An Analysis of Google’s Corporate Strategy

An Analysis of Google’s Corporate Strategy

Google’s corporate strategy is the broadest and is usually developed with the organization overall mission in mind. Pride & Ferrell indicated that ‘corporate strategy determines the means for using resources in the functional areas of marketing, production, finance, research and development, and human resources to reach…

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An Analysis of Good to Great

In Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t, Jim Collins tries to answer the question, “Can a good company become a great company and, if so, how?” (5). Trying to answer this question Collins and his team carried out a research which involved comparing eleven good-to-great companies for example, Abbo…

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An Analysis of Globalization Vis

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Globalization Vis a Vis global cultural diversityThe topic addressed in this paper is globalization in relation to global cu…

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A Description of Globalization as an Extension of Age-Old Markets Beyond Ones National Boundaries

Globalization is the extension of age-old markets beyond one’s national boundaries. It sometimes results in the geographical mobility of labour and technology across international borders. Most often an individual’s life can be transformed by global forces and one’s connections can be expanded around the world, their lives…

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The Immediate and Biggest Benefit of Globalization

There   has been steady rise in global trade where individual economies are integrated into world markets to ensure free trade among several countries. The global trade involves trading in imports and exports among several world economies. There are those economies which are leading in their exports and are termed to be glo…

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An Analysis of the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis Which Began in 2008

It is unfortunate that the world has not fully healed from the impact of the global financial crisis, which began in 2008. Firstly, this is evident by the significant drop in Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and major withdrawals from planned by various companies across the globe. For instance, the Western Europe companies ra…

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An Analysis of the Global Business in an Organisation That Functions in Both the Home Country and in One or More Host States

A global business is an organization that functions in both the home country and in one or more host states. The increase of business dealings of an organization across global borders normally causes it to face more risks than an organization that only performs business within its home country. Cultural risk is the most com…

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An Analysis of the Problems of Corporate Environmental Management on Global Scale

In this essay, we will look at the ‘problem’ of corporate environmental management on a global scale. This issue has garnered the attention of academics and management consultants alike, and it is part and parcel of the public debate over globalisation. We are going to look at an instance of corporate failure of British Pet…

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An Analysis of the Customers of Canon Inc and Electronics Company That Was Founded in 1938 in Japan

Canon Inc. is an electronics company that was founded in 1938 in Japan. Today, the company makes computer peripherals such as printers, scanners and fax machines in addition to its original camera business. Its industrial segment produces different products that are meant for diverse applications such as television broadcas…

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An Introduction to the General Motors Company

General Motors are normally known as GM is multinational automotive corporation, which is headquartered in Michigan. It is the largest company in terms of automotive vehicle unit sales. The company employs over 200000 employees and operates in around 157 countries in the world. Its process is operated in 31 countries and ha…

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General Motors and Chrysler Receives Aid from Government to Survive Recession

chat.onload(function(chats, online) { var link = $(“content1_chat_id”); link.onclick = function(e) { chat.open_random(0); return false; } }); chat.onupdate(function(chats, online) {}); In December 2008, General Motors Corp and Chrysler LLC received $13.4 billion federal rescue package that was aimed at buyi…

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An Analysis of the Activities Carried Out By Each Contractor

The activities carried out by each contractor can be broken down into smaller activities. The first contractor who is those who prepares the site for construction performs the following tasks.  The first undertaking is to clear the ground i.e.  They remove rocks, trees and debris that may be on the site of the planned house…

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The Screening Process Before a Foreign Investment Is Made

This paper looks at foreign investment regulations and policies. It outlines the screening process before a good foreign investment is made. It lists and discusses the foreign investment regulations. The important issues that concern management when screening potential markets and locations, as well as what is need…

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An Analysis of the Restricted Entry of Foreign Banks in the the Banking Industry

There is restricted entry of foreign banks to the banking industry and these restrictions are meant for the better of the host countries. Foreign banks have greatly raised their presence in the emerging market countries during last years (Detragiache et. al., 2004). I would not recommend the removal of the restrictions to e…

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The Driving Force Behind Ford’s Business Initiative

Ford is a business in the automobile industry. The company operates in more than 200 markets across the six continents in the world and t is the third largest automobile company in the world. Due to its diversity, customer relation and satisfaction is the key factor in the realization of its strategic goals and objectives (…

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The Significance of Leadership in the Performance of an Organization

Leadership plays and will continue to play an integral role on the performance of any organization. For instance, good leaders enable improvement of the organization’s performance, while a bad leader may subject an organization to deterioration and eventual collapse. No wonder some companies have been seen changing leaders…

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An Analysis of International Marketing For Both Micro and Macro Dimension

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International marketing has both a micro and macro dimension, so an international marketing organization has to pay attentio…

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A Discussion on Underpinning Reasons for Co-Creating Value

This research paper outlines the underpinning reason of co-creating value by analyzing the service logic. Ten foundational premises that explain the service dominance logic dismally give a deeper thoughtful view of value creation and co-creation via an understandingly theoretical framework. Deep analysis of the interaction…

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An Analysis of Internationalization as One of the Most Significant Approaches in a Company’s Firm

By and large, a firm enters into mergers and acquisitions with another company which operates in a similar/connected line of business instead of diversifying it and entering into a business in which the firm lacks enough experience. A company that enters into a merger with a diversified firm has the opportunity of exploitin…

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The Effects of Motivation on the Performance of an Employee

Organizational behavior focuses on motivation of employees to increase productivity. Throughout years, one of the basic problems in the system of organizational behavior studies was the need to define motivation in objective terms and to apply this definition in practice. It would be fair to say that the definition of motiv…

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The Underlying Objective of Consolidated Financial Statements

The Underlying Objective of Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated financial statements refer to the combined financial statements of a group of companies. It shows the financial position of a group of companies as one entity. Consolidation is the process of combining and presenting the individual accounts of a pare…

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An Analysis of the Financial Ratios Calculation in The Company Informa Plc

Financial ratios calculation is habitually employed under the umbrella of fiscal analysis. There are several categories of financial ratios. These include: solvency ratios, profitability ratios, stability ratios and liquidity ratios (Leopard and Bernstein, 1999). When investors and analysts examine the financial strength of…

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An Analysis of the Financial and Business Performance Information on the Profit of a Company

The profit of the company is the most important performance indicator and the source of its vitality under the conditions of market economy, and it is the basis for economic development. Profit growth creates a financial framework for the implementation of company’s expanded reproduction and meets social and ma…

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A Comparison of the Financial Analysis of the Two Companies Chico and GAP

This report focuses on financial analysis of Chico and offers a comparison of two companies, Chico and GAP. The companies are in the apparel industry and offer clothing, accessories and personal care products to their clients. Chico was established in 1983 as a small store in Florida and currently, the store has grown in a…

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An Analysis of the Corporate Performance Analysis of Blacksea Plc During the Financial Period

This report involves the completed corporate performance analysis of Blacksea Plc during the financial period of the financial years 2009 and 2010. This will include analyzing the financial statements, specifically the income statement and the balance sheet. This report analysis consists of the financial ratio analysis of B…

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