An Analysis of the Literature on Ethics in the Aviation Industry

An Analysis of the Literature on Ethics in the Aviation Industry

This paper investigates the literature that is available on ethics in the aviation industry. It elucidates the possible moral steps that one would take considering the ethical standards of the industry. The paper gives a range of real life situations and the ethical responses that would ideally suit each of them. According…

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An Examination of Ethical Issues

This paper presents an examination of ethical issues that organizations face as they implement change. Change is inevitable within any organization. This is in the light of technological advancements, market changes, changes in legal regulations and the economic setup. These are the major factors that contribute towards cha…

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An Analysis of Learning Environment

Research remains as one of the most important aspects in any particular learning environment. With this in mind, there are different ethical and leadership standards that have been developed over time to act as a guiding lane to research. However, it is important to understand that these standards have in most cases affecte…

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The Influence of Technology in the Revolution in Business and Organizational Environment

Technology advances in the 21st century have brought a revolution in business and organizational environments, creating an enhanced workplace that utilizes different types of technology. There is also an increased productivity, with technology playing a critical role in ensuring that there is an efficient chain of productio…

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A Comparison of Formal Business Research and a Business Proposal

This paper focuses on the analysis of the similarities and differences of a formal business research and a business proposal from the theoretical and practical point of view. Even though the two documents have similarities, they also vary greatly in their functions. The two documents can also operate together to create the…

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An Analysis of Energy Resources in the World Today

  1. It is openly accepted that almost 85% of the energy used in the world today is produced using non-renewable energy resources. They include oil and petroleum products, gasoline, diesel fuel, coal, propane, natural gas and even uranium used for nuclear energy. The main reason is that these resources seem to be widely avail…

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An Overview of Java Coffee Cart

2.1 Mission Statement
Java coffee cart’s main aim is to create a cool place where its customers will be able to relax and socialize with each other in a comfortable way. Customers will also be able to enjoy a well-brewed cup of coffee. Java coffee cart will be in the front line to ensure that its customers relive…

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The Transition of the Business Environment

The business environment has shifted from the normal make-profit setup to a strategy-oriented setup. This has been amid the changing entrepreneurial environments that have demanded that corporate leadership approach the business world with strategies that are well refined in order to be able to conquer the arising challenge…

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A Study of Anxiety Disorders in Employees

Anxiety disorders occur when employees are in constant worry and/or fear of an occurrence or event. In an attempt to ensure that such disorders do not affect performance and productivity at the workplace, employers have provided assistance programs for their workers.
There are various categories of anxiety disorders in the…

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An Analysis of Green Revolution

The “green revolution” in business has forced various companies to produce eco-friendly products and services. Products containing “eco-friendly” labels can be seen well stocked in supermarkets or displayed on billboards alongside roads and highways. When some companies are genuinely engaged in social marketing…

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An Essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Price Discrimination

Price discrimination has several advantages as well as disadvantages in any company using the method. The first advantage is that price discrimination enables some firms to increase its revenue and, therefore, be able to remain in t he market. An example is a train firm that needs to provide peak and off peak prices. Some c…

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An Overview of eBay Inc.

Executive Summary
EBay Inc. is a multinational internet consumer-to-consumer corporation in America, which has its headquarters in San Jose, California. It was founded in 1995 and meant to act as a marketplace for selling its goods and services.
EBay has been able to build the online trading community, where any person can…

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An Analysis of First-Mover Advantage

The first-mover advantage has previously been described as the advantage that the first noteworthy occupant within a certain market segment enjoys (Berger, 2008). For instance, the Japanese manufacture of electronic and e-commerce devices ‘Sony’ was set up after the Japanese defeat in the Second World War. This company intr…

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The Importance of Drug Testing in the Workplace

Drug testing refers to the process of technically analyzing a biological aspect of an individual such as hair, urine, sweat, and saliva, with the aim of determining the presence or the absence of particular parent drugs or their metabolites in the human body. Most employers have embraced the idea of workplace testing to ens…

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An Analysis of Workplace

Workplace diversity refers to demographic differences in the workforce in terms of gender, age, culture, religion, disability, race, and profession among others. Diversity is found in an environment such as workplaces where people from different settings come together for a given purpose. In organizational context, workforc…

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A Research on the Dell Company

This research seeks to investigate a number of questions concerning the Dell Company. What is Dell’s strategy for success in the marketplace? Does the company rely primarily on a customer intimacy, operational excellence, or product leadership customer value proposition? What business risks does Dell face that may…

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A Research on Delegation in any Organization

Delegation is a vital tool in ensuring continuity and success of any organization. The problem of lack of delegation by managers of the investment company has the potential of posing serious implications on the company’s performance. The senior managers handle most of the vital tasks that relate to the business…

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An Analysis of the Public Relations in the Marketing and the Job of a Public Relations Society of America Employees

From a personal perspective, I can define public relations (PR) as a tool used to promote and protect the reputation of an organization in the face of the public besides enhancing product and service promotion. This implies that PR is used basically to increase awareness about the activities of a given organization and, hen…

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An Analysis of the Leadership Responsibility

Leadership is a major responsibility that requires one to be alert and careful in terms of decision-making issues that regard employees and an organization. Proper and effective leadership will require strategic planning and a management control system, which gathers information and uses it to evaluate the performance of di…

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An Analysis of the Choice Point as a Data Brokerage in Alpharetta

Choice point as a data brokerage company in Alpharetta. The company virtually stores data and personal information for the majority in United States. The company enhances privacy and security of their client’s data. They experienced hackers to their data base that lead to access to personal information. This affected them t…

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An Analysis of the Core Processes of Deutsche Postal World Net Group (DHL)

In 1969, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn came up with a way to reduce the turnaround time in as far as the shipping business is concerned; they did this by flying the bills of landing to their ports of destination ahead of time. The company started by transporting documents between the cities of San Francisco…

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An Analysis of the Concept of Amalgamate and the Profit Maximization

In considering whether to amalgamate the newly acquired firm into the parent firm or simply operates them as distinct separate entities will be guided by the major objective of which the merger is based on. The main sole objective is to make supernormal profit in the decision chosen, reduction in the liabilities of the two…

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An Analysis of the Standards for the Accounting Principles in the United States

Accounting standards are guidelines that provide a frame work for the proper documentation of financial statements which describe the financial performance of companies without having to learn the financial principles of each company concerned and also enhance comparison between companies. Good accounting standards ensure t…

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An Analysis of Philosophical Elements of CQI

In general, the philosophical elements of CQI refer to the minimum aspects of quality improvement that must be present in an organization for it to claim that it is undertaking continuous quality improvement. These elements include strategic focus, customer focus, systems view, data-driven (evidence-based) analysis, impleme…

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A Study of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems require huge investments that may range from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Successful implementation of ERP helps an organization streamline workflow and reduce costs. However, poor planning and implementation of ERP can make an organization incur huge costs in term…

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