A Study of the Impact of World War One on the Occupational Status of Women

A Study of the Impact of World War One on the Occupational Status of Women

Section 1: Identification and Evaluation of Sources The focus of this investigation will be: To what extent did World War II impact the occupational status of American women? The first source to be evaluated in depth is Claudia D. Goldin’s “The Role of World War II in the Rise of Women’s Employment”. The origin of this s…

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An Eye-Opener on the Current Status of Substance Abuse in America

Substance Abuse Disorder Substance abuse has always been a major issue not only in the United States, but worldwide as well. There has been a history of substance abuse worldwide for many centuries. The problem though is growing faster than ever before in the United States. More people are beginning to abuse substances suc…

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The Emotional, Logical, and Ethical Points of View in the Meth Project Anti-Drug Campaign

Addiction Factor “Addiction Factor: Extreme — one of the most addictive substances.” Methamphetamine, commonly known as meth, speed, or crank, is a highly addictive drug known for the harsh effects the substance has on a user. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, psychosis, bodily defects such as scarring, meth mouth…

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An Argument in Favor of a Woman’s Right to Reproductive Freedom

Imagine an 18 year old girl in her first semester of college, working full time to pay her tuition. Imagine her finding out she was pregnant, and realizing she does not have the resources to care for a child or herself if she went through with the pregnancy. What options does she have? Dealing with the issue of weighing the…

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The Negative Effects of the Usage of Marijuana by University Students

“ As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life,” Obama said during an interview. Marijuana is one of the most abused drugs in the world and its use is widespread amon…

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A View on the Gender Pay Gap Myth

Gender Pay Gap What is the truth behind the gender pay gap? There is without a doubt that there exists an overall difference in the money that men and women get compensated for the work they do. Anyone who denies this can do their own analysis of the numbers and see for themselves that there is indeed a gap in the overall…

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A Personal View on The Cultural Changes in the Span of 20 Years

Compare and Contrast When you compare and contrast dating today and dating 20 years ago, you can see the cultural changes through the years. From things such as the expectations of both genders, the proper etiquette, and where we take our dates. Of course, these aren’t the only things that we can both compare and contras…

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The Major Reasons for the United States’ Invasion of Iraq

United States Invasion of Iraq States connected to the United States invasion of Iraq were mainly those of Iraq and the United States with the support of Japan, while the Bush Administration was a state actor under the United States. The non-state actors were various terrorist groups, the intergovernmental organization i…

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The Ethical Issue of Homosexuality Today

Homosexuality has been a topic among various religions, the argument is whether or not it should be allowed. Christians would agree that homosexualityshould not be allowed because it states it in the bible, in Leviticus 18:22 it reads “No man is to have sexual relations with another man; God hates that”.Many religions that…

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An Evaluation of the Controversial Perception on the Creation of the State of Israel as a Mistake due to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

14th May 1948, Israel was created, a home for the Jews to try and leave the persecution faced throughout history. Israel was to be a peaceful place where the Jews were able to practise their religion without fear of harassment. Although this was the intention, it can transparently be seen to not be the case with the 1000’s…

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The Background, Patterns, and Effects of Immigration on the United States of America

Immigration into America can trace its roots and origins back in the fifteenth century, beginning with the island of Roanoke and followed by the British and continued to the south part of America which included the Mexicans who constitutes to a bigger part of the immigration demographic in today’s America. Though there has…

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The Importance of Bilingualism in Society Today

  1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. Introduction In today’s era, bilingualism has become more than important. Knowing a foreign language other than your native language has developed to be extremely beneficial. Learning another language open new opportunities and gives you views that you might never have encountered. Personal, profe…

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A Review of Women’s Oppression in the Works of Marjane Satrapi

Veil Deep: The Oppression of Women in Persepolis A society cannot thrive without its women. The strongest and most developed societies in the world value women and, conversely, the weakest societies in the world do not value women. Nearly every developed nation allows women freedom and protection under law. However, even…

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A Study of the Cultural Impact of Feminism in Society Today

