Academic Writing Tutorial Help

Belowis the opening of “Octet” by David Foster Wallace. “Octet” is a storycomposed of a series of “pop quizzes” which are also mini-narratives.The one below is written in a fairly neutral tone.

For this  activity,

  1. Rewritethe mini-narrative “Pop Quiz 4” (below) in a way that generates/conveysone of the three rhetorical appeals, i.e. ethos, pathos or logos. 
  2. Use two (or more) of the rhetorical devices  listed below the “Pop Quiz”
  3. Indicate at the end of your rewrite which of the three appeals you tried to create and which rhetorical devices you used.

Please Note: You cannot change the basic information, but you can

  • add information, like other characters or a more developed narrative “voice” and/or a specific target audience
  • add fake “facts”(statistics, expert opinions, etc.,)
  • use any kind of diction (words) or descriptions to create the “decorum” that is relevant to your purpose
  • change the sentence structures or the order information is conveyed

David Foster Wallace, From “Octet” from Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (2001)

Pop Quiz 4

Twolate state terminal drug addicts sat up against an ally’s wall withnothing to inject and no means of nowhere to go or be. Only one had acoat. It was cold, and on of the terminal drug addicts’ teeth chatteredand he sweated and shook with fever. He seemed gravely ill. He smelledvery bad. He sat up against the wall with his head on his knees. Thistook place in Cambridge MA in an ally behind the Commonwealth Aluminumcan Redemption Center on Massachusetts Avenue in the early hours of 12January 1993. The terminal drug addict with the coat took off the coatand scooted over up close to the gravely ill terminal drug addict andtook and spread the coat as far as it would go over the both of them andthen scooted over some more and got himself pressed right up againsthim and put his arm around him and let him be sick on his arm, and theystayed like that up against the wall together all through the night.

Q: Which one lived.

Also Indicate which of the three appeals you tried to create and which rhetorical devices you used.