An Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint-Stock Companies

An Analysis of the Concept of Marketing

There are various definitions that are used in trying to understand the concept of marketing. Marketing is a process in nature that tries to create the customers value through the most appropriate way.  There are several points that are made by definition of marketing that include; marketing as an objective of customers val…

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An Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint-Stock Companies

Functioning of joint-stock companies has difficult enough system and in the different countries this system differs in connection with the local legislation a little. Here functioning is described and some requirements are led to joint-stock companies.
The joint-stock company is the organization created under t…

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Nokia Releases Statement for the Bochum Plant Closure

There were a number of flaws in Nokia’s approach to announcing and handling its Bochum plant closure. As much as Nokia experienced increased cost of production, which the top management claims to be highly uncompetitive in the international arena, its plan of relocation to Romania was not maintained with a proper PR campaig…

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An Analysis of the Temporary Employment Field of Work

The readings are related in that they all show why there are no more good jobs in America. The average Americans are being exploited in business deals. Most of their projects are being shifted to other countries oversees leading to massive lay off. In 2011, most of the people lost their employment and they shifted and reloc…

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An Analysis of Technological Advances and Automated Devices in the Automobile Industry

Industrial processes have continued to be automated as technological advances keep on being introduced. Automated processes are used in the automotive industry all the time. Cantner and Malerba in their study “Innovation, industrial dynamics and structural transformation: Schumpeterian legacies” examine the evolution of ind…

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An Analysis of InBev Company Which is a Subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch

InBev Company which is a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev underwent a major organization change on 13th July 2008. The company acquired Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc for an estimated total of $52 Billion which led to the formation of Anheuser-Busch InBev in the United States of America. The company has its operations in o…

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An Analysis of Financial Ratios in Measuring the Effectiveness of a Firm’s Operations

Financial ratios are the mathematical expressions in terms of ratios that are used to measure the effectiveness of the firms operations. These are the calculations that are derived from the company’s information regarding the financial statements. The historical trends and the level of the ratios are used as inferences to t…

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The past and Present of the Import and Trade Industry

Modern world import and export has become so politicized it is now almost a game of power play. It is like an expression of superiority whereby developed countries compete against each other for market from developing countries. At times, a developing country that turns to another developed country at the expense of another…

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An Analysis of Human Resources Management Practices and Procedures in Smith Systems Consulting Organization

Organizations today recognize the importance of their employees in providing their competitive advantages. As such, organizations now adopt HRM (human resource practices) that help them use their employees to their benefit. Human resource practices have the ability to determine how an organization performs against its compe…

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An Analysis of Different Drilling Strategies in Texaco and Exxon Oil Companies

The entries or the strategies in the pay off matrix usually indicate the order of preference of the companies i.e. first Texaco then Exxon. If Texaco drills another well and Exxon does the same, both will earn returns of (4, 4). In this case, none of the company will be better off than the other. On the other hand, Texaco m…

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An Analysis of the Fundamental Role of Enhanced Audits in Financial Corporations

There has been a lot of collapsing corporations and financial scandals that have led to investors’ losing large sums of money. Auditing financial statements is normally done in order to reduce risks of investments losses and aid information users in making sound decisions. At the same time, audits help management identify r…

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An Audit Is a Regular Inspection of a Company’s Financial Procedures

Audit is a general regular inspection of company’s financial procedures with an aim to ensure that they meet general requirements as well as stipulated laws. A regular audit of company’s financial proceedings is crucial for a number of reasons. First, audit helps reveal common calculation errors that may have o…

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A Description of the Term Financial Independence

The term “financial independence” is usually used to describe the condition, in which an individual has a sufficient personal wealth that enables him or her live without a need to work actively in order to meet basic needs in an indefinite period. It means that, for a person to achieve financial independence, one’s assets s…

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An Analysis of the Project Management Process

Project management process is defined as  managing,  planning and controlling the whole performance of the process. This will in the end help in the overall execution of the process. The inputs needed in the process include the documented need to act, the project plan templates, and resources for planning the whole project….

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An Analysis of the Organizational Management Systems by Morgan

Morgan, notes that not all organizational management systems are uniform and that they depend on prevailing environments at the work place. Therefore, model for organization learning should inculcate a diverse business component that is largely dependent on local and international cultural variations. Cultural variations ma…

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Enron Company Is a Victim of Fraud and Embezzlement of Resources by Its Staff

Enron Company was the latest victim of fraud and embezzlement of resources by its staff. The auditing report, undertaken by independent auditors revealed that Enron storm was brought about by the accounting firm Arthur Anderson. Anderson was both, Enron’s external auditor as well as their internal accountant and advisor. En…

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Resource Allocation in Modern Society

The current society is characterized by indecency and selfishness when it comes to resource allocation. Most of the developed and developing countries have deprived resources either through exhaustion or misappropriation. However, where the world would have an organized state of system that will utilize the resource availab…

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An Analysis of the Emirates Airline Using Porter’s 5 Forces Model

Porter’s 5 forces model is a management tool used by businesses to assist organizations have a clear view of the forces, either within the industry or outside the industry, that affect their business and strategies on how best they can have an edge with other businesses. Thus the 5 forces analyses deals with the industry’s…

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The Benefits of Adoption of ASAP in American Banks

The dynamics of changing demographics and consumer purchasing patterns, coupled with ever stronger competition, are putting increased pressure on banks to adopt cutting edge technologies to meet the growing demands of the consumer. This has impacted a lot on the banks in America who have to devise new avenues f…

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An Analysis of Repurchase Shares From Shareholder in Starbucks Company

Depending on the market conditions and specifications, Starbucks can repurchase shares from the shareholders. The repurchase is undertaken in the company’s common stock, which is defined in its policy framework. Management and the board of directors believe that the company’s strong cash flow is attributed to the hard work…

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An Analysis of the Correlation Between Social and Financial Performance

To determine the correlation existing between social and financial performance gets additional complexity by failure of a consensus of the measurement methodology connected to corporate social performance. Subjective measures are useful in many cases, example being (Heinze, 1976), which involved a research of business stude…

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A Description of Click Frenzy an Australia Initiative For Online Sales

Click frenzy was an Australia initiative for online sales.  The online sale event was launched in 2012 in November 20. It was facilitated by the heavy media and internet promotions. The online sale event organizers made partnership for sales with the leading retailers in Australia. Before the event clashed due…

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An Understanding of NIKE, Inc. and Their Application of Business Ethics

Business ethics calls for having all the stakeholders at heart during the initial production phase up to the consumer level. It means that all players have to be catered for in the success of the company. Satisfaction should not be looked at on the side of the company only but also at the consumers. It calls for motivating…

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An Analysis of the Line Item Budgeting as an Accounting Tool Employed by Public Entities

Line item budgeting is an accounting tool employed mostly by public entities. They group budgeted financial statements according to the administrative entities and objectives. The budget item groups are usually presented in an increasing version while comparing it to the performances in the previous periods (Meyer, 1985). L…

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An Interpretation of Static and Flexible Budget Variances

A budget is a plan that comprises a number of values such as net profit, production costs, production volume in conjunction to other factors that incorporates the specific period under which a performance is evaluated. It is divided into static and flexible budgets; a static budget is constant while the volume changes while…

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