An Analysis of the Factor Business Strategies in the Book “The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman

An Analysis of the Unprecedented Challenges That Businesses Faced in their Routine Day-to-Day Activities in the Book Green to Gold

In their book Green to Gold, Esty and Winston use the “Green Wave” to corroborate the unprecedented challenges that businesses face in their routine day-to-day activities. They also use the word ‘gold’ to refer to the benefits that the businesses accrue in terms of higher profits, revenues, lower operational costs and lower…

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An Analysis of the Factor Business Strategies in the Book “The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman’s book “The world is flat” has been viewed as one of the best books of the 21st century. He advances the ideology that the world is interconnected because of improvement in technology and because of other factors like business strategies like globalization for multinational companies.
Michael porter’s five f…

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A Literary Analysis of the Truth About Leadership

The is a review of the the book “The Truth about Leadership; The No-fads, Heart-of-the-Matter Facts You Need to Know By James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner”. The two authors  of the book Kouzes and Posner  have used there books as a form of sharing there views on matters related to leadership and at t…

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An Analysis of Businesspersons Who Increased Their Profits in the Book The Tao of Enron

The Tao of Enron is a book with a collection of stories of businesspersons who increased their profits by taking advantage over other people and using corruption to overcome competition. Such business executives ensure that they often have the most out of people who are working for them at their businesses. The book portray…

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An Introduction to the Analysis of Esty and Wilson’s Green to Gold Strategy

According to Esty and Wilson’s Green to Gold strategy, companies can only be seen as environmentally friendly if they are truly environmentally friendly and not involved in a bogus campaign. They, therefore, should not rank BP as a green Wave Rider, since, in fact, the BP is just a company exceptionally skilled in vigorous…

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An Analysis of the Profits of Company’s and Business

It is every company’s and business objective to make profits. Any businesses are initiated with the main aim of making and maximizing on various avenues for making profit. Profit making can be quite a daunting task that requires individuals who have strong technical expertise in sales. Sales activities involve…

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A Literary Analysis of Business Research Methods by Sue Greener

Business Research Methods is a book that has been written by Sue Greener, PhD., and was published by Ventus Publishing APS in 2008.
There are three interesting points that have been made in the book. These are centered on the attempt to differentiate between writing a business report and writing for academic purposes….

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An Introduction to the Life of Anderson S

Anderson, S. 1995. A framework for assessing cost management system changes: The case of activity based costing implementation at General Motors, 1986-1993. Journal of Management Accounting Research (7): 1-51.
Anderson, S (1995) is purposeful book written to provide structured account of testing which is used to evaluate su…

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An Analysis of the Porter’s Strategies for Any Business

Generally, porter’s strategies are vital for any business that seeks to gain competitive advantage. The three strategies of cost leadership, differentiation, and focus or niche strategy together forms the fundamental requirement for any business to achieve business advantage. In the current global business arena, there are…

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A Look at the Life and Management Strategies of Michael O’Leary

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Michael O’Leary is an employee of Ryainar, an Irish airline that is among the top in worldwide in terms of performance, and…

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An Analysis of Technology in Market

Technology has ensured that movie producers incur minimal costs, because there are no longer multiple productions of the same movie to satisfy the market share. Now the production can focus on one high quality copy which will be made available through downloads on the Internet (Technology and proliferation, 2010). Therefore…

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The Importance of a Business Plan in an Organization

A business plan is document with a description of the intended achievements and the proposal to do it. They are prepared either for the whole organisation or for a one project. They describe all activities, skills, systems and resources required to achieve the short, medium and long-term goals. Hence, they describe and answ…

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A Study of Income Generation Policies

This is another method of financing that requires the organization to sustain itself through the profits made from. Income Generation policies have the ability to maintain and develop a wide range of income channels. It enables the organizations learn how to raise funds more often as important as having a consultant actuall…

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An Analysis of Methods of Funding and Income Generation in an Performing Arts Company

Methods of funding and income generation model of an artistic organization and some other means of maintenance considered. An artistic or performing company is a company involved in performing art that ensures financially viable and artistically vibrant performance of the art sector. It has the responsibilities to collabora…

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An Analysis of Watson Pharmaceuticals

Executive Summary  Watson Pharmaceuticals is an international company with revenues ranging to $3 billion, in the current year. The company addressed the global market need offering wide range of product lines. The focus of the corporation is on ongoing enhancement which would strengthen its commercial position with improve…

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An Analysis of Walt Disney and Its Strategies

What is Disney’s strategy?Walt Disney was founded by Walter Elias Disney and his brother Roy in Hollywood in 1923 after several attempts in cartooning. Their first animated short became a hit but lost the copyright to the character to his distributor. The Euro Disney venture ran into a number of hurdles and did not live up…

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An Analysis of W.L. Gore Company

W.L Gore Company was started by Wilbert Gore who had 17 years experience working in an organization that was managed the traditional way. He however noted that in the time of crisis the rules were put aside and all employees came together in search of a solution and whenever this was done the company experienced a great bre…

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An Analysis of the Vanguard

Vanguard has many characteristics that make it an organization. The company’s contribution in the US mutual funds industry is tremendous. It has a strong corporate culture that makes it appear distinct from all other mutual fund companies. The company also has many low-cost strategies, efficient communication channels, pred…

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A History of Best Buy Inc. in American Entertainment and Consumer Electronics Store

Best Buy Inc. is a leading U.S based specialty retailer of entertainment software, personal computers, consumer electronics and related services. Currently, the company operates more than 1,150 retail stores across America, China and Canada. Best Buy’s assortment of merchandize includes private brands like Geek Squad, Init,…

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An Essay on the Use of System of Rewards for Employees

The successful company always has a system of rewards for its employees. It is a necessary condition that provides the company with the additional motivation of the employees to perform better at work place. One of the best ways to motivate the workers to implement their duties with great efficiency is the money reward. It…

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An Examination of the Fall of Tyco International Ltd.

Tyco International Ltd. was started in the year 1960 by Arthur Rosen Burg. It is a company that deals with vital products and services. Its products are sold to over 60 countries around the world. Currently it is the leading company that provides electronic security products. It also deals with fire protection, valves, and…

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An Essay on the Issues of Business Ethics and Implications

The way religion impacts business ethics is a matter of heightened interest. This paper is a critical review of the article by Longenecker, McKinney and Moore (2004) “Religious Intensity, Evangelical Christianity, and Business Ethics: An Empirical Study.”The paper provides a detailed overview of the major issues r…

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An Analysis of Youth Impact Program (YIP)

This paper is a critical analysis of Youth Impact Program (YIP). Since their opening in 1992, the YIP has affected the lives of many youths in a very positive way. Youth Impact Program had maintained a constant admission of over 200 participants every year since 2008, who live in different parts of Ogden’s inner – city limi…

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Safest Companies in America Named by EHS Today Magazine

The EHS Today Magazine listed twelve organizations as the safest companies in America. The companies that topped the list are ACCO Brands Corporation, Buffalo Gap Instrumental and Electrical Company, Caterpillar Incorporation, EnPro Industries and Flour Corporation among others. According to the Magazine, these companies en…

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An Analysis of a SWOT Analysis as a Process of Analyzing the Situation of a Business Venture in Terms of its Positive and Negative Issues in XYZ Ltd

SWOT analysis is a process of analyzing the situation of a business venture in terms of its positive and negative issues. Evaluating a firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats allows an entrepreneur to gain more insight about a business’s potential and critical issues. The implication of SWOT analysis is to h…

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