An Analysis of Motivational Techniques in Achieving Higher Results in Terms of Production

An Analysis of Motivational Techniques in Achieving Higher Results in Terms of Production

This essay focuses on motivational techniques and various ways in which they can be manipulated to achieve higher results in terms of productions. It further proposes plans of communication, campaigns and reaching out to various stake holders (Seligman M. E. P., 1990).
Motivational techniques generally differ from one insti…

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An Introduction to the History of Modern Technology of Agriculture

Modern Technology of Agriculture plays a vital role in the development of Saudi Arabia, due to upgrading of the infrastructure and plans. Moreover, investment provides a huge market to manufacturer and suppliers. Lack of rain, global warming and limited local labor market are the major factors of the difficulties in Saudi A…

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An Introduction to the Importance of Mentoring Program and Its Analysis

Mentoring program is a process outlined by one person to another aimed to make significant transitions in knowledge, work and thinking (Anderson & Anderson, 2005). A mentor is someone whom another person looks up to for guidance and advice which helps in making important  decisions. The process that enables this importa…

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An Analysis of Terminating a Marketing Contract Due to Profit Margin’s Reducing Significantly

Last year, we enrolled a marketing company to market our products. We did this so as to reach a wide customer base that our company could not manage. For some time, we registered a substantial profit that saw our company become one of the most competitive in this business. However, early this year, the marketin…

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An Analysis of the Current Economic Situation in the Case of Kimberley Electrical Supplies Ltd

The case of Kimberley Electrical Supplies Ltd. is not unique to what many business organisations experience in the current economic situation. Contractual agreement in the workforce has become a necessity in managing business organisations. Nonetheless, as much as some managerial problems would be difficult to resolve, the…

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A Study of Dillard’s Inc.

Dillard’s, Inc. operates primarily in the Sunbelt and central United States, offering name-brand and private label merchandise for apparel. The retail store was founded by William Dillard in 1928 (Pasiuk, 2005). The first store was opened in Nashville, Ark, in 1928 shortly after graduating from business school. Throughout t…

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An Introduction to the Information and Related Systems in Business

Information and related systems are one of the most valuable assets in business. Just like any other asset, security measures need to be in place to prevent them from risks – “this is the likelihood that a firm’s information systems are protected against certain kinds of damage” (Welkie & Straub, 2004).   All organizati…

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An Analysis of the Topic of the Conspicuous Themes Among the Organizational Policies in Berth Israel, Mayo, and Georgetown

The conspicuous themes among the organizational policies used in Beth Israel, Mayo, and Georgetown include the concept encouraging proper application of technological applications, access/retrieval fundamentals of information resources, and the implementation of significant information privacy controls and security applicat…

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A Study of the IBM Company

IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) is American information Technology Company, founded on June 16, 1911 under the name the Computing Tabulating Recording Company. The company adopted its current name in 1924. The company employs approximately 427,000 people, serves clients in 170 countries, and has headquarte…

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An Examination of the Lifetime Fitness Indianapolis

Lifetime Fitness Indianapolis is an organization that is involved in health and fitness programs. Irrespective of what a client chooses, the organization can help an individual to get more out of it. The company is involved in offering physical fitness services like yoga, workout sessions for the family, and weight loss pro…

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An Introduction to the Comparison of Vertical and Horizontal Market Software

In order to distinguish between vertical and horizontal market software, it is essential to commence by establishing what a vertical and horizontal market entails. A horizontal market comprises one that meets a certain need for myriad industries while a vertical market is one that targeted to meet needs of a particular indu…

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An Introduction to the Company Honeywell

Honeywell is an outstanding conglomerate company that has been renowned for its production of a wide variety of engineering services, consumer products, and aerospace systems for a wide variety of consumers. The consumers range from private consumers to huge corporations and even governments. Unlike other companies, Honeywe…

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An Introduction to the Primary Market of

The primary market of consists of a very specific group of people who are most likely to buy from them and who are the easiest to reach. The easiest way to find the target market of is to research on the type of people who have purchased products on the website. To help identify and market to the primary tar…

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An Analysis of the Reasons of Some of Wal-Mart’s Suppliers Resistant To the Use of RFID

Why are some of Wal-Marts Suppliers Resistant to the use of RFID?
Due to globalization, supply chains can be very long and involve many partners located in different places. Lack of logistics infrastructure prevents goods from reaching destinations on time. Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are attached to or embed…

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A Study of the Huffman Trucking Firm

The role of information technology in business cannot be gainsaid. Many business firms have realized that technology is an enabling factor that promotes the attainment of business goals, and the Huffman Trucking Firm is not an exception. Business firms can realize better gains from utilization of IT tools such as networks,…

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An Analysis of the Product and Services Given By the Company

There’s no denying the fact that providing our products and services in a more efficient and effective manner in vital for this company. The quality of the service that we give to our clients will either enhance or degrade the loyalty that our customers have for our brand and business. In this regard, it is imperative that…

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An Introduction to the Arabian Gulf Cooperation Countires GCC

In a typical situation, various descriptive perspectives can be picked by various groups and explained with regards to the climate or atmosphere the situations create. Arabian Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) is a union that is created by various gulf nations like of Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabi…

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An Essay on the Profit Rise of Apple and the Growing Global Demand for Iphone

The essay presents a report on the article “Apple Profit Rises 94% on Growing Global Iphone Demand”. During the last quarter, Apple Inc. realized a tremendous increase in profit. In summary, the demand for the iPhone in countries like China grew, including the sales of the new version of the iPad. All these positive reports…

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An Overview of Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is a multinational Corporation based in the United State of America. The company focuses on consumer electronic products, such as the manufacture of personal computers (PC) and computer software, media players, mobile phones, computer hard wares, and accessories among others. The company was founded in April, 197…

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Technological Revolution and Apple Inc.

Technology has changed the way we live and carry on our daily lives today. Everywhere one looks there is an aspect of technology that is in use to assist people and make their work easier, to assist people get from one place t the other, for entertainment purposes and mainly for communication purposes. Many companies have t…

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An Analysis of Personnel Security in an Organisation

An organization is comprised of assets and human beings which require safeguarding and protection. Safeguarding and protection is laid in the hands of a personnel security specialist who handles liability risks and any threats in the workplace (Ortmeier, P. J., 20). Threats in an organization can extend from just mere theft…

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An Analysis of Darrell Hammond on His Display of High Degree of Intelligence in His Entrepreneurial Ventures

Darrell Hammond has displayed a high degree of intelligence in his entrepreneurial ventures. This is basically in regard to how he manages his business affairs. This is witnessed in the way he reasons and speaks in his television casts. Darrell also has a confident and determined personality. He exudes a lot of confidence a…

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An Analysis of Social Responsibility, According To the Article Business and Society By Thorne, Ferrell

Social responsibility, according to the article business and society by Thorne, Ferrell and Ferrell, incorporates the roles and obligation by which the management of an organization decisively takes actions that are paramount to the well being and interests of the organization and the larger society.  This 2011 article is f…

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A Description of the Analysis of Setting Goals That Lead to Achievement

The goal setting theory looks in to the need to set goals that leads to achievement. This include the direction in whatever we undertake, for us to have a sense of direction, we have to make an achievement we have to make goals that are clear, they can easily be understood and therefore one can come up with what is right to…

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An Introduction to the Social Responsibility an Aspect of Business Decision Making

Social responsibility is an aspect of business decision making that determines the direction of an organization.  The welfare of the organizati0on and the society is enhanced through its recognition to the larger society demands and interests while strategizing on the growth and sustainability of the business. The recogniti…

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