An Analysis of OD Interventions Used by Blue Chip Companies

An Analysis of OD Interventions Used by Blue Chip Companies

Since the late 1990s, organizational development has become an area of
extensive research as organizations attempt to secure their future using
competitive advantages (Rao, 2010). Companies during baby boomers and
Generation X used to compete depending on how resource endowed a business
was (Rao, 2010). However, the Y and Z…

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The Strategic Management of Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is a multinational company with its headquarters in Cupertino, California. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded the company on April 1, 1976 with an aim of developing and selling personal computers. On January 3, 1997, it was incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. but it was renamed Apple Inc. on January 9, 2007 (N…

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Anirban’s Evaluation of Coca Cola in Its Rise to Becoming a Multinational Company

Anirban, M. (2012). Coco Cola Case Study. Retrieved on October 30,
2015, from Anirban evaluates Coco Cola path in its rise to becoming a
multinational company. He notes that during the rise, the company faced
little or no competition due to its secret formula t…

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A SWOT Analysis of the Precision Castparts Corporation

Introduction Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC) is a global manufacturer of multifaceted products and metal components that serves varied aerospace and general industrial needs. PCC is focused on producing investment casting for power generation and aerospace customers. Filtration is a key requirement for any operation confi…

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A Discussion on the Importance of Motivation of Employees for Achieving the Objects of Profit and Growth

The most important goals for a company are bottom line profit and
growth. Motivation and happiness of the employees is an important
contributing factor in achieving these objectives. Numerous companies have
different ways of motivating their employees such as offering them lavish
benefits, lavish offices, as well as generou…

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The Marketing Plans of Apple Inc. for iPhone 7

Apple Inc. has outlined various action plans that will help in implementing its marketing plan for the iPhone 7. However, achieving these plans will rely on the budget set aside for each of the action plan. The marketing budget expense will be as follows. Marketing Expense Budget by year ———————————-…

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A Discussion on the Battle Between Amazon and Barnes & Noble and How It Determines the fate of Book Publishing

Introduction The rapid growth in technology has led to radical changes in many sectors of our economy. Most of the businesses who were slow in predicting what changes in technology meant for their future have had to accept the bitter taste of driven out of business. This rapid in technology has also not left the book publi…

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An Analysis of the Microeconomics Concepts Applied Towards Apple Inc.

Microeconomics Concepts Applied towards Apple Inc. Competitive Strategies Student’s Name Institution of Affiliation Microeconomics Concepts Applied towards Apple Inc. Competitive Strategies Apple Inc. is a multinational company o…

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A Discussion on the Goals and Strategies for Achieving the Highest Management Level in Procurement

Introduction Advancing to the highest management level in procurement constitutes my childhood vision. As such, I envision being in the frontline of effecting positive organizational change in my organization. In this regard, acquiring crucial characters imperative in structuring an organization effectively has been my end…

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An Evaluation of Mayo Clinic Value-Focused Position in Positioning Itself Against the Competition

Various companies adopt different strategies to be competitive in the
market. Mayo Clinic is a medical establishment that has been offering
medical services for the last 144 years. Through its dynasty, it has
created one of the most successful pharmaceutical brands in the United
States. According to Leonard and Kent (2007),…

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A Discussion on Some Characteristics of the Hispanics that Make Them an Attractive Market Segment of the United States

Question 1: Marketing segmentation entails grouping together customers with similar needs. Multiculturalism is redefining modern America. Consequently, culturally relevant marketing plans have become critical as population becomes more diverse. Consequently, Hispanics, due to their different customs and languages due to or…

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A Research for Marketing the Under-Sink Garbage Disposal in China

The under-sink garbage disposal will use electrical power and installed under the kitchen sink between the drain and the tap. It will function by shredding the food waste into small pieces that can pass through normal plumbing. Since the product is new in the Chinese market we are targeting, it will invoke certain behaviors…

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A Marketing Plan Proposal for Global Electronics Products, a Microcontroller Manufacturer

