ADV homework 300words

ADV 430: Social Marketing Strategy & Practice

Critical Thinking Exercise (CTE) #1

Client: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Target Audience: Michigan residents (You can pick a city or use the whole state)

Background: 69 cases of the Zika virus was reported in the state of Michigan in early 2017. With the summer fast approaching, the CDC wants to find a local partner organization to plan a campaign on social media to educate residents to take preventative steps for mosquito breeding such as having clean surroundings, and teach the community how to protect themselves using personal mosquito prevention methods.

Your job is to write a memo to tell the CDC how your organization would accomplish its goal. What should the CDC do to reach the target audience? What social media would you use and why? In addition to your strategy, indicate in your plan what behavioral objectives you would like to propose, as well as identify some benefits, barriers, motivators and competition when you outline your plan. Be sure to emphasize your reasons and explain why.

In 300 words or less (the heading and references does not count towards the word limit), give your recommendations. Your recommendation must be based on empirical research that you find through Google searches. Write the memo Address your memo to Samuel M. Tham. Write in simple terms and use examples to demonstrate that you understand course concepts.

Submission: Use Microsoft Word or another publishing software (talk to me about it first – No PDFs). Upload your response to Dropbox before 11:59 PM on Friday, June 2nd, 2017.

Use this format:

DT: Today’s date

TO: Samuel M. Tham

FM: First/Last name AND email address

RE: Catchy subject line

We are writing today to [repeat the task here]. Here are our recommendations. Give a bullet list of recommendations. Justify each recommendation. Give examples where needed. Draw on course concepts. Cite studies you use. End with a thank you note and prompt the client to respond (e.g. “Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to hearing from you”.)

As always, keep a professional tone.

Grading criteria for CTE:

__   Followed instructions to the letter (1 point)

__   Had perfect (or near perfect) grammar and spelling (1 point)

__   Drew on concepts and/or presented ideas that were gleaned from materials “outside” of class    provided two citations for outside readings beyond course readings (2 points)

__ Used and cited course concepts accurately and appropriately, presented creative and viable recommendations, used persuasive argumentation, showed critical and careful thought, provided good points, and supported points with clear and vivid examples (6 points)



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