An Analysis of the Relationship of Social Media and Event Marketing

An Analysis of the Relationship of Social Media and Event Marketing

Companies around the globe are embracing and adapting new media in this digital era for many different intentions: customer service, marketing, internal communications, public relations or corporate social responsibility. Social media has revolutionized the way people communicate, and how organizations engage with its publi…

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A Report on My Business, Rave Retreat

There are many reasons for entrepreneurs to desire their very own business. Some do it for the profit, some do it to become more hands on, some yearn for more responsibility and more roles within business, and some do it for the freedom; because after all, being your own boss sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Personally, the rea…

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An Analysis of the Importance and Benefits of Group Decision Making in Organizational Life

Introduction Group decision making has become a common practice in today’s organizational life. Several people spend most of their days attending meetings for various purposes. Some may involve simple communication choices while others demand joint or participatory decision making with relevant stakeholders. Some decisions…

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A Business Report on General Electric, a Transnational Organization

Transnational organizations have a complex business structure and require a multidimensional concentration of resources which are customized to meet the requirements of each local market. The central office requires a transnational strategy in order to attract local benefits which are important to the organization. Among th…

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Expansion of Industry and Corporations in the United States between 1860 and 1900

Between the years 1860 and 1900, industry and corporations expanded extremely rapidly. There were many different reasons that attributed to this increase. Along with the immense social and economic benefits of this time there were also negatives that hurt many Americans. One of the factors that contributed to this growth w…

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The Definition of True Success

Defining Success Success can be defined by only one factor, but may be influenced by many factors that contribute to one’s successfulness in life and his/her career. The definition of success cannot be defined by society’s view on success, unlike how it defines several other social terms, such as leader; what it means to…

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The Role of Leadership and Its Impact on the Business Projects

The role of leadership and leaders in any organization is crucial to its continuity and profitability. Leadership as a function in an organization determines the motivation of employees, working culture and efficiency among others. Countries in Africa such as Nigeria and other European countries face the same needs in terms…

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An Overview of the Importance of Management of Information Systems in an Organization

Management of information systems (MIS) looks at combining technology users, the technology itself and the processes used in order to complete a certain goal. In order to manage the systems, strategic direction is critical in tracing the strategic goals of any organization. Careful crafting of investments in the global IT…

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A Case Study of a Health and Beauty Company Life Vantage Entering a New Market in Turkey

LifeVantage as an organization focuses on satisfying health and beauty needs. Among its many products, Protandim emerges as the best anti-aging product. Despite having high quality products, LifeVantage has been under scrutiny because of the market size it serves despite having the capacity to serve a much bigger market. T…

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The Benefits and Errors in Creating Faulty Alliances

They say unity is power. This avowal makes relevant sense in the corporate world where the dire need to leverage technological capabilities across borders, in addition to the growing need to share costs and risks associated with development and the need to shorten time to market leads to a rising number of research and deve…

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An Analysis of the Leadership Style of Walt Disney, an American Entrepreneur, Animator, Voice Actor and Film Producer

Most people can relate to the late Steve Jobs, and if they cannot relate to him, they probably know him. When you ask someone, anyone, who Steve Jobs is they will tell you he is the one who invented the iPhone and the iPods. Others will tell you that he is the former CEO of Apple Inc. What most people don’t know about Steve…

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An Analysis of the Possible Promotion Strategies for Moller International’s Skycar 5400 Marketing

Since its inception, Moller International has been dedicated to improving and introducing new concepts in the aviation industry. The company is championing for the pioneering futuristic air vehicles that will change the manner in which we move, together with our goods, from one place to another (Hostito, 2012). The Moller S…

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An Analysis of the Motivational Theories in the ‘Dove Men +Care’ Inspirational Video

Advertising has always been a way for companies to communicate with
potential buyers of their products. These companies, over the years, have
developed ways to influence and motivate the viewers of their campaigns to
purchase their product over competitors’. #RealStrength In the ‘Dove M…

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A Review of Environmental and Distributional Impacts of Conservation Targeting Strategies, an Article by Wu, Zilberman, and Babcock

This essay presents a review of an article that presents a framework on how to handle environmental funds and how managers of such funds should use the available purchasing strategies to either maximize benefit costs or reduce cost to resource owners, consumers and environmentalists. It discusses the pertinent issues raised…

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An Examination of the Topic of Company Branding in the Book, No Logo by Nomi Klein

No Logo is a book by a Canadian author named Nomi Klein. She hits the topic of company branding. Branding started in the 1980’s, for the reasons of advertising. All throughout the book her forces is how big box companies are more about producing brands other then quality products. Nomi started that ” The astronomical growt…

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A Review of the Public Relations Society of America

Edmond, OK — Many companies in public relations have their own, standard ethical codes, but they are all somewhat similar. Bell Pottinger, a public relations firm recently got into trouble for violating Wikipedia’s editorial policy by editing over 1,000 entries on a client’s Wikipedia article. Other public relations firms,…

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The Federal Suit Between Amazon and Apple

When a person thinks of an App Store, the first thing that comes to their mind is usually the Apple App Store, or maybe the Google Play Store for Android. This past summer, a Federal Trade Commission complaint forced Apple to pay out a minimum of $32.5 million dollars so settle a complaint concerning allowing children to ma…

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A Post-Modern Exploration of Consumer Culture

1! INTRODUCTION We live in an age where one can go to a coffee shop and order a pumpkin spice latte. This is a beverage in which its ingredients contain no actual traces of a pumpkin. Pumpkin spice is a mix of nutmeg, amongst other herbs and spices that create a smell often associated with a warm inviting house during…

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Profile of the Modern Consumer

1 Consume to Destruct Today we live in a world where the amount of options for a given item has become excessive and all that can be had is attainable within weeks, days, and even in some cases hours, such as Amazon Prime’s recently announced service. With the democratization of tools and distribution platforms, n…

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A Comparison between the Two Online Companies, Draft Kings and Fan Duel

These two companies started up a several years ago as small online businesses and now they are worth billions of dollars. Actually Fan Duel started its website at 2009, while Draft Kings did so in 2012. Their main focus is NFL, but they also offer basketball, baseball, and hockey fantasy leagues. In NFL, accumulated yearly…

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Business Ethics and CPA Tax Practitioners

Ethics are moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior. In business, the same definition can be applied since all the people should be aware of their individual ethics code, but also the ethics code of a company as a whole. First article is the “Ethical Issues Facing CPA Tax Practitioners” which talks about…

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The Importance of Landing a Well-Paid Job in Society

We are all living in a capitalistic time, when everyone and everything is measured by money. That is reality, and we cannot do anything about that. The only thing we can do is to try to adapt to these conditions and find our place ‘under the sun’. However, this is not an easy task because we all have to find well paid jobs….

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Leadership and Management: Common Mistakes of Leaders

Employees are a very sensitive part of an organization whose
leaders must invest special attention that will make them feel that they
really matter. In any case, leaders should not let their employees from
falling into a “Critters state” by observing on how to manage and control a
set of pitfalls as demonstrated below.

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The Importance of Decisiveness, Knowledge, and Understanding of a Good Boss in a Company

Usually a good supervisor is considered as a prerequisite for a leading
company. Then how is a good supervisor? What important qualities should he
have? A good boss, to my mind, should be decisive, knowledgeable and
understanding. First of all, one of many important qualities that make a good supervisor
is de…

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The Important Factors to Consider to Meet the Needs of a Customer

The international business market is very competitive and requires constant rejuvenation of the existing strategies as well as the invention of new one. There are several factors to consider including the business environment and stakeholder interests while at the same time making sure that you are able to meet customer nee…

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