Global Electronics Products is a company founded in 1970 by John Adams
and his college partner William Hague. The pair was both electrical
engineering specializing in the area of microelectronics. Their passion for
understanding how these small circuits could perform numerous sophisticated
computations and instruction withi…

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A Discussion on the Need of Additional Marketing for the New Product of a Company

Question 1: Additional marketing beyond a website will be very necessary for the company’s new product. First, by using other marketing approaches such as flyers, social media, and television advertisement, the company will make more sales as more people will get to know about the product. As Chablo (2001) notes, only a sm…

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The Importance of Developing Goals and Analysis of Issues as Marketing Strategies of a Successful Organization

Developing SMART goals and analyzing issues that the marketing team
will encounter in the field invaluable in making the marketing plan succeed
(Barringer, 2012). According to Ferrell and Lowe (2013), marketing
objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-
bound. As such, they will help set a c…

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A Discussion on Choosing the Market Entry Mode While Venturing Into an International Market

Multinational enterprises (MNEs) have the crucial decision of choosing
the kind of market entry mode while venturing into an international market.
According to Canabal and White (2008), a market entry option is a planned
method that an organization desires to use in delivering goods and services
to a particular target marke…

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An Analysis of the Current State of Customer Service at Maritime Electronics and the Proposals for Its Improvements

Vision Maritime electronics customer service plan includes to offer excellent and excellent customer care. To ensure customers receive polite and respectful treatment. To uphold questions about the quality of our services. To ensure our good and products responds to our customers’ choice as well as their needs. To make cu…

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The Importance of Workforce Gender Diversity for the Improvement of the Overall Performance of an Organization

Maintaining workforce diversity is crucial to the success of any
organization as it equips the human resource department with a rich pool of
workers. Workforce diversity is the integration of employees from different
backgrounds, age, race and most importantly- gender. Having a proper
balance of women and men in your workfo…

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Understanding the Role of Poor Employee Relations in the Poor Performance of Workers in the United Kingdom

Productivity defines the rate at which goods and services are produced per unit of labor. Consequently, poor productivity means that the rate at which labor is producing goods and services is low. As such, the international community came up with International Comparisons of Productivity (ICP) that compares the rate of prod…

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Understanding the Importance and Role of Management and Leadership in Organizations

Introduction Management and leadership are two synonymous used in organizations but
always incorrectly. Management is an organizational role that aims at
planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling to achieve
organizational goals and objectives. According to Bolman (2014), management
values short-term…

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An Examination of the Product Sustainability for Top Shelf Shoes

The impact of human activity on the environment has been a growing concern in today’s world. As our industries cannot function independently of the environment we live in, the decisions we make with regard to environmental management is what will determine the future impact of our planet. Products can have negative impact o…

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An Evaluation of Personal Best Leadership, Personal Values, Assumptions, and Beliefs to Develop My Leadership Philosophy

Philosophy in most contexts means study of the ancestries, nature, as well as understanding regarding a particular domain. In leadership, most leaders have their leadership philosophy that states how they see themselves in respect to leadership context. My childhood desire has been to be in a position of leadership with a p…

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The Role and Importance of Internal Control in an Organization

According to Solomon (2007), internal control is the standardized
measures such as reviews, checks and balances, and methods and procedures
that an organization institutes with an aim of conducting business
effectively and efficiently. Internal controls have five primary roles in
roles in an organization such as controlling…

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An Analysis and Recommendation of Rewards System at Roycroft Industries

Introduction Roycroft industries specialize in making DVD cases for sale in the
international market. As such, the market is very dynamic due to currency
fluctuations in the international market. Moreover, the stiff competition
the company is experiencing from substituted products is stiff.
Consequently, the firm’s p…

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An Overview of the Import and Export of Goods in the United States

Goods that United States can Import Iron and Steel from China The demand for iron and steel has risen since United Sates recovered from the economic recession of 2008. Companies like general motors has returned to full production of cars while the construction industry is experiencing a boom in growth. Resultantly, the d…

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