An Analysis of Case Studies and the Application of the Theory of Care Ethics

An Analysis of Case Studies and the Application of the Theory of Care Ethics

Ethics of care is a theory in which humans look upon the needs of one another and respond accordingly based on the good or harm that might result. It is said that care starts at home and extends to other situations as one develops their ability to care. For example, more often than not, humans are taught to care about their…

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An Analysis of the Sigma Quality Level of Horizon Health Services

Introduction Horizon Health Services has asked our firm to take an inside look into the quality of their services. Their primary service includes processing health insurance claims for clients that vary from small to medium size in the United States. Over the past few months, they have noticed that the error rate on their…

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A Case Study on the New Product of Claybrook Dynamics

Introduction Claybrook Dynamics is in the process of producing a new product and they wanted to make sure that the oven they were using was capable of doing so within certain specifications. Based on the samples taken by the production manager’s assistant, Mr. Castro, a conclusion was made and the process was deemed not ca…

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The Importance of Implementing Ethical Guidelines in Counseling Professions

The Importance of Ethical Guidelines in Counseling Professions Without the presence of cohesive, honest ethical guidelines, counselor/patient relationships would be precariously unreliable. Moral guidelines have been in place for a very long time, with a great degree of variance, but they have always been the best effort…

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The Importance of Maintaining Civility in the Workplace

Civility has been a prominent topic in workplaces all around the world. Employers and employees strive for a more positive and healthier work environment and civility has become the face for it. To accomplish civility in the workplace, and employer or employee must understanding what civility is, why it is important in the…

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A Company Analysis of Teavana

Tea is a beverage that has been enjoyed by the world for centuries. With coffee being faster to prepare and often more caffeinated Americans are gravitating towards a cup of coffee as their default beverage. Teavana, as a corporation, has taken the lead in the American economy to re-introduce loose leaf tea into the lives o…

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A Study on the Relation of Business Outsourcing to Government and Economic Systems

Outsourcing as it Relates to Our Government and Economic Systems In American business it has become a common practice to transfer certain operations of a company to another organization. Sometimes these operations can be as small as an office cleaner or as broad as an entire customer service department. The technical term,…

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The Importance of Ladder Safety and Safe Working Environment for Workers

Abstract The objective of this paper is to discuss ladder safety and its
importance to the employees working with ladders. Ladders are necessary
tools which are used widely to access low-risk heights. It is for these
reasons that ladders may pose dangers of accidents that could lead to
injuries that sometimes leads t…

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The Importance of Making Slow and Secured Steps

Management through chaos is a vital point of maintaining a company’s profits and stability. A company cannot put their profit before customers, and before their growth. The article is about a research project that took 11 years to complete. It studied many different companies through the years and how certain companies made…

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An Analysis of the Importance of Efficacy and Resiliency in Leadership

In the textbook Exploring Leadership, by authors Susan R. Komives, Nance Lucas and Timothy R. McMahon, and the textbook Salsa, Soul, and Spirit, by Juana Bordas, the writers identify the roles of efficacy and resiliency in leadership. The importance of efficacy and resiliency in leadership can be seen through leadership the…

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The Controversy That Fueled the Converse All Star

Converse of Controversy The Converse All Star has played an enormous part in the development of a unified, global style. However, the All Star’s path to global recognition has never been uninhibited. The criticism the shoes have faced has fueled their popularity as Converse sneakers are consumed in mass by rebellious upcom…

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Should ExxonMobil Build the Oil Pipeline From Chad, Through Cameroon, to an Offshore Facility for Shopping Globally

There are many issues and variables surrounding the decision of whether or not ExxonMobil should built the oil pipeline from Chad, through Cameroon, to an offshore facility for shipping globally. Through the limited amount of information acquired from the article, and using the stakeholder theory, I believe that ExxonMobil…

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Solving the Information Flows, the Ordering Process, and the Inventory Management Problems in the European Soft Drink Sipps Company

