An Analysis of the Characteristics of Shipping Industry

An Analysis of the Characteristics of Shipping Industry

Ocean shipping represents one of the major transportation modes when it comes to trade in the international arena, and it is responsible for about 6 billion tons of product shipped annually. The process of shipping requires a lot of capital investment and review of the daily income and the operating costs often run in thous…

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A Personal Curriculum Vitae for a Position in a Software Related Field

To obtain a challenging position in a software related field where I can demonstrate sound judgment and inventiveness on software issues and professional issues.

Talented systems analyst with extremely professional appearance. I have a proven system analysis experience, with exc…

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The Recommendations for Writing a Resume for a Job Application

Length. Good companies have thousands of resumes to review. Therefore, they spend 20-40 seconds in average on one resume. Usually, they never read the whole resume right away simply because they don’t have enough time for that. So, the bottom line is that your resume has got only seconds to capture the attention of the one…

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An Overview of the Concept of Job Satisfaction in Different Cultures

Job satisfaction can be defined as the contentment that comes with the performance of a certain task. It is impossible to quantify this term with reference to a particular individual. A number of factors spell if a person can really be contented in a particular task that he undertakes to carry out. This measure also differs…

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An Analysis of the Measure of Performance and the Financial Evaluation of a Company

Performance is said to be measured by the use of financial results and bargaining power, as well as, market position. The sales growth analysis reveals many important implications as concerns the shipping industry. The growth in sales can be used as a metric for financial evaluation indicating the company and the view of th…

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A Review of the Leadership Theory and the Qualities of Exemplary Leaders

This research paper presents a review of leadership theory and outlines the qualities of exemplary leaders. The research paper begins with interpretation of basic concepts focusing on the difference between the terms “management” and “leadership”. The next section presents a range of qualities and essential behavior element…

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An Argument Against the Pay for Performance Systems

The principles of pay performance do not hold in a normal work environment because the performance of most organizations depends squarely on teamwork. For this matter, the overall performance of an organization is equated to the aggregate of the individual performances within the organization. Considering that it will not b…

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An Analysis of Organizational Development Department

The organizational development department is usually responsible for organizational reviews, organizational designs, organizational changes, departments’ structures, business processes, company procedures development and maintenance, and policy development. The organizational development function is aimed at maximizing an o…

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Issuing of Gifts to Employees as One of the Most Successful Techniques of Keeping up the Morale and Focus of Employees in Organization

Issuing of gifts to employees is one of the most successful technique of keeping up the morale and focus of employees in an organization. It is a form of recognizing the efforts of the employees as well as a form of showing concern about the level of performance of employees in the organization. This should be done periodic…

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A Study on General Employee Behavior Factors in an Organization

The paper discusses the general behavior and the related factors that help to determine the underlying reasons as to why people behave in one way or the other. Organizations all over the world have employees. These are the people responsible for the running of these organizations and the success of the organizat…

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An Analysis of the Effects of Pay for Performance on Organizational Performance

In many organizations across the world, the final pay given to employees is commensurate to their levels of performance in their respective departments where they work. In this kind of a pay system, employees with outstanding performance are paid more while their counterparts who perform relatively low will get less pay. Al…

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An Analysis of the Culture of Rohden

The culture of Rohden is to introduce a policy of compliance by setting up rules, regulations, and codes relating to the guidelines and construction of ships and equipment to be carried on board from the angle of engineering. This turn around, however, does not do much for the accident statistics as they mostly occur due to…

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An Overview of the German Shipping Industry Marketing

The company CEO is Gerhard Rohden, and he commands 10 vessels, and this number is planned to be increased soon (Witt 2009). There is a crew and maintenance team available for every vessel’s needs as well as different technicians servicing different departments. These include the marketing, and customer service departments o…

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The Importance of Team Building and Efficient Teamwork for an Organization

This report will be focused on teambuilding and team work. For any group of people forming a group so as to meet certain goals, there has to be team work for easier and efficient performance. This is because team work has become the major marketing strategy for many organizations nowadays since many successful organizations…

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An Analysis of the Role of a Systems Administrator in an Organization

Systems Administration  |  Operations Management  |  Desktop Virtualization  |
Systems Installation & Maintenance  |  Data Security  |  Accounting Software Maintenance  |
.  Telecommunication Management  .  Management & User Support

Dedicated and result oriented individual who also o…

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A Resume of an Accomplished Executive with Experience in the Automotive Industry

Accomplished Executive with solid educational credentials and more than 10 years of experience in the automotive industry. Strong understanding of the market mechanisms, customer needs, and challenges in the dealership business. Managed one of the original groups of franchises that made up Dealer Specialties and hel…

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An Analysis of the Development of a Scholarly Practitioner

A scholarly practitioner is an individual who is specialized to provide particular services to an organization. According to Burgoyne (1994, p. 40) one might become a scholarly practitioner through various ways. For instance, one would become a scholarly practitioner through continuous learning from other people and emergin…

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An Analysis of the Management Systems of Rohden Ship Management Corporation

This paper focuses on Rohden Ship Management Corporation. When it comes to shipping, excellent management is critical for efficient and safe shipping operations and it consists of two elements. These are technical and crew management. Rohden Ship technical management ensures that the ships are maintained; thus, they run wit…

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An Analysis of the Development of a Company in China

Results-driven Operations Director in multiple manufacturing facilities spanning 20 years of successful management in the areas of operations and manufacturing. Strong business background with extensive knowledge and general manufacturing qualifications in strategic planning, projects management, quality s…

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A Company Report on Chipotle Mexican Grill, a Private Restaurant

Job title
The title of the job is “Restaurant crew member”. The job requires either part time or full time employee to join the restaurant crew members. Basically, the restaurant crew members fall in the category of food service
Job location
Generally, the job is located in 2501 Northwest Monroe Avenue in Corvallis. This lo…

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An Analysis of the Chemical Industry

Chemical engineers and engineering management graduates have great job opportunities in the chemical industry and management fields. The job is often well paying, rewarding and challenging. Compared to other professionals in this field and pure scientists, chemical engineers generally earn more. This makes me consider chemi…

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An Example of a Reference Letter for a Job Applicant

This is to furnish you with information regarding XXX as per your questions.
a)The Applicant’s Interpersonal Skills
XXX has a variety of positive character traits that enabled her work harmoniously with her colleagues during the internship. She has good communication skills and great listening abilities that facilitated smo…

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An Overview of the Responsibilities of a Career in the Dental Field

It is a well documented fact that everybody wants to thrive in life, and such success usually entails in ones chosen field of profession. The ability to attain that dream success will require one to understand the rules and regulation that govern the given profession. Every profession has code of conducts that guides every…

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An Analysis of the Influence of Professional Values on an Individual’s Career

Indeed, individual values and especially professional values can affect and influence career success. Ideally, all companies or corporations have their set of values that guide and steer business and employees. Some corporation prefer developing the careers of their employees form the time of recruitment while other prefer…

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A Resume of an Accomplished Professional with Experience in Aviation Management

Accomplished Professional with extensive experience and significant expertise in the field of aviation management providing professional training on different aspects of airport services, managing cargo/baggage operations and conducting internal audits.
AREAS OF EXPERTISE Corporate Training
Station Safety Plans
Internal A…

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