An Analysis of the Liquidity Ratios in Glasgow and London Offices

An Analysis of the Liquidity Ratios in Glasgow and London Offices

Looking at the net asset ratios, we note that there was a decrease in Glasgow and a decrease in both London and Leeds offices. This denotes that in Glasgow the extra expenses were well catered for but, on the other hand, we cannot say that it caused profitability as there are many factors that may cause an increase or decre…

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An Analysis of a Control of Inventory Management in a Company

Control of inventory typically represents 90 percent of all expenses incurred by a company (Bragg, 2005). Therefore, companies should ensure that they put in place the correct controls regarding inventory management. Proper controls are needed so as to ensure that the company prevents pilferage of goods and avoid stock-outs…

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An Analysis of the Business Risks a Firm May Face in Vietnam

Business risks refer to the possibility of a loss to a firm, or a factor that may affect its operations negatively. Business risks that the firm may face in Vietman are due to the country’s economic situation.  Possible challenges that the company may encounter include high interest rates, inflation, increase in spending po…

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An Overview of the Breakeven Points in a Personal Business

Breakeven point can be defined as the point which income and expenses match. The expenses do not exceed the income. At the breakeven point, there are no profits (Aneirin, 277). For my income and my expenses to be at a breakeven point, then all the income should match all the budgeted expenses.
I will ensure that my expenses…

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A Look at the Early Forms of Accounting in Businesses

Businesses have existed for many years and it is as old as mankind. The early forms of business involved batter trade where people used to exchange good with goods. Though they didn’t use the money concept, they knew how to attach certain values to the goods they had. As time moved on and money was invented, business field…

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An Analysis of the Australian Funghi Importer Pty Ltd’s Financial Reports

This report is addressed to analyse the Australian Funghi Importer Pty Ltd’s last three years financial reports in order to make a decision on a loan requested by the company.
The Profitability Analysis
The profitability indicators are used to understand whether the business entity is able to generate earnings and assess it…

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An Analysis of the Auditing Information System in Business Organizations

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The auditing information system is a very vital tool necessary for auditors working in; external auditing, internal auditing…

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An Analysis of the Different Types of Audit Procedures and Software

Audit procedures refer to the different methods used by an auditor in obtaining the evidence necessary for making an opinion on the financial statements of the firm.  The different types of audit tests that can be used by the auditor include the substantive tests and tests of control. The substantive tests that are used inc…

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An Overview of Management Accountants

As business environments become more dynamic, hardly predictable and competitive, there is a compelling need for management accountants to develop logically consistent strategies and practices to improve company’s competitive edge, financial standing and profit potential. As such, many businesses are increasingly embracing…

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The Various Changes That Have Occurred Since the Classification of Accounting and Reporting

Globalization and sophisticated industrialization have been the order of the day in recent decades. These changes in the production, marketing and servicing sectors have been positive in most countries all over the world. Countries that were once deemed as poor or having hosting or strong regimes have transformed into super…

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An Analysis of the Purpose of the Accounting Records

An accounting record refers to the documentation and books kept for the purpose of making financial statements and records kept for auditing purposes and financial review. Accounting records can be in the form of a flowchart which is a pictorial representation that shows the procedure followed within an organization. The fl…

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An Analysis of the Roles of Accountants in a Business Organization

An accountant is an accountancy practitioner who measures, disclose, or provides assurance about financial position of a business organization to the stakeholders.  An accountant is an important business profession who evaluates and analyses financial strengths and weaknesses of an organization and gives financial…

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A Study of Adjusting Entries

Adjusting entries is one of the most important parts of accounting that is accrual based. To adjust business records one has to reflect the true balances accurately during a specified period of financial accounting. Adjusting entries are divided into two categories which are accruals and Deferrals. Accruals are…

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A Research on Internal Controls in Business

This paper is going to discuss about internal controls in business, the inappropriate cash procedures, and the inappropriate inventory procedures and conclude with recommendations. The aim of internal controls is to create an environment where, mistakes get low chances of occurring and dishonesty cases are easi…

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An Analysis of the Lower of Cost or Market Rule in Accounting and Inventory Evaluation

Explain why the lower of cost or market rule is used to value inventory
“Lower of cost or market rule” (or shortly LCM) is an accounting method of inventory valuation which is used in financial reporting process. Lower of cost or market rule is an exception from the historical value principle. It is used if the inventory`s…

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An Analysis of the Varieties of Accounting for Gift Cards in Different Businesses

Gifts cards are available in the market in two forms; the ones affiliated with company’s credit card like MasterCard and Visa and the other type that is not affiliated.  The latter type which is in most cases purchased from retailers, does not fall under the federal banking laws jurisdiction and has very few GAAP guidance …

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A Look at Reporting of Research and Development of Costs

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Question#1: Reporting of Research and Development costs.Reporting of expenditure which relate to Research and Development (R…

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An Essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Bond Financing

Identify and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of bond financing.
If a company is looking for options to increase capital to expand their business or for any other purposes, two main ways to do it could be identified. Company could sell a part of ownership in a company in a form of stock. As a second option company c…

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An Analysis of the Methods of Measuring the Net Value of Accounts Receivables

Describe how accounts receivable arise and how they are accounted for, including use of a subsidiary ledger and an allowance account
Money owed to the firm by the entities on credit by the sale of goods or services are represented as accounts receivable. On a balance sheet of the company, accounts receivable is the funds ow…

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An Analysis of the Application of Accounting Standards in Financial Market

Application of Accounting Standards in Financial Market
A financial market is a public trading centre for buying and selling items such as investment securities and commodities. The items to be traded are usually expensive; therefore a non biased platform should be set to regulate the transactions conducted in the trade. Th…

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A Description of Accounting Policies

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1. Describe accounting policiesAccounting policies refers to the financial principles that an organization uses to account i…

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An Overview of the Accounting Regulations in Australia

Australia represents the few nations in the world in which accounting has been properly regulated and meets the international accounting standards. This is an inclusion of both the professional and technical accounting standards. The remarkable accounting standards in Australia can be credited to its well established bodies…

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An Analysis of the Intricate Differences Between the Public and Corporate Sectors

Though most people have a general idea of both the public and corporate/private sectors, it is vital to note intricate differences which exist between the two terms. The public sector is normally composed of public organizations that are operated and owned by the government and government agencies like state offices and fed…

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An Analysis of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis in the Great Global Recession

Subprime mortgage crisis occurred during the great global recession. It was characterized by an increase in subprime mortgages.  These are loans given to people who may lack the power to repay accordingly. Subprime mortgages are also characterized by high interest rates and less favorable terms that are used to…

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An Analysis of Technology Impact in the Business Environment in Most Business Organisations and Companies

Technology is one of the departments that have affected all environments including the business environment. Most business organizations and companies are investing in information systems as they improve the quality of work being done. The Accounting Information system (AIS) is part of the technology that is highly applicab…

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