A SWOT Analysis of the United Airlines (UAL)

A SWOT Analysis of the United Airlines (UAL)

In today’s environment, organizations are viable only if they provide satisfaction to the customer, especially in the service industry. The need of identification, forecasts, analysis, conversion, and integration is a continuous process. This complexity gives rise to a new challenge to the production manager. Increasingly,…

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A Research on the Chinese Business, Its Business Ethics and the Negative Reactions Towards the Product-Harm Crisis

Many factors influence consumer preferences in any market structure and this may be due to several factors. Some factors may have negative reactions from the consumers. One of such factors is the product-harm crisis. This term can be defined as well-known events related to product defects of some products or ha…

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An Essay on EU and the Accounting Theory Issue

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EU proposed using clearinghouses for over-the-counter derivatives and push for studying the shifting of more trades to excha…

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An Executive Summary of a Business Plan For Practical Learning Service

Executive Summary
This is a business plan for Practical learning service that offers tutoring services to college graduates and undergraduate students. Practical learning service will be a home based formal sole proprietorship business to be based in Salem, Oregon state, and owned by Thomas Clinton. This plan is an internal…

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An Analysis of Target Stores

Designing has been increasingly gaining momentum over the years in the past decade. It is associated with innovative ventures into new and untried object shapes and styles for the purpose of coming up with modern designs. Society identifies design with fashion, style, upscale lifestyle, and modernity. On the other hand, des…

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An Essay on Business Ventures

Business venture in the contemporary world is facing diverse forces emanating internally or externally. The business environment in the current society depends on numerous factors affiliated to an industry or the global market. In the current era, of technological development operations and prosperity of an organization is…

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An Analysis of the Definitions of Entrepreneurship

Definitions of entrepreneurship always mention ventures into new risks with a hope of attaining profits. However, this broad definition does not take into account the psychological and personal traits that define an entrepreneur. This paper defines an entrepreneur by a critical analysis of his traits. This analysis is of im…

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An Overview of Toyota Corporation

Organizational structure of Toyota Corporation is a popular object of professional analysis. Much has been written and said about the value of technologies and their implications for organizational development and changes in big corporations like Toyota. Technologies shape new business environments and flatten organizationa…

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An Analysis of the Income Statement of Various Companies

In accordance with the income statement of the companies, Toyota made 4 cents of profits in revenues in 2008 for each invested in the stock US dollar and lost each 1 cent of each invested dollar in 2009.
The rat…

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An Essay on Total Ownership Cost (TOC)

A product or service offers it maximum benefits if its dependability has a long-term effect on the ownership. This paper will discuss the Total Ownership Cost (TOC) of a product by scrutinizing its forthcoming and unforeseen benefits, both in the short term and long term basis. The discussion will further analyze the pros a…

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An Analysis of New England Yacht Sales Versus Commissioner of Revenue Services

17.2 -New England Yacht Sales v. Commissioner of Revenue Services, 198 Conn. 624, 504 A.2d 506, Web 1986 Conn. Lexis 719 (Supreme Court of Connecticut)According to commercial law, sale of goods contracts valid when there is an offer and acceptance in this case, New England yacht sales made an offer to Robert Pease who accep…

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A Description of Tom Shoes a Company With a For-Profit Component as Well as a Philanthropic Component

Tom Shoes is a company with a for-profit component as well as a philanthropic component. The company was established after Blake Mycoskie the C.E.O witnessed poverty so extreme in Argentina that villagers could not afford a pair of shoes. On returning to the United States, Mycoskie had a mission. He wanted to start an organ…

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A Marketing Plan for Morocco

The marketing plan of this company is to stimulate a demand for trips to Morocco. Morocco is a country in northern Africa with a rich diversity of tour destinations. The country boosts of a rich cultural heritage from very many people living in that country. The country also has rich diverse natural resources which provide…

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An Overview of Hewllet-Packard Company (HP)

