An Overview of Fast Fashion in Overdressed, a Book by Elizabeth L. Cline

Fast fashion in Elizabeth L. Cline’s book Overdressed is described as a radical method of retailing that has broken away from seasonal selling and puts out new inventory constantly though out the year. Fast fashion merchandise is typically priced much lower than its competitors – Cline uses the clothing brand Zara as the pr…

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An Analysis of the Business Strategy of PNC FInancial Service Group

Introduction PNC Financial Service Group originated in 1852 when it was known as Pittsburgh Trust and Savings Company (PTSC) buy B.F Jones and James Laughlin. The Bank later changed its name to the National Bank of Pittsburg which lead to the name change of Pittsburg National Corporation. Another bank based out of Philad…

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Apartments and Houses

Flat or house Some people prefer to live in a house but there are others who reckon that apartments have more advantages. Naturally, both of them have positive and negative sides as well. First of all,flats can be maintained much cheaper than houses. Utility billls are cheaper than that of a house which is also beneficia…

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An Observation and Recommendation for the Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC)

Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC) TDIC main headquarters is situated in Abu Dhabi the capital city of United Arab Emirates (UAE) with two other branches in Saadiyat and Sir Bani Yas Island. The company was established in 2006 as a fully owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dh…

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Ed Catmull: The Effective Leader of Pixar

Ignorance and Leadership The future is unpredictable. If you choose to be ignorant, you will be unprepared for the surprises it holds, will not understand it when the time comes, or be able to lead those who follow you. Ed Catmull is a fine example of an excellent leader, being able to run a business as large as Pixar, but…

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The Social and Demographic Trends of the Dog Owners

Southern Delight, has all-natural ingredients and is gluten free. In pet food, gluten helps foods maintain their shape, acting as a glue that holds food together. Southern Delight also contains ingredients that not only maintain a healthy weight but also improve eyesight, hair, and nails. Southern Delight also has a good so…

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The Changes Brought by the Leaving and Coming Back of Steve Jobs to Apple Computers

Apple: a multi-billion dollar tech company that is now a household name around the world. However, like every major company, there is a unique story behind it. Apple’s story all started in a garage in Los Altos, California and was shaped by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Throughout the history of Apple Computers, Jobs’ relat…

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The Best Candidates for the Best Jobs

Competition for jobs in America has never been so intense. With jobs being taken by overseas employers and the ever-increasing population, jobs are harder to get. The supply of workers is there, but the demand is not. While jobs that require no skill are being taken, what of the jobs that require professional skills? Those…

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The Examination of the Internet Behavior of the Investors in Business World

The Tech Bubble The internet or tech bubble was a period of time around the late 1990’s and until the early 2000’s where internet startups were becoming increasingly popular and their valuations grew wildly. Stocks of various companies rose and fell often. However, the fortune of the majority of these companies was shor…

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A Step-by-Step Plan for an Interview to Know the Employee Behaviors in the Organization

There are several professions that one would find in a given firm setting. The most common religions in the USA arranged in order of popularity include Christianity, unaffiliated such as agnostics or atheist, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Unitarian Universalism, paganism, etc. (Mostafa & Gould-Williams, 2014). Based on my profe…

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An International Marketing Feasibility Study for XYZ

Introduction XYZ have been focused on manufacturing and exporting tattoo remover. It is a product made from particular chemical for the fundamental purpose of removing a tattoo from the skin. Also, the product has been tested, tried and trusted for being simple in usage, highly efficient, cheaper than other substitute prod…

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An Evaluation of the Situation, Complication, and Solution for Husky Company

Situation: Husky Company is an established reputation of high-quality mold maker, which is known for charging a premium for its products. The company produces machines that take into account the current technological innovation, efficiency, durability, and reliability. At the end of July 1995, Husky’s revenues were 609$ mi…

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Addressing a Strategic and Workable Plan for Human Resource Managers That Can Achieve the Best Out of the Considered Company

Introduction The managing and operation of one department requires strategic and thorough planning. Therefore, a human resource has to develop a plan that will assist in delivering the best as prescribed in the company’s mission and vision. However, the human resource managers do face challenges in the components developme…

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The Influence of the Policies on HIV/AIDS in an Organization and Among Its Employees

HIV/AIDS is an incurable disease associated with stigma and has the possibility of lowering work output among the employees. The reduction in work rate would occur. Therefore, proper management is a certain way of making sure that the individuals who have the disease are adequately taken care of so as to maintain the firm’s…

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A History of the War Between Pepsi and Coca Cola

Pepsi and Coca Cola have been at war since Pepsi’s inception centuries ago. 13 years after Coca Cola was created, it’s main competitor Pepsi formed a company and brand of their own. Coca Cola was by far the more successful brand with expansion out of the United States and into Europe and surrounding areas, while Pepsi strug…

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The Effects of Motivational Behavior Theories in the Workplace

Abstract Motivational behaviors are connected to most theories introduced and suggested by several theorists such as two-factor theory, goal setting theory, equity theory, to name a few. When an employee is satisfied in the workplace it is said to improve their work performance, or when a higher position recognizes an empl…

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The Issues Regarding the Regulation of Cigarette Consumption by Governments Through the Impulsion of Taxation

Introduction The regulation of cigarette consumption by governments through the imposition of taxation to affect their price to consumers has been an issue that governments have encountered for decades. Such taxation policies affect the market for these products but their effectiveness is open to question. This paper inv…

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Three Questions That Relate to the Issue of Change Management Within Organisations, Based on the Story Who Moved My Cheese?

Introduction An inevitable challenge for any organisation, which exists in a competitive and changing environment, is organisational change (Huang & Huang, 2009). Such organisations often face resistance to change for many reasons. Without addressing the forces of change, an organisation risks its very existence in an in…

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A Cash Flow Analysis for a Train Business

Initially, George takes the conservative approach to finance the acquisition of the shop and source inventory. The conservative approach uses long-term funds to finance fixed assets and part of the current assets, just like George bought the shop and inventory. Also, George uses this approach to acquire the building in his…

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An Analysis of Capital Expenditure of Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola Company

Capital expenditure is the total amount spent by a company to acquire or upgrade the tangible and productive assets. These assets include property, equipment, motor vehicles, machinery, buildings and their associated expenditures serves the purpose of ensuring efficiency and increasing capacity of a firm for more than one a…

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