An Analysis of the Theory of Socialization as Exercised by the Media

An Analysis of the Theory of Socialization as Exercised by the Media

Through learning about theories, these theories can help us better understand the vastly complex dynamics between gender and power, and the ways in which they interact with each other, both in positive and negative ways. The first and most predominant theory that we have discussed is the intersections between gender, race,…

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The Difficulties That a Transgender Faces From Society

Gender Studies America’s Relationship To Sexuality Gender is a socially constructed idea that is very much a part of the culture in the United States. Throughout your life, in ways that you may or may not realize, you are being told to fit into a specific mold of “male” or “female” with little wiggle room in between. Fort…

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An Overview of the African Myth for the Virgin Cleansing

There has existed a longstanding myth, most prevalent in African countries such as Zimbabwe and South Africa, that having sex with a virgin will cure an afflicted man of AIDS. Commonly known as “virgin cleansing,” this remedy does not need much explaining before it becomes clear that it is not truly a real solution for AIDS…

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The Plight of Undocumented Immigrants in the United States and Their Potential in Nation-Building

Lauren Smiley a journalist for Modern Farmer who translated and illustrated a journal after speaking with Odilia Chavez, a 40-year-old migrant farm worker says,“I’ve seen on the news that some Congress members or American citizens say undocumented workers are taking their jobs. We’re not taking their jobs, In the 14 years I…

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The Issues of Teenage Drinking and Driving

Teenage Drinking and Driving “One in 10 teens in high school drink and drive, young drivers ages (16-20) are 17 times more likely to die in a crash when they have a blood alcohol concentration of .08% than when they have not been drinking”(CDC). Since 1991 teenage drinking has been reduced by more than half, but…

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The Structural-Functional Theory and Its Stipulation of Marriage Functions

According to our sociology book, “The family is a social institution found in all societies that unites people in cooperative groups to care for one another, including children. Family ties are also called kinship, a social bond based on common ancestry, marriage, or adoption”(Macionis). We are all apart of the same society…

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An Analysis of the Homelessness in the United States

Homelessness in the United States has been up and down in recent years according to a census taken. Affordability of houses has decreased as prices and the number of job cuts increased. Poverty and lack of affordable housing are the two most important causes of homelessness. Right now homelessness is decreasing due to bette…

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The Issues for the White People and the Accusations of Racism

Throughout all the readings the racism and discrimination from the past when whites were still against blacks gettingthe same treatment as the whites. It reflects on me in a neutral way because of how the black race displayed their selves in the past decades with their performance of standing up. The discrimination that wen…

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An Argument in Favor of Not Banning the Use of Books

Books, a simple object with a combination of words printed on many pieces of papers to create an entertaining story or to promote ideas and therefore curiosity. How can such a simple object engender such vigorous controversy? Behind that is the very reason why books are prohibited in some areas, and said to cause great rebe…

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The Positive Effects of Ownership on an Individuals Performance and Responsibility

Many teenagers refer to the car that they drive as, “my car”. However, since most teenagers’ cars were bought by their parents, they do not technically own the car. Yet, the teenagers still use the car everyday, and treat it as their own. This sense of ownership, while false, has benefits for the teenager. While some claim…

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Kelley’s Illustration of Child Labor in America in Her Speech at the National American Women’s Suffrage Convention

In her speech at the National American Women’s Suffrage Convention, Kelley presents a dark picture of child labor in America through appeals to emotion, metaphor and irony. She then blatantly claims every adult in America responsible for this cruel child labor, through her use of parallel structure. She asserts that this pr…

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The Role That Media Plays on How Transgenders Are Viewed by Society

Transgender Individuals live a life filled with heartache and emotional pain. Many know that their gender assigned at birth as early as 4 (Tucker, “Parenting a transgender child”). It is a constant struggle that daily reminds young kids and teens that they aren’t in the body they’re supposed to be in. Puberty is the worst f…

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A Report on Women at Work in the Past and Today

Women at Work, Then and Now In the Western world, for men to travel and control the economic world while women cared for the home and children seemed the immutable way of life, the way things “should” remain, for centuries. Law disallowed married women from so much as owning property, denyinh them financial independence an…

