An Analysis of the Marketing Strategies of Kudler and the Need to Expand to New Markets

An Analysis of the Marketing Strategies of Kudler and the Need to Expand to New Markets

In the field of marketing education, there is a great importance
placed on how to correctly meet the needs of changing markets through
careful deliberation and marketing strategies. (Crosby, 2000) Much
consideration is given to the process of formulating a marketing plan and
creating successful and effective marketing messa…

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An Examination of the Business Proposal of Adding a New Product to the Existing Goods of Adidas

In the business world, change is vital to success. While it is certainly true that start-ups must practice some kind of innovation to grow their business, even well-established corporations must also adapt to changing market conditions. Stagnancy through a failure to recognize the new or changing needs of a market place can…

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The Role and Importance of Risk Management in an Organization

In any organization, risk management is an extremely important and relevant construct that must be considered with every business action. Many people believe risk management is solely about minimizing organizational risk. It is true, risk management does attempt to minimize risk, but it also entails identifying every possib…

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An Overview of Autocratic Leadership: The Application and Relevance in Resolving Conflicts in an Organization

An autocratic leadership is one where power is under a single person who holds the supreme control without any limitations. Autocracy can be in the form of either military dictatorship or a totalitarian regime. This form of governance like many others has both its strengths and weakness. This paper will explain extensively…

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A Performance Improvement Proposal for the Kniving Company and Identification of the Cause and Remedy for Its Problems

The Kniving company, which specializes in office applications for individuals and small companies has been reporting low sales numbers throughout its short existence. These numbers are in spite of the fact that all of the products have done well in product testing and those surveyed indicated that they would likely purchase…

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A Summary of My Visit to an Emergency Operations Center in Florida About the Mission, Structure, Communication, Duties and Shortcoming of the Organization

The process of education is often complex and requires a great deal of individual effort for internalization. While learning relevant theories and examining case studies is very useful for understanding a subject, there is no true substitute for real world experience. One of the best ways to gain such familiarity is by imme…

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What the Mattel Company Could Have Done Differently If Acted in a Socially Responsible Manner

The world is a constantly changing and developing place. As time goes on, technology improves, communication of information becomes faster, and businesses grow. In the corporate world, many large companies have taken an international approach to operations, both in terms of manufacturing their products abroad, and selling t…

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The Role and Three Important Traits of a Manager in an Organization

A manager is a very vital part of an organization. Good, effective managers will have a direct effect on the success of not only individual employees, but also the organization as a whole. On the other hand, ineffective managers can actually inhibit the abilities and productivity of employees and stunt organizational growth…

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How Communication Technologies Are Becoming an Increased Part of the Business Environment and How Business Employees Are Affected by This Trend

This paper will explore how communication technologies are becoming an increased part of the business environment and how this trend affects business employees. While most research and application studies have focused on the benefit of such technologies, there has been less consideration given to how these technologies can…

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The Concept of Conflict as an Inevitable Part of Working in an Organization

Conflict is an inevitable part of working in an organization. While too much conflict is unproductive and distracting, the truth is that a certain amount of conflict should be not only expected, but welcomed in an organizational setting. The right types of conflict and conflict management techniques can lead to greater crea…

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A Comparison of the Report on the Annual Performance, Goals, Challenges, Plans, Format and Organization Information of McDonald’s Corporation and Wendy’s International

The annual reports of a company are extremely important to its image that it presents to the public. The annual report contains a summary of the not only the company’s performance, but also its own assessment of its position in the competitive market, the challenges it faces, and where it wants to go in the future. In fact,…

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The Benefit of This Initiative on the Ethical Culture of Southwest and Its Positive Influence on the Reputation of Southwest

This initiative is to create environmentally sustainable operations at Southwest Airlines. The essential idea is to modify various aspects of Southwest airlines internal structures and processes to reflect modern concerns about environmental health and human impacts on climate change. This type of initiative will be benefic…

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The Concepts and Practice of Change Management in Southwest Airlines

