A Study on the Behaviors of the Online Consumers of Morocco and E-Commerce

A Study on the Behaviors of the Online Consumers of Morocco and E-Commerce

Introduction: E-commerce refers to the action of selling and buying products or services over the net, particularly through the World Wild Web- Online shopping, is a type of E-commerce (Parker-Hall, 2009). At international level, online shopping is growing at a rapid speed for instance, only the United States (U.S.A) alone…

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The Motivational Strategies of the Microsoft Company and How It Affects Their Employees

An organization relies on many things to be successful. The right
business plan, marketing strategy, and product or service being offered is
all vital to a company’s success in the business environment. However, one
thing that many people overlook when examining what makes a business
organization function properly is the mo…

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An Analysis of the Business-to-Business Communication and Its Importance to Business Organizations

Most businesses that operate in this day and age are not independent in the
sense that they rely on other companies to help run their own organization.
For example, a software developing agency does not build their desks,
computers, and office equipment. They must purchase these supplies from
other companies. Likewise, a fu…

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An Analysis of Three Different Business-to-Consumer Messages and an Explanation of How It Enables E-Commerce

Advertising is one of the most essential areas of any organization.
Although it is often the first area to be downsized, studies show that
companies that increase or maintain their marketing budget in times of
economic downturn suffer less loss and bounce back from the recession
quicker than those that do not. In fact, some…

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A Research on What Affects Customer Brand Preference in Hilton Hotel in Malaysia

Abstract This paper is focused on the research of factors affecting on customer brand preference in Hilton Hotel in Malaysia. The research will be analyzed by 5 different independent factors (perceived quality, satisfaction, brand image, membership programs, and perceived value) affect towards customer brand preference on…

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The Concept of Minimizing Return Rates and the Strategies in eCommerce Fashion Industry

Effective Strategies to minimize Return Rates in eCommerce fashion industry Offering return policy can’t be avoided in a competitive Ecommerce industry. If you don’t accept returns, users will leave you and go with other retailers. It helps in building user trust and loyalty. The US fashion online retailer– Zappos has 50%…

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Lessons of Business Continuity Management from London Olympics and Paralympics 2012

Lessons of Business Continuity Management from London Olympics and Paralympics 2012 Abstract Business Continuity (BC) was originally created to prepare for unforeseen disasters or accidents. Earthquakes and other specific disasters do not occur frequently in the UK, and instead it needs to prepare for a wide range of r…

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A Research on the Relationship of Different Focused Target and Conspicuous Consumption

Before I demonstrate studies that tested hypotheses on relationship of
different focused target and conspicuous consumption, I discuss research
method approach of two studies. First of all, the nature of this research is a conclusive re…

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An Analysis of the Topic of the Florida State University College of Business and the Role of Margot Dorfman

I recently attended a guest speaker event held at the Florida State
University college of business. Margot Dorfman, the speaker, spoke on the
topic “the women-led economy.” I prepared for this personal development
session by researching the troubles and prejudices that many women face in
the workplace. Although the speech w…

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The Characteristics of Highly Successful People

I attended a speaking event at Florida State University in which Amos
McMullian spoke about what it takes to make it in the business world. I
prepared for this presentation by researching Amos McMullian and his
company. I also went over the main points in the book The 7 Habits of
Highly Effective People (which I read two ye…

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A Personal Take on Conflict Management in the Workplace

The process of making and maintaining relationships with other humans
is surprisingly complex, even though many people do not realize it. There
are very many nonverbal cues and other signals that can drastically affect
the way that one person views another. Despite all of this, most people
have little trouble making and kee…

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Steve Job’s Leadership Style and Organizational Structure

Steve Jobs is regarded as one of the most innovative and influential
business leaders of all time. His unique ideas and eccentric management
style set him apart from most other CEOs in America. Despite his position
of great power, Jobs had humble beginnings. He was born in San Francisco
and shortly thereafter adopted by Pau…

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The Need for Expansion in Every Organization’s Success

