An Analysis of Organisations Playing an Increasingly Important Role in a Modern Industrialized Society

An Analysis of Organisations Playing an Increasingly Important Role in a Modern Industrialized Society

Introduction Organisations play an increasingly important role in a modern industrialised society. Organisational Behaviour (OB for short) is a field of study, which is of interest to both practitioners, and researches of management. In the beginning stages of OB, the emphasis was on looking at each individual employee’s…

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An Analysis of the Database for Small and Medium-Size Businesses

Database Analysis Databases have become key in enabling businesses to efficiently manage their data assets and to effectively use information to better understand their businesses. This paper analyzes the database that is needed for small and medium-sized businesses to successfully implement and maintain database applica…

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A Discussion of the Issues Related to the Conceptions of the Pepsi-Cola Company

In todays society, it seems as though being thin is the only way to be. Stars keep giving society the impression that it is cool to get thinner and thinner. When Britney Spears’ first album came out, her image was that of the girl next door. Although Spears was thin then, she didnt flaunt it. As Spears became older, she bec…

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An Analysis of Online Recruiting as the Process of Attracting and Hiring Applicants For Positions Within an Organization Through Use of the Internet

On-line recruiting is the process of attracting and hiring applicants for positions within an organization through use of the internet. In this paper I will assess an on-line recruitment service, identify the advantages and disadvantages of this vehicle as a recruiting technique for an organization, evaluate the pros and co…

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Understanding Oligopoly in Market Structure

Oligopoly Oligopoly comes from the Greek word meaning few sellers. Big business is an example of oligopoly. It is a market dominated by few sellers. These are industries like steel, automobiles, oil, and breakfast cereals. Because there are few firms, each firm must consider how their policies are going to effect their…

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The Main Tools and Software Used in Office Automation

Abstract Office automation software is used to simplify each individual’s daily task and help in group collaboration. In many companies, office automation is a standard practice. There are software applications that are used by many companies in the same way. Businesses today realize that they will need to follow the stand…

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The Role and Significance of Organizational Development in a Company

Preface As we enter the twenty-first century, the environment in which organizations operate is increasingly turbulent, rocked by forces such as globalization and rapid technological change. Social and demographic forces have dramatically changed the make-up of today’s workforce, which is now the most educated and ethnic…

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What You Need to Start Own Business

It takes a lot of motivation and courage to start your own business. In the videos about Andy Grove (the founder of Intel), and Martha Williams (the founder of Style Master), they both came from nothing and worked their way up to the top. Through long hours, hard work, and a lot of dedication, each of them prevailed and is…

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A Case Analysis of Nucor Corporation

For the purposes of this case analysis of Nucor Corporation, the steel industry is composed of all steel making companies in the United States (US). Although the case study did not give much information on global steel competition, this group would also include foreign-owned steel companies operating in the US. It is import…

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Starting Up My Business: Club Nowhere

The area I am interested in relating to business is starting up my own business. As I thought about it I really want to own a nightclub. So I did some research on how you should start one, well I found out you need to make a business plan. A business plan is everything about ones business basically. You need to put a lot of…

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A Description of the Nokia Corporation as a Mobile Communication Company

Nokia. The Nokia Corporation is a mobile communications company primarily offering voice-centric mobile telephones, enhanced communicators, entertainment and gaming devices and media and imaging telephones. Recently Nokia reorganized its structure and now also includes four business groups as well. They are Mobile Phones…

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A Case Overview of Nike, Inc.