The Sweetest Sound I Ever Sipped A systems solution is needed for the European soft drink Sipps in order to fix the problems involving the information flows, the ordering process, and the inventory management. One of the main problems that indicates a need for a systems solution is their forecasting methods for inventory…

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A Biography of Sir Richard Branson, the Founder of the Virgin Group

Sir Richard Branson: Founder of the Virgin Group Born in 1950 in BlackHeath, London, Sir Richard Branson struggled in school with his dyslexia and poor academic skills. He first attended Scaitcliffe School in the United Kingdom until age 13, where he transferred to Stowe School because of his poor grades. While he had poor…

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Steve Jobs as an Example of a Great Leader

Let Them Do As They Please Honestly when I think of leaders/leadership I could not come up with a normal person. Well normal in the sense that they are not dictators or people like Hitler or Stalin. So I had to delve into the internet to find some better leaders. The man I found was one of the greatest minds of his time an…

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The Four Most Important Roles of a Leader in an Organization

Diagnose Situation This for me is pretty self-explanatory, as a leader one needs to be able to read and react to anything in an appropriate manner and diagnosing the situation surely is a key step. So diagnosing the situation to me means that one needs to take a step back, see what is going on with whomever or whatever is…

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An Analysis of the KLC Competencies of Leadership

After a semester of practicing leadership, I have learned a lot about how to practice being a leader and how it really boils down to four major areas. Those of course are the KLC competencies, manage self, diagnose situation, intervene skillfully, and energize others. I have learned what the book says they mean, yet that do…

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The Ethical and Practical Issues Related to the Rise of Multinational Corporations

Part I: Introduction The rise of multinational corporations (MNCs) is synonymous with increased globalisation and economic development and it raises some important ethical and practical issues. As is often the case with matters of globalisation, these issues are usually the by-products of or pertain to human rights, econom…

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State Street Stuff, a Mom and Pop Shop

Your eclectic,whimsical, funny and awesome stuff headquarters! Guaranteed Giggles! Your Destinatination for FUN!” This is what was written on the business card I was handed as I was walking out of State Street Stuff in downtown St. Joe. The writing on the business card lives up to it’s word, as for when you walk into the s…

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Predicting the Outcome of the Rivalry between Alibaba and, Two Giants in the Online Market

Originating in China and leading the charge in Asian e-commerce, Alibaba is beginning to rival the titanlike and threatens its position in the U.S. online market. While both companies are similar in the sense that they allow customers from all over the world to buy all manner of goods from the comfort of their ow…

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Enron and Ethics in Business

A couple of months ago the cover of Business Insider read Volkswagen’s Scandal is “Worse Than Enron”. Fifteen years after the Houston based company ceased operations, its unbelievable practice of unethical fundamentalism continues to hold its place in history books and even made its return in the media. Former COO Jeffrey…

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The Importance of Small Businesses in the Economy of Maine

Small Businesses in Maine Small businesses in Maine provide necessary services to those that live in the state as well as those that visit for a short time. Maine’s small businesses are what fortify Maine’s economy and show a strong work ethic for Maine by those that are employed in this job sector. These small business…

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The Obsession of Corporate America in Fascism and Adolf Hitler Fueled the War

Corporate America became all too encompassing in fascism and Adolph Hitler in the 1930s and early 1940s. Corporations took advantage of Adolph Hitler’s rearmament drive to make massive profits even if it meant fueling the Axis war machine or employing slave labor abroad. Popular front activists like Carey McWilliams took a…

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The Multifaceted Issue of the Bankruptcy of the RadioShack Company

The Extinction of RadioShack While it was once an iconic company, and a cornerstone of the electronics market, RadioShack today is mentioned almost exclusively when discussing irrelevant or failing businesses. Though the bankruptcy of RadioShack is a multifaceted issue, one principle cause of their downfall was the…

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The Importance of Effective Leadership in the Workplace and in Everyday Life

Leadership in Daily Life Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” Though a short quote, Dr. King’s words of wisdom serve to remind all humans of their daily obligation to serve others. In many ways, this mindset which revolves around serva…

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