.Introduction This essay explains the impact of feminism on culture as well as Michel Foucault’s impact on cultural studies. First part of this essay contains a definition of cultural theory and its main aim as well as definition of feminism and the explanation of its main aim. After this part, there is an explanation o…

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An Overview of the Impact of Domestic Violence on Its Victims

Victimless To what extent is the breaking point in someone’s life? How much can one person push to really make them snap? Whether it be a family situation, a relationship gone wrong, or an emotional attack, no one deserves the painful treatment others are giving them. Domestic violence has been a serious issue in homes for…

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People Should Be Aware That Suicide Is Not a Solution to a Problem

Suicide How would you feel if the person you once knew, you once loved, you once had memories with, had made a decision that will not only effect their life, but yours as well. Suicide is an issue many people face around the world, whether it is within the family, a close friend, or a classmate, someone, somewhere, is deal…

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Life Extension is Not Morally Permissible

Life Extension In the following essay, I will argue that life extension is not morally permissible. With reasons like, eternal boredom, human’s mental capacity, the already existing overpopulation problem, and the possibility of other living organisms achieving the same goal. Although these reasons agree with my argument,…

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An Argument in Favor of Putting the Blame on Victims of Crimes

We Will Always Blame the Victims Most people would not hesitate to claim that those who break the law should be punished and put into prison as long as possible in case they continue to endanger humans’ lives and properties. Crime, in general, is the worst thing a person can do because it violates the law and it is a viola…

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An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Omar Musa in the Representation of the Deeply Personal and Internal Consequences of the Clash of Cultural Values

How effective is Omar Musa in representing the deeply personal and internal consequences of clashing cultural values? Cultural clash is effectively depicted in Omar Musa’s ‘You Think You Know’. He uses his own personal experience of being an Australian-Malaysian to help him uncover and explore ideas and differences of cult…

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The ASEAN Special Ministerial Meeting on Drugs

The ASEAN Special Ministerial Meeting On Drugs VAN- on August 31st 2012, the Special ministerial meeting of the ASEAN members on drugs in Thailand has finished with the attendance of nearly 100 delegates of the Asean members, the Asean Secretariat and the Deputy Secrectary- General of ASEAN,Nyan Lynn. The delegration of Mi…

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Corruption in Istanbul, the Capital of Turkey

I am from Istanbul, Turkey and if I had to rate the corruption level of my country, it would be a seven. I have assigned this rate because since Tayyip Erdogan came to rule Turkey, he managed to create two groups that completely separated the society and it’s citizens. The country split in groups that supported Erdogan and…

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A Case Study of Pedestrian Traffic at Journeys, A Retailer for Young Teens and Adults

Pedestrian Traffic Case Study What makes a business most successful? How can a business thrive in an environment where there are so many competitors? The answer to both questions is customers. Customers are the critical variables that can take a business from the ground-level to the top-level in an industry. This study…

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The Political Ideologies of Equity and Equality, Issues Which Divide the Nation, Unity, and the Effects of Language in the Emergence of America

An Understanding of American Ideologies Equity and Equality in America Since America’s independence, the key focus of the country has been equality. Several analyses have been used to address equity and equality including historical and psychological analyses and these have been used in addressing Americans’ equality on v…

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The Good and Bad Side of Beauty Pageants

Taking a Look at Beauty Pageants What makes someone beautiful? Is it their smooth hair blowing in the wind? Their perfect contour of makeup and highlight ‘on fleek’? Maybe it’s the slimming outfit that they are wearing. Many people are taught to give the cliché answer to this particular question, that ‘it’s what’s inside…

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The Impact of the Trump Administration on Gay Rights Through the “No Promo Homo” Laws in America

Say No To “No Promo Homo” Laws On January 20, 2017, America woke up to breaking news that Donald Trump was the new President-elect. Trump supporters were enthusiastic to know that he won, whereas huge levels of anxiety began to rise in his opposers. They began to brace themselves for what would happen if Trump carried out…

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