A Response to Alastair Narcross’ Paper on Factory Farming

A Response to Alastair Narcross’ Paper on Factory Farming

In Alastair Norcross’ paper, “Puppies, Pigs, and People: Eating Meat and Marginal Cases” he describes a situation in which a man, Fred, has lost his ability to enjoy the gustatory pleasure of chocolate due to a car accident. However, it is known that puppies under duress produce cocoamone, the hormone Fred needs in order to…

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A Critical Response to Hardwig’s Paper “Is There a Duty to Die?”

In the middle of Hardwig’s paper,“Is There a Duty to Die?” he gives us an example of an 87-year old mother who is dying of heart failure. She has only a few months to live but is “terrified” of dying (Hardwig 1997, 37). She wants to live as long as possible but her only source of financial support is her 55-year old daughte…

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The Dangers of Making Assault Weapons Open to Public Ownership in a Conservative Case for an Assault Weapons Ban by Larry Alan Burns

Rhetorical Analysis on a Conservative Case for an Assault Weapons Ban “If we can’t draw a sensible line on guns, we may as well call the American experiment in democracy a failure” (Burns 1). A conservative case for an assault weapons ban by Larry Alan Burns discusses the dangers of making assault weapons and high capacity…

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Women’s Struggles in the War for Equality

Guys vs. Girls Right now, all around the world, women are fighting for equal rights. Ever since up to about a century or two ago, women were for the most part content being considered the lesser gender, in society, then men. Times were a lot different back when roles were much clearly defined men had to go out and hunt…

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People Should Be Willing to Move Away From the Past and Abandon Racism

Racism Racism, it has existed since humans were created. Hating someone because they are different: skin color, gender, beliefs, sexual orientation, or religion – whatever your base may be. It has evolved over time, in some cases it has reached massive devastating historic moments, such as the Holocaust, but it is alway…

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How Do Trends Affect the Younger Generations?

How Do Trends Affect the Younger Generations? Taco Bell restaurant is a widely popular “Tex-Mex” fast food chain based in North America. It is advertised all over the media from television to magazines. Most people that live in North America have eaten at a Taco Bell, at one point or another. Their 2016 Super Bowl ad “Bi…

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Observing Justice in Our Day-to-Day Activities in the Book, Everyday Justice by Julie Clawson

In her book, Everyday Justice (2009), Julie Clawson explores ways in
which justice can be observed in one’s day-to-day activities. She asserts
that in order to advocate for justice, one does not need to make monumental
life changes, nor does that person have to be an influential celebrity.
Justice is something which can be…

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Racism in College Campuses Throughout the United States

The news story which I selected relates to the several recent reports
of alleged racism which have been taking place on a number of college
campuses throughout the nation. Universities which have experienced a
particularly large amount of media coverage include the University of
Missouri and Yale University. Many students…

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The Need for Further Uncovering of Information in the Recognition and Management of Alcoholism in an Individual

Society has made great strides in the recognition and management of
mental illness. Despite such progress, there is still a significant amount
of information to be uncovered in regards to psychiatric disorders and this
is no less true for the problems associated with alcoholism. Thankfully,
conditions such as this are now…

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The Influences of Substance Abuse on the Alcoholic and the Effects of the Manifestations on the Native American Population

I was able to meet the Provider of Care program learning outcome with
this assignment because my cultural analysis paper allowed me the
opportunity to consider the influences that the pathophysiology of
substance abuse has on the alcoholic and how these manifestations can
affect a particular culture. The cultural group whi…

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A Research on the Historical Document of the Life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The historical document which I had chosen to research is Martin
Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech. There are a number of reasons
why I think that a better understanding of this document will allow me to
further appreciate history and why our nation is so much more diverse and
accepting than in generations past. W…

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The Issues of the Misuse and Abuse of Mood-Altering Substances

The misuse and abuse of mood-altering substances is an issue
which has affected communities for thousands of years. It has been well
established that the disease of addiction is quite universal in nature,
having the ability to touch literally anyone’s life. With this in mind, it
becomes obvious that no one cohort of indiv…