Case Overview Nike’s share price had declined significantly from the start of the year. Since 1997, Nike’s revenues had plateaued at around $9 billion, while net income had fallen from almost S800 million to $580 million. Nike’s market share in U.S. athletic shoes had fallen from 48 percent in 1997 to 42 percent in 2000. I…

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An Analysis of Business Information Systems II

Business Information Systems II NTT DoCoMo: Marketing i-mode Marc Hesse, Jan Upmeier, Philip Ebeling, Robert Vennemann Q1. Japan’s technological infrastructure: With its low internet penetration and already high mobile network coverage, Japan was an ideal place to implement a mobile internet service. NTT…

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The Features, Types and Main Components of Multi-User Operating System

An operating system is a set of software programs, which manage computer hardware in a controlled fashion. The operating system controls the file-system, process management, memory management and peripherals. Multi-user operating systems are used on large mainframe computers. A mainframe computer system has one very powerf…

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An Introduction to Mr. Bright, the Owner of a Chain of Convenience Stores Called Mr. Bs

Mr. Bright Mr. Bright, the owner of a chain of convenience stores called Mr. Bs, was a great follower of Jesus. He decided to take the What Would Jesus Do? pledge, in which he asked himself how Jesus would act every situation that he encountered. Even though he had good morals and was very Christ-like, he was forced to…

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An Analysis of the Topic of the Consumer Spreading Influences

Although consumer spending has been soft, which has significantly impacted operations in virtually every segment of the economy, the theater industry has been the exception. 2001 and 2002 were banner years at the movies characterized by box-office records and soaring attendance levels. Moviegoers drove the total box-office…

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An Analysis of the Company Background of Morgan Stanley and Co. Inc.

Company Background Dean, Guy and Jean Witter founded Dean Witter in 1924 on the fundamental principle of serving the financial needs of individual investors. Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated was established in 1935 by Henry Morgan, Harold Stanley and other associates to continue to serve the investment banking clie…

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An Analysis of Synopsis

Synopsis Microsoft Corporation is a worldwide company that creates and supplies several different software packages, maintains a number of Internet sites, and develops computer hardware. Microsoft is the largest supplier of computer software in the world, known by software bundles including the infamous operating system Wi…

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A Business Plan for the Bk Ale House and Brewery, an Atlantic Beach Based Pub and Microbrewery

Micro-Brewery Business Plan Business Plan Table of Contents Company Description Industry Analysis Products & Related Services The Target Market Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy Operations Management & Organization Long-Term Development & Exit Plan Financial Data…

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Understanding Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers or acquisitions have become a norm for companies aiming at growth. Various companies resort to mergers and acquisition, to form strategic alliances. In majority of cases, the underlying reason for these is to guarantee long-term sustained achievement of “fast profitable growth” for the business. In today’s…

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The Role and Importance of a Marketing Channel in a Company

A Marketing Channel can be defined as a “set of organizations involved in the process of making a product available for use or consumption by the end user” (McColl – Kennedy, Kiel, Lusch, 1994). The marketing channel overcomes the major time, place and possession gaps that separate goods and services from those wh…

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An Analysis of the Satisfaction of Customers Through Surveys at American Express

Measuring Customer Satisfaction at American Express American Express is a world wide travel related service company. American Express works with both consumers and business with their financial planning as well as offers numerous amounts of credit card products and travel assistance. They have many products and services t…

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An Analysis of Levi-Strauss Jeans and T-shirt

She wore Levi-Strauss jeans and a plain white T- shirt. It was the year 1978 when my mother was 18 years old, as I am now. She was a country girl, you might say and I am as prissy as one may get. She loved her horse named Pepsi like I love my car. She also loved the ranch like I love the mall. My mom and I grew up in differ…

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An Analysis of Mc Donald’s

1.0 Abstract Mc Donald’s, the number one fast food chain in the world with over 30,000 restaurants in over 120 countries reported in January 2003 its first quarterly loss of $343.8m in more than 40 years of business. This report aims to investigate the reasons behind Mc Donald’s poor performance by using marketing theor…

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The History of Hamburger University and Its Primary Goal of Training

Hamburger University is McDonald’s worldwide management training center located in Oak Brooks, Illinois. Designed exclusively to instruct personnel employed by McDonald’s Corporation or employed by McDonald’s Independent Franchisees in the various aspects of the business. All training programs begin with one essential ingre…

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