Expansion is a necessary part of any organization’s success.
Profitable companies are almost always looking for way to expand their
target market. This can be done through selling products to new groups of
consumers in different geographical locations, or simply offering a new
product that appeals to a previously untargeted…

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An Analysis of the Daily Morning Activities in One’s Personal Life

The project I chose to analyze with a precedence network in my own
personal life is waking up and getting ready before work in the morning.
This is something I do often, and it has become somewhat of a routine for
me, so I assumed this would be a simple network to map out. The project
activities, times, and precedence event…

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working From Home

Disadvantages of “Work From Home” While the case study describes a very beneficial side to the “work from home” arrangement that Midwest Family Mutual has with most of its employees, there are also clear disadvantages not discussed in the case study. (Pearlson and Saunders, 2013) First of all, the company boasts about pape…

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An Analysis of the Design, Components and Function of an Organizational Structure in Business

Organizational Structure Organizational Structure is defined as “The typical hierarchical arrangement of lines of authority, communications, rights and duties of an organization” (Business). This is the determining factor on how exactly the company decides to operate. It is a visual representation of how roles, powers, and…

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The Different Forms of Leadership and Power in Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs

Red Dragon The movie Red Dragon is a prequel to the well-known film Silence of the Lambs. In this movie it followed Will Graham; the man who put away the infamous Dr. Hannibal Lector. Will is asked to assist in a disturbingly similar case by his former chief Jack Crawford. Throughout the investigation to find the cannibali…

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An Introduction to the Chipotle Case Analysis

Chipotle Case Analysis Strategic Profile/Introduction Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. is a public company that was founded as World Foods Inc. Later the company merged with a company out of Delaware named Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. The company became public in January of 2006. An interesting note is in 1998 McDonald’s be…

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An Overview for an Effective Supply Chain Management

Sociocultural Wide range of products to cater for variety in age, race and other diversity are readily available Social change affecting the diversity in various healthcare demand and needs from issues in obesity, cancer, and diabetes High investment opportunity in the aging population with needs for surgery and medicine…

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An Analysis of the Topic of the Technology and Widget Masters on the Market Trends

July 20, 2015. Michael Fergusson, Manager, Widget Masters, 546 Lightway Street. Tennessee, DG 58321. Dear Mr. Fergusson, Widget Masters has been known to use the latest technology in the market to increase productivity and make decision making easier. Widget Masters depends on technology in decision making through…

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An Overview of the Ardak’s Company of Plastic Production

Something’s Rotten in Hondo When facing an important business decision, it is always essential for a manager to consider all of the impending stakeholders in order to come to an ethical decision. Thus, after reading the case “Something’s Rotten in Hondo,” analyzing the key stakeholders is necessary so that a fair conclus…

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The Benefits of Psychology in Running a Business

The phrase “knowledge is power” is used so commonly because it is simply the truth. Knowledge, in any subject, can help one succeed in different aspects of life. This phrase has become especially applicable to me after taking Intro to Psychology because psychology can be greatly beneficial to me in my major of Business Mana…

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The Age and Education of Leaders: Its Influence on the Evectiveness of Leadership and the Relationship Between Employees and Leaders

The purpose of this research study is to discovery if there is a correlation that can be found showing that the age of a leader and their level of education plays a factor in the effectiveness of leadership within a place of employment. Four Hundred employees of different ages will be surveyed to determine the effectiveness…

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An Introduction to the Analysis of Marketing

Money is something that one needs to get their business going. Marketing is necessary as well for the starting business. Promotion is key. When a new business is starting up they have no credibility and need to get their name out there. The only time when a new “business” opens up that is becomes unnecessary to focus on adv…

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An Introduction to the Analysis of Marketing Ethics

Marketing ethics is always a touchy subject. Something can be ethical in one person’s mind and unethical in someone else’s. Target Audiences are typically used to sway certain age or social groups to do or buy a certain product. McDonald’s believes that a large menu slows down service and that its competitors that offer he…

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