An Analysis of Implementing Employee Assistance Programs

An Analysis of Implementing Employee Assistance Programs

Implementing Employee Assistance Programs Introduction When the average employee hears the words “employee assistance programs”, he may immediately think of medical benefits. Another employee may think of Workers Compensation. Yet another may think of further training for possible advancement. Although all o…

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An Overview of the Online Banking Services

A new study reveals that consumers are a lot more bullish about online banking services than previously thought, and that banks need to rethink how they go about segmenting customers and defining their value propositions. Online banking could grow by as much as 50% during the next year, according to the study, Competing o…

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An Analysis of Malaysian Incorporated Company

1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A detailed analysis has been carried out on a Malaysian incorporated company: Elba Holdings Bhd. Basically they deal in the manufacturing and retailing of garments and they carry three brands: Elba, Edwin, and Adax. The analysis was done by using the following theories: The PEST analysis was studie…

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An Analysis of the Different Principles in the Essay Bromides for Public Managers by Gordon Chase

I have been employed in the public sector as a front-line staff worker for the past two and a half years under two different county Job and Family Services organizations. I have spent one year working with the Athens County Department and Job and Family Services (ACDJF), and one and a half years with the Fairfield County De…

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An Analysis of Advertising

Advertising relies on the consumers interperation of their product or corprate image, but sometimes that interpretation is altered due to the context in which they appear. In order to prove how context can alter the interpretation of an ad I have chosen two advertisement images to compare. One advertising was done for the G…

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A Description of the Business Cycles of U. S. A., Japan and the Euro Area

Assignment 1 Q1a) Compare and explain the business cycle for any three of the countries listed in table 1.1 (Overseas Economic Statistics) from 1993 to 2001. Calculate annual percentage changes and use graphs in your answer. The three countries that I have chosen for my research are as following: U.S.A, Japan, and the…

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The Importance of Ethical Management in Companies and the Case of the National Semiconductor

ETHICAL MANAGEMENT From a business perspective, working under government contracts can be a very lucrative proposition. In general, a stream of orders keep coming in, revenue increases and the company grows in the aggregate. The obvious downfalls to working in this manner are both higher quality expected as well as the…

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Advantages of E-Commerce and the Example of Amazon

E-Commerce or Electronic commerce, has developed very rapidly in the last few years. Most people think e-commerce is just about buying and selling things over the Internet (Wareham, 2000). E-commerce is a broad term describing the electronic exchange of business data between two or more organizations’ computers. Some exampl…

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An Overview of E-Business: Technical Side, Security and Opinions

Introduction: As the internet grows in popularity every day, so too does electronic commerce. Electronic commerce, simply put, is the exchange of money for goods and services via electronic means. In other words, electronic commerce is usually when you purchase something off of the internet. Electronic commerce is often re…

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An Analysis of Three Selected Websites from an E-Business Model Design

Assessment Task 3 – eBusiness Model Design Noteworthy quotations in context of assignment: “The greatest challenge in e-business is linking emerging technology to a company’s new business design” (Kalakota & Robinson 2001) “In the future all companies will be internet companies or no companies…

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Implementation of E-Commerece, E-Business and E-Learning in a Company

Objective of the case study: The aim of our case study is to analyze and assess Xxxxxxx as a Microsoft CETC Training center to implement yyyyy’s expertise in e-commerce, e-business and e-learning. Providing Xxxxxxxwith these solutions will enhance its teaching capabilities especially with its expansion in different locat…

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An Introduction to Dunkin’ Donuts Campaign Longest Love Message to Moms

For a company to succeed in business, it must utilize effective marketing of its goods, services or ideas. Dunkin’ Donuts began its “Longest Love Message to Moms” campaign in Thailand during the summer of 1999. Before the campaign, Dunkin’ Donuts was already a market leader in Thailand with a 67 percent share of t…

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Drug Use and Its Effects on Businesses

