A Research on the Cruelty and Captivity of Dolphins in Today’s Society

A Research on the Cruelty and Captivity of Dolphins in Today’s Society

Abstract My research paper will explore the cruelty and captivity of dolphins. Dolphin cruelty has become a widespread dilemma around the world. Some of the reasons why I think dolphin cruelty exists is all for the money and entertainment. I always wondered how one felt by hurting and slaughtering animals, if there are any…

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The Factors That Contributed to Erica’s Experience of the Virtue of Fidelity

1) Erica is 16-year-old bi-racial girl with Mexican and African-American parents. She is tracked on Erikson’s psychosocial stage of identity. Erika is exuberant and outgoing. She has a sense of complexity to her life by taking up hobbies such as a talent for theater, even when she is in high school. This could be a source o…

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An Interview with J and Analysis of the Effects of the Solution Focused Therapy Using Clay

The Boys and Girls Club is a non-profit afterschool program that caters to children from all social-economic backgrounds. The economic backgrounds of participant range from lower income to more affluent middle class. There are ethnically diverse populations, including, but not limited to, Black, Caucasian, Latino, Asian, B…

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The Options and Recommendations to Neutralize and Destroy ISIS

Dealing with the threat of ISIS With the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) or Dai’sh as it is locally called, on a rampant advance across several fronts in Syria and Iraq, US lawmakers find themselves at a deadlock on how to deal with this threat. There is heated discussion, both within the US and outside it, on how…

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The Technological Issue of Identity Theft Today

Abstract Since the dawn of the internet, identity theft has become easier than ever. The ease of access to millions of records and personal information is an open invitation to the criminal persuasion. But are the thieves responsible for stealing your private data completely to blame? Cyber Crime and Identity Theft Today…

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The Use of Literary Devices to Portray the Effects of Poverty in Daddy Tucked the Blanket by Randall Williams

In “Daddy Tucked the Blanket” by Randall Williams, the author creates a clear picture of what it is like to grow up in poverty. Randall Williams effectively writes about a childhood memory about dealing with the feeling of poverty. He presents poverty as more than a lack of money, poverty is a feeling of being ashamed. Thr…

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The Social, Political and Religious Beliefs of Muslim Hip-Hop Celebrities in America

As long as hip-hop has remained a vital component of the cultural vernacular, the religion of Islam has produced a strong and profound impact on this genre. A great number of the greatest names and most famous rappers have revealed an inclination for Islam yet if they are not fundamentally practicing Muslims. For example,…

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The Benefits of the Bureau of Prisons Substance Abuse Treatment

There are other offenders in jails and prisoners besides the ones many people may think of. Individual with special needs, a mental illness, and those suffering from substance abuse also make up part of the prison and jail population. These type of offenders affect the state and federal jail and prison systems on a state an…

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The Factors That Influence the Growth of Jails and Prisons

Many individuals may believe jails and prisons are the same thing. Historically, jails have played an important role in corrections and were just as important then as they are now. While their basic roles have changed over the year, a jails place in corrections is still very important. Correctional facilities have been arou…

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Comparing the Similarities and Differences Between the Parole and Probation Programs

In an overcrowded and burdened prison system, the courts oftentimes want inmates to be released as badly as the prisoners do themselves. Programs such as parole and probation offer inmates alternatives to imprisonment. When used properly, they can be beneficial for both the inmate and society by allowing the inmate to contr…

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Contradicting the Social Norm: Rock Music as a Sin That Will Send You to Hell According to the Youth Group Pastor in Church

Society: The Pastor and Assassin of Normality Growing up, my religion wasn’t really my choice. I was forced to go to church every Sunday, and sometimes even Saturdays and Wednesdays. Some churches I was able to tolerate, but for others, the thought seemed relatively impossible. The church that I attended the longest turned…

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The Financial and Legal Consequences of Digital Piracy

Digital piracy is a serious issue that harms both producers and consumers. Digital piracy is the act of obtaining an illegal and unapproved copy of digital content from a third party not authorized to distribute the content. Pirated material is often free, of poor quality, and robs the content maker of royalties. Piracy can…