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Sanitation Problems Cause Malnutrition Among the Residents of India

In India, approximately 194.6 millionpeople are undernourished (“India home,” 2015). Indicating that in any single country around the world, India accounts for the highest number of those suffering from hunger (“Dubious”, 2015). 1/3rdof the world’s hungry population resides in India (“Hunger Facts,” n.d.). India accounts fo…

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A Suggestion on the Impact of Humorists on the Public Opinion

The Impact of Humorists on Public Opinion Most people see humorists as people who aim to make people laugh, but some claim that these entertainers have other goals as well. In his 2004 book, Status Anxiety, Alain de Botton argues that the chief aim of humorists is not merely to entertain but “to convey with impunity messag…

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Gun Safety and the Principles of Protection of the American Life in the Modern Times

Protection in the 21st Century One hundred years from now, people will wonder how we could have
tolerated the unbelievably easy access to a gun in America, a gun that
kills. After an 11-year-old boy shot 8-year-old Maykayla Dyer because she
wouldn’t show him her dog, many defended the family’s rights to own that

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The Use of Excessive Police Force in the United States

Final Comparative Paper In America today Police violence has taken the spotlight in recent months and garnered copious amounts of media attention. Incidents such as the police slayings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner among many others have sparked widespread protests throughout the nation from America’s urban hotspots t…

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A Description of the Dating Habits of the Desi Teens in the Excerpt Dating on the DL and Arranged Marriages by Shalini Shankar

Dating on the DL and Arranged Marriages The excerpt “Dating on the DL and Arranged Marriages,” from Desi Land by Shalini Shankar, describes the dating habits of the Desi teen. Shankar uses a myriad of examples to describe the nominal amount of dating that occurs within the Desi communities, prompting the Desi teenagers to…

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An Analysis of Parenting Methods and Gender Roles in the Development of Children

Parenting and Gender Roles On one of my favorite television shows, Battlestar Galactica, the
last remaining 45,000 humans struggle to outrun the evil cylon (robot) race
who are bent on killing all human beings. In this severe situation,
abortion was made illegal, and all able women were mandated to procreate.
Of cours…

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Understanding the Real Meaning of Racial Equality in the Documentary The N Word

The N Word Response Paper I found The N Word completely fascinating. As a person who believes
in racial equality, I have come to understand that just saying, “I’m not a
racist” is not enough. As a white person, I have to understand that I have
prejudices — some of them I am not completely aware of — but in order to…

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People’s Different Ideas of What They Want for Their Future

Everyone has a different idea of what they want for their future. Whether it is a desk-job, out-in-the-field, or a stay-at-home-parent, we all have some idea of what we want to do. I want something in between. I would like to have a career that I truly enjoy and be able to provide for myself and my family, if necessary, whi…

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Texas Muslims as the Target of Anti-Islam Groups in America

This article talks about how Texas Muslims are being targeted by anti-Islam groups. A woman named Pamela Geller initiated a contest in Texas for people to draw cartoons of Muhammad. Not only does the Islamic religion dislike being purposefully made fun of, but it is against their religion to have depictions of Muhammad. It…

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The Usefulness and Benefits of Family Therapy

Case Study Response #10: Family Therapy In this case study response, I will examine the case study regarding Rachel and her family, as well as what the least and most helpful aspects of this therapy are. I will provide a brief assessment on what kinds of disorders or diagnoses would be the most helpful and also the least a…

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The Importance of Spirituality in End-Of-Life and Palliative Care According to Dr. Ann Callahan

Before a critique can be given, it is important to summarize the findings. Callahan first goes over the importance of fulfilling spiritual needs when it comes to making a smooth transition from life into death, emphasizing that spiritual pain can cause many other psychological and physiological problems. Callahan notes that…

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An Examination of the Mission of the Black Greek-Letter Organizations (BGLO)

The Direction and Aim of the BGLO There are several factors that can be used to determine the direction or purpose of the different Black Greek-letter organizations. One such method will involve examining three central questions that will explore the personal orientation or agency that exists between the Black fraternity…

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