Accounting Indiv Project

Please include 3-5 slide powerpoint presentaion. Thxx

Your company, Farm Branch Rentals, has hired the following 4 employees. Set them up with their own employee number and the given information within the computerized accounting system software selected. Set it up on a biweekly pay schedule. As you set up the employees, create your own holdings and allowances for these 4 employees, and explain the importance of setting these up accordingly. Be sure that each employee is different; have at least 2 employees participate in direct deposit. Explain each step of how to input this information within the software.

Employee information:

Timothy Wright732 Left Road, Charlotte, NC 27117Social Security Number: 234-21-0974 

Patty Williams8574 Briar Creek Road, Charlotte, NC 27117Social Security Number: 654-33-8897 

Nicholas Brown876 Thigpen Road, Mooresville, NC 28761Social Security Number: 654-99-0953 

Blake Taylor654 Redman Road, Statesville, NC 27663Social Security Number: 876-44-3762 

For full credit, submit 3-5 slide PowerPoint presentation (not including title slide) that provides:

  • 350-500 words of speaker notes per slide detailing how the set-up process is completed
  • Screen shots displaying the various steps
  • A final screenshot that shows the correct set up of the employee accounts
  • PowerPoint presentation of 3-5 slides, with 300-350 words of speaker notes that explains the process, for setting up employees
    • Use screenshots in your presentation; and
    • Provide detailed instructions as to how you completed the task.