There are many activities that will impact the success of Southwest Airlines in implementing a sustainable initiative into the future. Different types of activities target different areas of success within the sustainable initiative. One of the most significant barriers in implementing a sustainable initiative in an establi…

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The Concept and Practice of Change Management in an Organization

Education is an invaluable resource, and learning the right concepts and theories can be crucial to one’s success in a business setting. That being said, even when concepts are thoroughly synthesized and understood, there are useless if the individual cannot implement them in a real world setting. For this reason, simulatio…

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The Outstanding Ethics and the Proper Utilization of Employees by the Southwest Airlines

The organization that will be discussed in this proposal is Southwest Airlines. This company is a revolutionary organization that has truly adapted the model of an innovative and creative company. By utilizing the power of their employees and focusing on things such as attitude and personality over experience in the hiring…

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The Importance of Change to the Success of an Organization

Change is a necessary part of organizational success. An organization that stagnates fails to adapt to its market, which is constantly in flux (Daidj, 2015). Trying to remain the same is a practice in failure, and an organization doing so will soon find themselves behind the times and behind the competition. Despite the nec…

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A Look at the Ethical Implications and Obligations of a Manager-Employee Relationship

As a manager, it is important to constantly consider the ethics of one’s actions and the organizational culture which one creates. However, even if a manager has the best intentions of being honest and creating a fair and congruent work environment, ethical issues can arise from on-the-job demands, such as excessive travel…

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An Analysis of the Employee’s Resistance to Change at Nestle

Perrier’s best years may be in the past, as it seems the popularity of the French Mineral Water company was largely tied to a fleeting fad in the United States, which ended when benzene was found in a Perrier bottle. (Palmer, Dunford & Akin, 2009) As Nestle struggles to improve the profit margins of Perrier, there are clear…

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How the Use of Groups for Decision Making Can Be Beneficial for Organizations

Organizations use many tools in order to reach objectives. While an organization is only as strong as the members which comprise it, the contributions of employees and managers alike should not be considered on an individualized basis. Groups can be a great way to bring out the best of individuals and cause even higher effi…

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An Analysis of the Decision Making Process pf Jennifer on Her Multiple Options for Spending the Extra $2,000,000 in Revenue

The case study described a situation that many managers inevitably face. That is, how to divide limited resources to maximize their value within the company. Of course, dealing with such a large company, Jennifer has multiple options for spending the extra $2,000,000 in revenue. The following essay will examine how Jennifer…

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An Overview of the Intuitive Consumer Experience or ICE as a New Division of the Apple Company

The following business model and strategic plan is extremely multifaceted. The paragraphs will cover several topics extremely relevant to the new proposed division of the Apple Company. This new division is entitled ICE, which stands for Intuitive Consumer Experience, and will be primarily tasked with creating an app which…

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An Exmaination of a Hypothetical New Division of the Apple Company That Specializes in a New Product

The Apple Company is a longstanding technology company with a proven track record for innovation. (Robinson, 2013) However, following the recent death of the company’s iconic leader Steve Jobs, many people have questioned the innovative capabilities of this organization moving forward. Undoubtedly, innovation is the key to…

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An Overview of the ACME Fireworks Contract Laws, the Existence of a Contract, the Liabilities of the Company, Employment Types, and the Company’s Type of Entity

The business world is complex and multifaceted. As globalization takes place and modern technology revolutionizes the way that organizations communicate and conduct operations, new issues arise in the governing of these companies. (Bainbridge, 2014) This is where business law steps in. While capitalism in the United States…

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The Importance of Organizational Dynamics in Fostering a Productive and Collaborative Internal Culture

Organizational dynamics are extremely crucial to creating a successful organization. An organization with the correct dynamics and internal culture fosters collaboration, adaptability, and learning in an organization, all which can combine for a competitive advantage. (Highhouse, Dalal, & Salas, 2014) However, making an org…

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The Importance of Mental Models in the World of Occupation

Employment is a fundamental aspect of life, providing an opportunity for supplying individuals, and advancing the economy. While many may not perceive the vital proficiency the working world requires, they also fail to notice the foundation of it. Mental models are the building blocks of employment, and all of its facets. W…

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