Drugs And Their Effects On Business Drugs are used heavily for recreational purposes. It is becoming more common for addicts to get high at work. Stoned workers are inefficient and are costing companies millions in accidents and lost productivity. Searches to catch users have raised questions of the right to privacy. The…

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A Business Analysis of the Dow Chemicals Company

“Dow Chemicals” BA 361 ESSAY PAPER Topic: “Dow Chemicals” Student: Mr. Russ Savage Professor: Mr. Omar Malik Date: 22 May 2000 I decided to construct my essay on Dow Chemicals (DC) Company after reading an article in Business Week. Dow Chemical appears to be developing an aggressive market strategy that…

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A Summary of Douglas M. McGregor’s Theory on Management and Motivation

Douglas M. McGregor Mr. McGregor theorizes that management views an employees motivation toward work in two distinct waysTheory X and Theory Y. Theory X managers believe the following: (1) The average worker naturally does not like work and will avoid it whenever possible. (2) Managers must always control, motivate, and d…

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A Review of Donald J. Trump Road to Fortune

DONALD J. TRUMP The Start-up Financing of What Became Real Estate Empire Charles Creek Entrepreneurial Finance Fall 2000 Donald Trumps road to fortune began the old fashion wayhe inherited it. Unlike the million dollar overnight IPO successes of innovative mega moguls entrepreneurs in the curr…

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The Viability of Doing Business in Egypt

Doing Business in Egypt Egypt is a country rich in culture, with a trained and educated workforce. The government is receptive to investors and understands foreign investors’ specific needs. Its policies have streamlined regulations and broadened access to a large and sophisticated consumer market. Egypt today can be a via…

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An Examination of the Changes in the Development of Human Resource Management

Abstract: In this topic, we are going to examine the changes that the continuing development of human resource management has brought about in the organisation with the emergence of trade unions in comparison to the effect from industrial relations. The unitarist approach of the human resource management and the pluralist…

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A View of the Subject of Globalisation

To say that the subject of globalisation is contentious is somewhat of an understatement. The topic is debated at all levels of study, from global culture to economic integration and at all levels there are conflicting views. Such conflicts concern whether or not there are truly globalising forces or whether it is merely a…

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Marketers and the Importance of Price and Service

Price is a “language” to customers. If a marketer does not pay attention to the price structure that the market prefers, he may be unable to achieve his company goal, which is gaining profit. Why service pricing is so important to marketers? It is significant because service does more than just provide a means to…

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An Analysis of the Business World Today

Today’s business world is certainly full of honest and dishonest corporate executives, managers and owners. Recently, a lot of media attention has been given to the dishonest acts of corporate executives working for some very large American corporations such as Enron Corp. and WorldCom Inc., to name a couple. This has certa…

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A Discussion on the Objectives of a Firm

The objectives of the firm can be viewed as the motives of the entrepreneur/s who own and run the firm. There a number of goals that firm can pursue in its day to day operations – it may try to maximise profits, sales or growth, meeting shareholder expectations, or increasing market share. Maximising profits – making the…

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An Overview of the Marketing Environment

The Marketing Environment consists of a complex set of interacting forces and influences outside the marketing department of an organization. The Marketing Environment affects the organization’s ability to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with its target customers. Through continuous monitoring its Marke…

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A Discussion on the Equality of Employment Opportunity in the Workplace

Equal Employment Opportunity In the Workplace These days in every workplace in Australia employees have many rights One of these is the right not to be discriminated against. There are many forms of discrimination and they apply to different sorts of people and circumstances. Whether it be racial, sexual, cultural, age o…

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The Importance of Preparing a Disaster Recovery Plans for Buildings

Before September 11th disaster recovery seemed to be something that was never strongly thought about. On that day the World Trade Centers recovery plan was put to the test. The damage done to the towers was tremendous, and the people involved risked their own lives trying to save others. The city was put to the test on Febr…

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