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Prejudice, Bias and Selfishness as the Reasons Behind World’s Biggest Problems

Sadly, prejudice and bias attitudes can be found in all corners of
the world. Despite the universal nature of such items, one could easily
entertain the notion that they appear to be more commonplace in certain
areas and among certain groups than in others. In order to determine what
roles these mentalities play when it c…

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Substance Abuse Among Children

It has become widely accepted by experts in the field that substance
abuse disorders are undeniably a “family disease”. This is to say that the
addicted individual is not the only person who is affected by the addiction
process, but indeed the lives of all of his or her family members as well.
Arguably, those whose wellbei…

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I Am Against Affirmative Action

Against Affirmative Action Imagine you go to participate in a foot race. Your parents are not only supportive, but have made it clear that you are expected to win the race, if not place in the top 10. Why not? Everyone in your family has, all of your friends expect to, you guys have trained together every day since the 6…

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Differences and Similarities Between Men and Women

Imagine an early 1930’s household. You see kids playing in the street or the backyard with their friends, a father just returning home from doing his duties as a man and providing for the family, and a mother whom is filling her role as a housewife: cooking, cleaning, and caring for the kids. Then, the worst happened, World…

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The History and Concept of Divorce

To most people, divorce is a relatively new idea, something that appeared in mankind’s emotional arsenal only recently. However, the concept of divorce has been around for quite some time, some anthropologists “report separation and remarriage among many hunting and gathering societies.”(Coontz) These people confuse the rec…

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A History of the American Ghetto

“Why would you arrest me? I’ve done nothing!” “For being a fucking mutt!!” -The Hunted and the Hated The American Ghetto, it’s almost ironic having those two words next to each other. America, to Americans at least, is supposed to symbolize; success, prosperity, equality, and achievement. Whilst “ghetto” represents t…

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On Free Speech and Hate Speech Regulations

“‘It’s hate speech!!’ yelled one man ‘It’s free speech!!” yelled another. -Unknown When I was in second grade with Ms.Silvers, at a predominantly Caucasian school with approximately 3 African-American students, I had an accidental run-in with hate speech and the regulation of it. I was a friendly, happy student. I was e…

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The Effects of the Culture Movement 1960’s

Prompt #2 Uni-Dimensional Universe If you were to walk up to any random person on the street and ask them: “Do you have an iPhone?” Most would answer yes. If you asked them: “How many iPhones have you bought before?” Answers will range from this being their first iPhone for some, but others will shock you by proudly decl…

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James Scott’s Discussion on the Small Elite Class Ruling Over the Larger, Poorer Population

The Strongest Weapons of The Weak Throughout history there has always been a small elite class that rules over a larger, typically poorer, population. Evidence of this is prevalent in today’s society, for example, the 1% vs the 99%. The richest 1% of the world owns, approximately, 48% of the world’s wealth according to a…

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An Analysis of the Rise of Organized Crime in America

The Family Man: An Analysis of the Rise of Organized Crime in America Al Capone, Bugsy Moran, Comorra, and La Cosa Nostra: these are all names associated with one thing. These are the four of the many words associated with the American mafia in today’s society. Throughout decades of bloodshed and violence, the mafia has…

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Problems Faced by Sierra Leone and Reasons Why We Should Help Them

Many times we find ourselves faced with problems in our own lives that we can solve in various ways, whether by ourselves, with the help of others, or through a bigger group effort. In today’s world especially, if we need help beyond ourselves we can reach out to friends and family or those with similar believes quite easil…

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The Pros and Cons of a Manipulative Behavior

When discovering the nature of manipulation, we must first define it. As defined by vocabulary.com, manipulation is the skillful handling, controlling or using of something or someone. Under this definition, manipulation serves to be more of a neutral tool than a purposely evil creation. However, it is seen to have both pos…

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The Importance and Significance of Being Tolerant

Tolerance: the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with. This lack of this virtue has impacted human history time and time again. Revolutions, uprisings, protests; this one word could have rendered all of them unnecessary from…

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