A Study of Structural Barriers of an Organization

An Executive Summary of Sunnyside Daycare

Executive Summary
The mission statement of Sunnyside Daycare is continued commitment to the provision of quality childcare services in the UK. In line with the mission statement, the company is focused on ensuring that children from dual income families with ages of between 3 and 5 years access the best care ever that would…

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A Study of Structural Barriers of an Organization

Structural Barriers:
In order to reduce structural barriers to the empowerment of its employees, the organization has to realign performance appraisals and incentives to make them reflect the dynamic changes in the vision of the organization.
In order to be effective in bringing about organizational change in empowerment, m…

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A Study of the Community’s View of the Mutuality in the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with its origin in the 1920s, came into common use in the 1970s. However, public awareness of CSR grew with the coming into being of today much talked about Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), especially the role of organisations in helping alleviate poverty and hunger. This proposal…

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A Discussion on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual assault is the act of forcing a person to engage in or a suggestive behavior involving the breasts, the genitals ranging from touching or grabbing over clothes to even to the extreme intimate act of sex. All the levels of the management need to acknowledge that sexual harassment is not only of basic decency and the r…

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An Overview of the Most Common Idol, ‘The Idol of the Tribe’

The most common idol is “the idol of the tribe”. This is something common in all parts of the world. People are not ganged according to their reasoning capacity but to their origin. The race and tribe in all parts of the world is of much importance when it comes to considerations in valuable position and respect. Each perso…

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An Examination of the Need of a Public Relation Department in an Organization

Public relations or customer orientation is inevitably, one of the core and areas to be emphasized prudently, because without customer their will be no business. A number of professional says that “Customer is the one who pays your salary” and it’s quite true indeed, as what induce a customer to do business with you, or buy…

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The Role and Importance of Public Relations in an Organization

Before, two or three decade public relations had been used as a diplomacy of the organizations to gain short term goals along with diversified advertising and marketing strategies, which is now become one of the essential ingredients to run the functions or operations of an organization smoothly. Public relations is often c…

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The Introduction of Professionalism in Public Relations and Its Importance in the Modern Organization

Public relations have emerged as a fastest growing industry in the past few decades. One of the reasons for this could be the fast pace of change that is taking place in today’s competitive market. However, this has not altered the scope of public relations greatly. The main role of public relations to maintain and harness…

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An Analysis of JetBlue’s Promotion Campaigns and Strategies

Promotion is the creation of awareness to the public about a product or service with the aim of attracting them toward consuming the product or the service. According to business, some of the key objectives of carrying out a promotion are to increase sales, create awareness, and differentiate products/services. When a compa…

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The Key Factors That Drive a Legitimate and Strong Leadership

Despite heated debates during our group discussions, the group finally came to a conclusion that culture is the most influential determinant on the quality of leadership. The conclusion is guided by the principle that leaders may have all the required academic and professional qualifications but still fail to deliver an exp…

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An Analysis of the Various Aspects of Organization Structure According to Schein

Organizational culture according to Schein’s is anything that a group of people have become accustomed to as they struggled to solve their problem of external adaptation and external integration Schein’s (1992).
The nuclear assembly room produced almost all the electrical appliances for the company. The production process v…

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An Analysis of Strategies and Objectives That Would Ensure That they Grow and Develop Effectively

All organizations always put in place strategies and objectives that would ensure that they grow and develop effectively. This paper will utilize the general systems theory in the evaluation of organizational development at the Coca Cola Company. The general systems theory focuses on the symbiotic relationship…

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Culture Is Also Important Inside an Organization

One can argue that multinational corporations have been in existence since the beginning of overseas trade, and they have then remained part of the business scene throughout history. They are concerned or involved with business operations in more than one country. For a long time, multinational organizations have been seen…

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An Introduction to the Importance of Teamwork in the Workplace

Teamwork refers to a process whereby a small manageable group of people, usually 3 to 10, with corresponding skills become dedicated to a common rationale and achieve consensus on particular performance objectives and pointers, a working approach, and shared responsibility. The development of effective working relationships…

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An Introduction to the Analysis of Leadership One Critical Skill in Human Development

Leadership is one critical skill in human development. This is because all aspects of human undertaking revolve around leadership. It is on this basis that it is prudent not only to know the meaning of leadership but also to acquire leadership skill early stages in life. According to DuBrin, (2009),

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An Introduction to the Interdisciplinary Journal of Contempotary Research in Business

The paper is a critical review of the article INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL OFCONTEMPORARY RESEARCH IN BUSINESS (JANUARY 2012, Vol3, No.9). It discusses the art of leadership and management. It revolves around the professional, ethical, and philosophical aspects that deal with the principles of management. Besides, the percepti…

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An Introduction to the History of Hotel Numbers

Hotel Numbers is a middle status hotel that has been stagnating over the tima as far as customer services and ratings are concerned. The management team of the hotel appeared to be aware of the fact that things were not working well and the fact that it was just a matter of time that the hotel would drop in performance dras…

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A Description of the Leadership That Went Wrong in the Office Supplies Stores

This case is about the leadership that went wrong in the office supplies stores. It is a case that happened in 2009 in Ohio. Tom,  a director of the Jest office supplies, saw an opportunity for company’s development and was too fast to utilize it. Under Tom leadership, the store expanded and opened branches in other towns….

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An Introduction to the Behaviors of Leaders and Managers

In the contemporary organizational setting, the behaviors of leaders and managers play a significant role in influencing the efficiency with which organizational operations are executed. The role of guiding and ensuring that organizational practices are in line with the desired variables are being achieved primarily…

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An Analysis of Laura Ashley Holding Plc Based in the UK

Laura Ashley Holdings plc (Laura) is a UK based company principally engaged in the business of fashion and home furnishings. The company focuses on the design, manufacture, distribution and sale of clothing, accessories and home furnishings. The company operates 231 stores in the UK under four principal formats, namely, mix…

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Factors That Influence Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is the sense of fulfillment and pleasure that people feel when their work is well done. There are many factors influencing job satisfaction, and our understanding of the importance of these stems. Some of these elements include working relationships, remuneration, job security, status, and hygiene factors f…

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An Introduction to the Discussion of Therapeutic Factors

In the discussion of therapeutic factors, issues of group handling emerged. The main issue in this discussion of therapeutic factors is the idea to maintain the perspective of a group in achieving its goals. This practice is emphasized through the use symbolic tiers; “here-and-now” symbolic tier activation and the illuminat…

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An Introduction to the History and Life of Peter Vosar

Peter Vosar and others should attempt to respond to the negative reactions towards the composition of the new Executive Committee. The response should be urgent in order to avert continuous misunderstandings within the organization. They should say that everyone would always have his chance to be at the helm of the organiza…

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An Introduction to the Creative Essay on the Topic of Ethics and Legality

Ethics and legality are common concepts used in the society. By definition, legality refers to a consistent set of rules and regulations that are universally accepted and enforced.  These rules usually defined the ways in which individuals are required to act especially when relating to others in a societal setting.  People…

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An Analysis of a Reflection Paper on Customer Service

Reflection Paper
Customer service refers to a series of activities by a business person that lead to the final satisfaction of the customer.  I always thought that I entailed designing ways of dealing with different people at the place of work. I looked at it as a way of promoting one’s business by using promotions and othe…

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