An Analysis of Arthur Andersen’s, Use of Unethical Accounting Practices in the Enron Scandal

The Factors Affecting Employee Motivation

Employee motivation can sometimes be a hard thing to measure because people respond to stimuli differently. Most theorists believe that employee motivation involves many factors, such as interpersonal relationships, organizational effects, and the work itself. These factors do not include other things that may be just as im…

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An Analysis of Arthur Andersen’s, Use of Unethical Accounting Practices in the Enron Scandal

A few weeks ago, I was watching the evening news with a friend of mine. A breaking story came on announcing Arthur Andersons use of unethical accounting practices in the Enron scandal. I asked Shannon if she knew anything about the firms involvement, and she said in disbelief that she had not. The interesting fact here is t…

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An Introduction to the History of Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts first obtained fame through their wonderful tasting donuts. Today Dunkin Donuts has about forty-nine different kinds of donuts to choose from. The come in flavors like Apple ‘N’ Spice, clair and frosted donuts. As time progressed Dunkin Donuts not only included donuts on their list of treats but other products…

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An Introduction to the Effectiveness of Background Checks and Drug

The Effectiveness of Background Checks and Drug, Personality, Integrity, and Aptitude Testing in Human Resource Staffing It happens to the best employers: illegal activity in your workplace, drugs, a sudden amount of thefts, a worker threatening violence, or some other kind of misconduct. The question is, What types of pre…

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A Review of Performance Problem by Human Resource Management in AT & T

SECTION 1: PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION AND ANALYSIS We will take AT &T as an example. In 1992, AT &T downsized to remain competitive in the global market. They released 18,000 human operators and replaced them with automated machines.2 The performance problem by human resource management is simply poor planning. Manage…

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An Analysis of International Concerns, Transnational Corporations and Their Policies

  1. International Concerns, Transnational Corporations and their policies The first chapter deals mostly with the definition and pecularities of the so-called Common Market, formed from countries of European Union. The Common Market encloses European Union of Coal and Steel, European Economic Union and European Nuclear Ener…

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A Business Analysis of Dell’s Competition, Value-Added Worth, and Innovation and Architecture Leadership

Industry competitors by product: Gateway, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM are Dells top competitors. Dell sells directly to consumers via the Internet and telephone. Dell’s product is build to order computers including desktops, workstations, network servers, and laptops. Dell offers a wide range of optional peripherals su…

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An Analysis of the Potentially Profitable Use of Hypertext Hidden in Plain Sight

A potentially profitable use of hypertext is hidden in plain sight. But the hard fact remainshypertext, or to be more specific, hyperfiction, is still not considered “mainstream.” The fact that Babylon 5, ostensibly, turned a profit on what was virtually a hypertext work, begs the questionwhy hasn’t the hypertext…

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An Analysis of Decision Making Process in Organizations

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the decision -making process that was involved in appointment of company president, in the company where I personally worked. Mr.Zutshi, the company president faced a very critical decision making situation while appointing new successor for the company, after his retirement. A Chief…

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The Effects of Motivation on Different Leadership Styles

Decision Making & Motivation Effective leadership is the process of motivating others to meet specific objectives and to be in the situation of making significant decisions. Here, I will discuss how motivation affects leadership styles and also how imperative the decision-making process is on the leader. Personal…

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An Introduction to the History of the Daewoo Group

Daewoo group started as a small textile company and in just 20 years developed into second largest Korean chaebol ( family owned conglomerate). It had over 250000 employers worldwide, over 30 domestic companies and 300 overseas subsidiaries, generating sales of more than 100 billion dollars annually. However, in 1999 it…

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An Argument in Favor of Customer Care in Business Organizations

Following the article in the Standard Newspaper dated 8/07/1998 on Customer Care Improvement by Robert L Fousler (MD) Consultant s for Effective Training, I am in total agreement with him concerning the points that he has put forth concerning Customer Care within business organizations. Customer Care is an important point…

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An Evaluation of Skytel Communication’s Management Style

Currently the management style at Skytel Communications is not too effective. The leader framework should involve a focus on both people and task, and the degree of focus should be based on a given situation. Today the dominant point of view is that effective leadership is situational depending on the environment, with focu…

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A Description of Managers Having a Critical Role To Play in These Uncertain Times

Managers have a critical role to play in these uncertain times. Just as the United States is forming a strategy to combat terrorism, managers need a strategy for helping their companies get through the current crisis. I offer the following 10 steps which is organized under the acronym TAKE CHARGE for managing, motivating an…

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The Recommendations for the Success of a Creative Manager

Creative Management gives creative ideas of how a manger should present himself/herself and how to approach different situations. How can we transform our present methods of production, under which we become slaves to machines, and regulations for the temporary increase in productivity, into one in which we are the masters…

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An Introduction to the History of Corporate Welfare

Corporate welfare has increasingly become a fixture in the American budget and political wars. For the purposes of this essay, corporate welfare is defined as any tax reductions or outright subsidies (including noncompetitive bidding on contracts) which are granted to profitable corporations which would show a profit with…

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An Analysis of the Shared Values and Their Meanings in Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the shared values and meanings that members hold in common and that are practiced by an organizations leaders. Organizational and corporate cultures are formal and informal. They can be studied by observation, by listening and interacting with people in the culture, and by reading what the company says…

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An Introduction to the Importance of Control in Management

Control is the fourth major function of the approach to management. Control is defined as any process that directs the activities of individuals toward the achievement of organizational goals. Control is essential to keeping the organization together, through means of regulation. Simply stated control systems are used to mi…

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An Introduction to the Analysis of a Leadership Style

In addressing this issue, I believe that the leadership style that best fits this situation is GII. With this method, you as a manager share the problem with you subordinates. You ask their input on the situation and attempt to reach an agreement about a way to solve the problem. As the manager in this situation, I feel i…

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An Analysis of the Marketing, Advertising and Promotion Techniques in Today’s Companies

Consumers have so many choices to make compared to ten or even twenty years ago. Today as always, business growth depends heavily on loyal customers who return because they are satisfied with the product and/or service they have received. But first companies have to bring consumers into the stores. The companies bring consu…

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An Introduction to the Comparison of Hewlett-Packard Company and Compaq Computer Corporation

On September 4, 2001, Hewlett-Packard Company and Compaq Computer Corporation announced a definitive merger agreement to create an $87 billion global technology leader. The new HP will offer the industry’s most complete set of IT products and services for both businesses and consumers, with a commitment to serving customers…

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A Description of the Importance of Strategic Communication With Customers Recognized At Mt Volcano

At Mt Volcano, the importance of strategic communication with customers is recognised. There is an understanding that developing marketing plans and communication plans for external use will increase this companies income, improve public relations, and assist in efficiently using client information to improve Mt Volcanos pr…

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An Introduction to the Importance of Communication in Business

Once viewed as two separate disciplines, business and communication, have now meshed together to produce a hybrid business environment in which the everyday functions of business are intimately tied to communication (Pincus, 1997). Communication in the business world is imperative for success. This holds true for interperso…

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An Analysis of the Coca-Cola Company in the World’s Leading Manufacturers of Beverages

Coca-Cola Coca-Cola is the worlds leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups, used to produce more than 230 brands. Coca-Cola follows a decentralized business model. The company applies the Think local, act local strategy to all aspects of its business. It employ…

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An Introduction to the History of the Cisco Systems Inc.

Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Cisco’s Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions are the foundation of the Internet and most corporate, education, and government networks around the world. Cisco is famous for its routers and switches that link networks and power the Inter…

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