Accounting research and Practice ACCT 403 (defintions and choices and reasons ) within 500 words

  •  Data Collection & Presentation (5 Points) Spend this week on Data collection activity.
  • For this task, you have to consider the following points and present their findings:
  • Describe the data collection activity in few words and why this specific form of data collection was chosen.
  • Be sure to explain why you think this kind of data will help you in your design process. Also, be sure to provide details about the activity:
  • How much sample you have considered, method of sampling, how long they took, location of data collection, how many questions were asked in the survey, how many respondents, what tools you have applied for analysis etc.
  • a. Explain how you employed your data collection activity, for example: how you chose to interview, how and why you selected survey respondents, what books or journals you decided to review etc.
  • b. Tabulate the data, analyze your data and present the results of your data collection. If you did a survey, attach a copy of the survey as an appendix; if you did interviews, Attach a copy of the interview questions.

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