African American History Class


African American History Class

I need one page response writing for each one of those  one movie and four documentaries  ( After watching them ). No copy or plagiarism please.

There is one movie and four documentaries below. You are allowed to do up to four response papers. Take notes on the one or ones you choose to view. Provide a summary of the program you view with some supporting facts and details. Conclude your paper with at least one paragraph with your response or thoughts about the program or programs you viewed. I have seen each one of these. Do not watch the first 10 minutes and try to complete this assignment. Papers must be typed, 12 font, New Times Roman for font style, and a minimum of one full page. These should be submitted on the day of the exam and will not be accepted after that day. Titles include:

1. youtube documentary, The Untold Story of Emmitt Till Luis Till (Documentary 2005), by Keith Beauchamp 1:8:19

2. youtube documentary, African Presence in Early Europe and Asia, by Runoko Rashidi, 1:16:40

3. Movie called Men of Honor (2000) with Cuba Gooding, Jr.

4. youtube documentary, pick one of these two: 1. Black Wall Street, Little Africa, Tulsa, Oklahoma (full version) 1:58:55 or 2. The Tulsa Lynching of 1921 Documentary: A Hidden History

Thank you.

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