A Review of Ed Freeman on Ethical Business Revolution

A Review of Ed Freeman on Ethical Business Revolution

In his talk, Ed Freeman mentions that there will be a revolution towards a more ethical type of business, away from a form of hierarchy where the stakeholders are the only ones who are important. He said the old way was flawed because it lacked purpose, there was a misunderstanding on what the term “business ethics” meant,…

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The Theories of Peter Northouse on Leadership and Management

People look for specific qualities in leaders they prefer to have, these characteristics are not uniform. Others attempt to seek information how to become effective leaders; this is perhaps to improve the manner in which they conduct business on a daily basis mainly when handling a junior employee or even efficiently leadin…

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The Similarities and Differences Between Entrepreneurs Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates

To start, one must understand the definition of an entrepreneur. In doing so, one can fully grasp what it takes and what characteristic’s are needed to fully understand the entrepreneur and in this case, Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates. According to Dictionary.com, an entrepreneur is “a person who organizes and manages…

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A Study on Diversity and Inclusion in the Business Strategy for the Marriott International

The Marriott International is a largely successful company with 4500 properties in over 80 countries and territories. It is a leading global lodging company that reported $14 billion worth of revenues in the last economic year, 2015. It was established by J. Willard and Alice Marriott and has been under the leadership of th…

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The Principles of the Committee in an Organization and the Personal Experience at the Sharp Memorial Attendance

Introduction A committee is a body consisting of one or more individuals that are subordinate to a deliberative group. The assembly usually sends issues into a committee in an attempt to explore them more fully. Departments in an organization have organized committees that are in charge of the specific matters that pertain…

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How Could Training of Employees on Project Management Be More Effective?

A number of organizations do spend much of their time and resources trying to acquire effective management for their projects through employee training. However, in most cases, the training that the employees receive turns out to be ineffective either through being general or not tailored to any specific need by the company…

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A History of the Kmart Corporation, a Chain of Big Box Department Stores

Kmart Corporation is a chain of big box department stores. It has its headquarters situated in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States. The corporation bought sears for 11 billion dollars in 2005 forming a new larger corporation with the name Sears Holding Corporation. The company is believed to be opened in 1963 where it…

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An Analysis of the Company’s Approach Towards the Overt and Covert Salt Application

Question one In my opinion, the company’s approach towards the overt and covert salt application by the members was in line to the recommended counter-salting steps to be followed by employers. The company treated both the applicants fairly by sticking to the qualification that was required during the recruitment process….

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The Marketing Strategies of the Greenpeace Organization

Trader Joe Identification of the right price, identification of consumers and their needs are the three most important skills that trader Joe’s has. The trader Joe’s is described as “your neighborhood grocery store.” The organization has been discontinuing individual products based on the reaction of the customers more oft…

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The Concepts in System Thinking

“A system thinking utilizes habits, tools and concepts to develop an understanding of the interdependent structures of dynamic systems” (“What is systems thinking,” n.d.).  The primary concept involved in system thinking is the capability to admit the diverse viewpoints from numerous participants in the system to address…

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Ethical Responsibility in the Field of Mobile Commerce

Ethical responsibility is the duty of following a morally upright part. Our discussion will be based on mobile commerce and all the ethical issues that surround its environment. Mobile commerce is the conduction of business transactions using wireless devices like laptops and cellular phones. M-commerce enables users to con…

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A Financial Analysis of the Management Through a Comparison of the Expenditures and the Expected Revenue

Before the management agrees on taking any major project, it should carry out a detailed financial analysis. The management should search on the analyses that will give the most insight of the situation. At the greenest level of the analysis, the management needs to ensure that the total costs of the project that they want…

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Pat Summit as an Example of a Good Female Leader

Men and women may lead different in some aspects just based on personality traits, not just because ones a man, or ones a women. That’s my opinion and I strongly believe that. A man is no more successful on being a leader then a women is, it’s just how you apply yourself and the situation that come upon you being a leader….

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The Concept of Effective Leadership and Human Relations and Real Life Examples of Effective Leadership

Having an effective leadership quality isn’t a quality that is only inherent as most might believe, but a quality that is capable of being learned over time and experience. Peter Drucker, who was branded the greatest management thinker and writer of all time by Fortune, BusinessWeek, and The Wall Street Journal, paved a pat…

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A Study on the Innovation of the Tesla Company

Tesla Case Study Question #1: From each dimension, evaluate and explain how Tesla, as a company, has innovated (product, process, position, paradigm). Tesla Motors Inc. is an American public company which is known worldwide because of its experience in designing, manufacturing and also the selling of electric cars and e…

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A Case Study on Organizational Growth and Development of 3M

3M Case Study 3M is a manufacturing company that has a long history and reputation for fostering creativity and innovation among their staff. Innovation in the organizational culture of 3M is a major factor that contributes to business growth and development. This innovative and creative environment is created by the way…

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An Examination of the Information Gathering Techniques of Raj Rajaratman

The Galleon Group, prior being closed, Raj Rajaratman, was a thriving company that gave services and info about certain financial factors. However, due to the president of the company, who was also in other contradictory roles within the company, was involved in illegal activities that consisted of insider trading, and frau…

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The Importance of a Good Leader to Prevent Disagreement and Conflict

Ever since the dawn of time, people formed groups to accomplish a common goal. In each group, there would be an alpha in the group, otherwise known as the leader. The leader is to establish a set of rules in order to maintain peace and order within the group. As explained in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “David and Goliath, to be…

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An Overview of the History, Bankruptcy Filing, and Impact and Lessons from the Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc.

Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc., (LBHI or Lehman Brothers) was the fourth largest investment bank in America before its failure for bankruptcy on September 15th 2008, less than a year after the bank presented its biggest profit ever. With over $639 billion in assets (which is about as much as the five subsequently largest ba…

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The Success Story of Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel: Rags to Riches Dresses, skirts, and tight-fitting corsets. These are a few typical items of clothing that women were wearing during the end of the 1800’s. Women’s fashion was mostly uncomfortable and intricate. However, a young fashionista named Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, later nicknamed “Coco” Chanel, created…

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The Introduction of Taste of Nature into the Market of SNHU Pet Supply

SNHU Pet Supply will be introducing an all new line of pet food in the near future. Taste of Nature is set to hit the online pet food market and flagship store by October of this year. This new line of pet food is all natural, organic, and proven to be one of the healthiest foods on the market with a 100% money back guarant…

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The Cost of Outsourcing IT Departments

The True Cost of Outsourcing IT Departments Outsourcing IT departments has major implications for the companies and the economy of the home country. Parry and Graves(2008) noted that the financial cost factor was the main driver for outsourcing in the last decade of the twentieth century, but companies were increasingly b…

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The Elements of a Successful Marketing Strategy

Successful Marketing Strategies Firms seek synergy and competitive advantage through a successfully integrated program of marketing mix elements. Marketing strategy demonstrates how a firm allocates its resources, connects to its environment, and realizes a corporate goal in order to create economic value and achieve comp…

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White-Collar Crime in Relation to the Financial Sector

An important topic in today’s business world is white-collar crime. This can include a number of certain illegal actions, but within the financial sector, insider trading is prominent. Insider trading includes illegal buying and selling of securities as well as legal conduct. Corporate employees are legally able to buy and…

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The Exclusion of the Value of Meals Furnished to an Employee by His Employer From the Employee’s Gross Income

In general the value of meals furnished to an employee by his employer shall be excluded from the employee’s gross income if two tests are met: (i) The meals are furnished on the business premises of the employer, and (ii) the meals are furnished for the convenience of the employer. The question of whether meals are furnish…

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