An Analysis of the Case Study “Keep Walking” Marketing Campaign of Johnnie Walker in 2009

An Analysis of the Case Study “Keep Walking” Marketing Campaign of Johnnie Walker in 2009

This case study analysis the “Keep Walking” marketing campaign launched in 2009 of Johnnie Walker for the Chinese market to explore how Johnnie Walker has adapted the marketing campaign to Chinese context by understanding: (1) Chinese Collectivistic Culture (2) Chinese fandom culture (3) Wealth images in Chinese campaigns….

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A Summary and an Evaluation of The 5 Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential, a Book by John Maxwell

Many books have been written in order to explain leaderships’ behaviors. Each writer has his/her own explanation way. One of those good collection books is “5 Levels of Leaderships” by John Maxwell (2011). In this book Maxwell has briefly explained the levels of leaderships he divide them for five levels. This paper covers…

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A Research Analysis on Holacracy Trying to Eliminate the Traditional Ways in Management

MA5: Research Analysis on Holacracy (Pronounced Ho-lah-cra-cee) A staple of the business world for the past hundreds of years has been its reliance on a hierarchal system of authority in which managers serve as the authority figures for groups of employees. This system has remained relatively unchanged until recently, when…

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A Discussion on the Shortage of Pumpkins in the Market

Pumpkin Shortage Commentary Thanksgiving is almost upon us which means that grocery stores are starting to stock all of the ingredients needed for a long day of feasting. However, once all the dust has settled and grocery stores are taking inventory they might be surprised to see that they have a lot more pie crusts remain…

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A Highlight of the Various Points of My Business Model to Promote Car Seat Products

Infant Car Seat Re-Design Introduction: Our team was assembled to redevelop a product and redesign it to be the next best thing. As a group, we collectively decided to enhance rear-facing car seats. We know how big of a problem car seats are for people. It may come across as a minor issue, but a lot of people are unawa…

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An Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction for Fans Attending Baseball Games at Yankee Stadium

Our project will evaluate the customer satisfaction for fans attending baseball games at Yankee Stadium. The New York Yankees have been an iconic figure for New York City since 1923. Many fans remain loyal to the team, whether they agree or disagree with actions taken by the front office for the New York Yankees. In this su…

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Building a Better Relationship with the Employees

Work-life Culures Many profitable companies such as, Google, In-n-Out, and Facebook, have been able to succeed in today’s demanding society by facilitating the way in which employees work. Employees of such companies are provided with healthy and positive work environments. For example, Google recognizes that employees oft…

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The Importance and Responsibilities of a Manager at Elado

As a customer, there are expectations of the type of service that should be offered at a business and there is little thought put into the work going on behind the scenes. As a manager, it is necessary to ensure that the employees have the necessary tools to offer the proper customer service and that the overall business’ o…

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A Profile Overview of Chipato Mexican Grill and It’s Fast Growth in the American Market

Chipotle Mexican Grill, the fastest growing company with over $826 million dollars in revenue with over 37,000 employees. A heavenly food experience involving burritos, tacos, quesadillas, burrito bowls, etc; with the choice of picking between chicken, steak, or pulled pork. Then get additional sides with everything, includ…

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The Roles and Responsibilities of a Leader in Creating a Positive Organizational Culture and Facilitating Meetings

Background paper on Org. Cultures, Facilitating Mtgs., and Leading Teams 1. As a leader the job is to effectively progress towards a common goal
efficiently and timely. In order to achieve the goal(s) set the leader must
understand various key points. A leader needs to understand how to: create
a positive organizational cu…

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A Profile Overview of the Painting Company, Mike’s Painting Company

The organization chosen is a painting company called “Mike’s Painting Company”. It is run by the sole proprietor, Mike. He has been running the company for two years now. The staff consists of him and two other painters. In the initial stages of business, Mike spent a substantial amount of money on advertising. However, his…

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The Importance of Analyzing Competition in Business Startups

Competitive Analysis<br /> [Name]<br /> [School]<br /> [Class]<br /> [Instructor]<br /> [Date] Competitive Analysis When opening a business one important factor to consider the<br /> competition. There are two different types of competitors a company needs<br /> to be aware of: direct and indirect. A competitive analysis should b…