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The Theory of Mind and the Influence to Prosocial Lying Among Children

“Second, research on socially sanctioned lies has focused almost exclusively on the role of the conventionality component. For example, the role of ToM understanding has hardly been factored into the study of children’s telling of white and blue lies. Research needs to assess children’s ToM and social-moral understanding co…

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A Perspective on Cyberbullying and Its Effects on the Victims

Cyber bullying has been a topic for Psychologists, Parents, and policy reform since the commercialization of the Internet. Pre-internet bullying involved socially marginalized children and teenagers picking on their friends and other marginalized children in the school yard. Cyber Bullying is a known problem all across the…

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The Scale of Adictive Behavior Among Adults in the United States

One review study noted that at any one time, 47 percent of American
adults showed signs of addictive behavior over a period of a year. The
scale of addictive behavior among a population makes it difficult to pin
down specific personality traits that may indicate or predispose
individuals to addictive behavior. There is evid…

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The Negative Effects of Modern Technological Advances on Children

Approximately, twenty years ago children played outside the houses
building forts, riding bikes, or playing sports. However, modern
technological advances provide children with gadgets that enable them to
play indoors. Essentially, children do not need to be in the company of
their peers to play because some of the devices…

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A Description of the Helpful Lessons from Our Term That Were Instrumental in Changing My Feelings Toward Negotiation

Over the course of this term, I have learned a tremendous amount about successfully navigating difficult communicative situations. Among the most difficult scenarios for me to work through have been negotiations. I’ve learned that although negotiating can appear to be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. By completing the S…

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A Review of A Sentence Made by Men, Organizational Barriers to Inclusion, and Communicating/Muting Date Rape

Muted group theory was put forth in the 1960’s by anthropologists Shirley and Edwin Ardener. It asserts that communication between the males and females is imbalanced in favor of the dominant (generally male) element of a society. As a result, the subordinate group must use the dominant modes of expression to communicate an…

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Same-Sex Marriage and the Fundamental Right to Marry in Obergefell v. Hodges

In Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court of the United States decided
that it is a fundamental right to marry. The decision made it that states
must allow same-sex couples to marry and essentially making gay marriage
legal in the United States. In the U.S., homosexuality and gay marriage
remains a massively polarizing top…

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The Controversial Use of Excessive Police Force in the United States and the Spending of Taxpayers Money on Police Training and Execution

The use of excessive police force remains one of the most severe human rights violations in the United States. Some police officers are using their power to do unjust things, and parts of society have come to fear the police. The law enforcement system needs change. The courts have failed the police, and so the police then…

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The Harm and Effects of Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying has been a problem for decades. In the more recent years, technology has advanced very quickly now having an abundance of social networking applications such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or Periscope. The list can go on forever. The fact of the matter is that young adults are using these social media appl…

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Children With Developmental Challenges and Their Impact on Their Surroundings

Children with Developmental Challenges A developmental disability “is manifested before the person reaches twenty-two years of age; Constitutes a substantial disability to the affected individual, and is attributable to mental retardation or related conditions, which include cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism or other neurol…

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The US Government Should Support the Use of Naloxone to Combat Opioid Overdoses

In 2015, the CDC estimates that there were over 33,000 opioid related<br /> deaths. Many of these deaths could have been prevented if naloxone, an FDA<br /> approved drug used to reverse an opioid overdose, were administered<br /> immediately after a suspected opioid overdose. The number of doctor<br /> prescribed opioids has skyrocketed from 76 m…

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The Correlation Between Fear and Corruption

Topic 8.2.13 It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it. Most Burmese are familiar with the four a-gati, the four kinds of corruption. Chanda-gati, corruption induced by desire, is deviation from the right…

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An Argument in Favor of Slavery During the 19th Century

Pro-Slavery Arguments of the 19th Century Leading up to the nineteenth century, slavery became increasingly more prominent as a cheap source of labor in Latin America and the Caribbean. However, the 1800s were also marked by increased slave revolts alongside a strong emerging presence of abolitionist ideas that when couple…

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