Hewllet-Packard Company (HP) began from very humble grounds. Word has it that it began as a garage with Bill Hewllet and David Packard as the pioneers. As the company gained momentum, its governance was driven by a philosophy dubbed, the HP Way. The HP Way recognized the worth of every employee and was characterized by a de…

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An Analysis of a Case on a Decision-Making Dilemma by the Management

Ethical Dilemma
The case is a decision-making dilemma by the management on whether to offer the same salary to two recruits with different qualifications. Their gender differences may be a discriminating factor. There is the dilemma of different reactions due to lack of promotion of employees who have worked for the company…

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An Analysis of the Squire Hotel Group and How the Application of EFQM Model

This paper has focused on the Squire Hotel Group and how the application of EFQM model 2010 can be used to provide a framework for the enhancement of organizational performance. Various issues have been identified facing the Hotel group, including lack of a formal method of collecting information; the demand of beds by the…

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A Description of the Harley Davidson Established in 1901, in Milwaukee,Wisconsin

The Harley Davidson Inc. was established in 1901, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is one of a handful of companies in America that manufactures and sells motorcycles within and outside of the borders of the United States. Any person who owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle often refers to it has a Harley. The company deals with en…

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An Analysis of Sales Forecast as the Estimation of a Corporation’s Sale Over a Future Period of Time

Sales forecast is the estimation of a corporation’s sales over a future period of time.  Forecasts are usually made according to economic trends in the given industry, sales, and competitive developments (Wallace & Stahl, 2008). Sales forecast is a mean through which management makes predictions on sales volume thus ass…

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A Description of SWOT Analysis as a Process of Analyzing the Situation of a Business Venture in Terms of Its Positive and Negative Issues

SWOT analysis is a process of analyzing the situation of a business venture in terms of its positive and negative issues (SWOT, 2011). Evaluating a firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats allows an entrepreneur to gain more insight about a business’s potential and critical issues. The implication of SWOT ana…

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A Look At the External Environment During the Planning Process For a Given Program

This is a critical look at the external environment during the planning process for a given program to determine the factors at play in the given program. The internal environmental factors can categorized into Strength (S) or weaknesses (W) whereas the external factors can be classified into opportunities (O)…

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An Analysis of a Customer Perception of Unfaithfulness of the Real Estate Agents

The customer perception of unfaithfulness of the real estate agents is an issue that the company needs to address, even though it was ranked 23 out of 25 in a recent survey of careers. The first thing the agents should do is to work with integrity and honesty. They should always do what they promise their customers. In case…

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An Analysis of the Fur Trade in Canada as One of the Oldest Businesses

chat.onload(function(chats, online) { var link = $(“content1_chat_id”); link.onclick = function(e) { chat.open_random(0); return false; } }); chat.onupdate(function(chats, online) {}); The fur trade in Canada is one of the oldest businesses dating back to as earlier as 16th century and it involved both nati…

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An Analysis of the Differences in the Roles of the Two Businesses Depending on the Objectives

The differences in the roles of the two businesses depend on the objectives. The profit-oriented businesses may not be as serious as the non-profit business in the mission accomplishment. The latter seeks to improve the general welfare of the society hence it is obliged to achieve the expected results. Profit-making firms t…

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A Description of Material Requirement Planning as an Important Software in the Management of Inventory and Production Planning of a Company

In order to help Riordan Manufacturing realize its objective, the PD consultants have prepared an elaborate proposal that the company should adopt in its production plan for the electric fans. The proposal prepared by the consultants focuses on the key areas such as the material requirements planning, MRP, new…

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A Description of Microsoft Corporation the Leading Software Designer and Manufacturer

  1. A) Company Introduction
    Microsoft Corporation is a leading software designer and manufacturer in the consistently growing software industry which entails operating systems, word processors, and other support systems. Microsoft is a company that values honesty, integrity, personal excellence, constructive criticism, and comm…

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