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An Analysis of the Possibility of Predictive POS Use in Alliance to Determine Future Consumer Behavior

One major problem with Alliance’s current use of POS is that it is not predictive. The information from the case study reveals that the organization is using their POS system in order to analyze past sales. However, what they are failing to do is make predictions on future consumer behavior. The past can be a valuable tool…

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A Report on an Experiment to Determine the Concept of the Prisoner’s Dilemma in High School Soccer

The location of the following experiment and following assessment of participants was located in a high school soccer field in which some of the elite recreational soccer teams played in the summer of 2014. This experiment was an attempt to analyze the concept of the prisoner’s dilemma among certain soccer players. This t…

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An Analysis of the Starbucks’ Ad “Collapse into Cool”

Advertising is a special technique that lets someone sell a product or service through imagery. Although the image might look like a friendly advertisement, there could be a deeper message in an image. Advertising isn’t always what it may seem like at first glance as it could be ambiguous. The Starbucks ad “Collapse into Co…

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A Look at the Pioneering Flow Changes from Technical to Social in the Business World

The pioneering flow of changes—from technological to social–is a staple aspect tied to the constant reshaping of business. This positive trend of improvement and innovation is the driving force in creating new markets and jobs while removing and succeeding old ones. This statement is buttressed by the historic establishmen…

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A Look at Netflix’s Unorthodox, Yet Effective Management Style

Netflix’s Management Netflix’s unorthodox, yet effective management is distinguished by its high degree of freedom. The company places emphasis on its unique “talent management” system in which the company fosters its employees’ potential through a foundation of trust and high expectations. To provide an environment fre…

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The Poor Customer Service/Support of Atida

Because of Atida’s poor customer service/support, a lot of people have been complaining about it. For example, Jessica is a constant complainer about the horrible customer services Atida has: “After 30 minutes on hold… told me to contact dealership… they are telling me to take it up with customer service.” She is extrem…

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Preserving the Brand Quality or Selling It to the Masses

The de Sauveterres face the issue of whether to preserve the brand quality of their grapes/wine, or to increase the profits and market by selling to the masses a lower quality wine. Claire “wanted de Vallois to enter the affordable luxury market, selling directly to customers” while her uncle believed that the lowering of…

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The Problem of Shrinkage Faced by Coe’s in Puerto Rico

Stan of Coe’s wanted Coe’s to not settle down just in the U.S. markets, but perhaps move internationally. Carl is very hesitant due to a previous failed venture at Puerto Rico. In addition, Carl explains: “But why add the complication and risk of international expansion when it’s not necessary?” The problem faced in Puerto…

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An Analysis of Maple Grove’s Marketing Plan

The goal of marketing controls is to ensure that the strategies, tactics, and programs that will make the sales goals a reality in the near future. We have these marketing challenges to face: The creation of an innovative, upscale atmosphere that will entice more customers to come to Maple Grove, the establishment of Maple…

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A Comparison between the Stock Values of Two American Companies: Yahoo and Amazon

Analysis of Yahoo (YHOO) and Amazon (AMZN) Stocks Based on the data of Yahoo and Amazon, it can be seen that the returns of Amazon is a lot higher than Yahoo. The daily returns and moving averages both show the trend that Amazon is going up, while Yahoo is going down. The coefficient of variation tells us that Yahoo with…

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The Coca-Cola Company and the Soft Drink Industry

The Coca-Cola Company operates in the carbonated soft drink industry
that is highly competitive. The company was founded in the year 1883, and
it has become the world-leading manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of
nonalcoholic soft beverages and syrups producing over 500 brands of
beverages. The company is locally headq…

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An Analysis of Essential Business Level Strategies for Microsoft Corporation, an American Multinational Technology Company

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) operates in the technology sector and
Business Software and Service industry. The company was incorporated in the
year 1993 and has become the world number one in licensing, designing and
selling of software and hardware products and services, and offering online
advertising services to customer…

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A Study on the Impacts of Organizational Culture on the Values, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Group Decision Making, Individual Learning and Motivation

In the business environment, an organization is one of the key functional unit. As businesses start to establish themselves and grow, they tend to formulate a culture that will guide their general and specific operation. The main purpose of organizational culture is to improve cohesion and solidary as well as stimulation of…

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