A Report on the Technical Mining Trip to Can-Kaya Rock Salt Mine Under the Supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Hasan Aydin Bilgin

A Report on the Technical Mining Trip to Can-Kaya Rock Salt Mine Under the Supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Hasan Aydin Bilgin

This report is typed because of the technical mine trip arranged on the October 25, 2014. Besides, the trip has been organized to Çan-Kaya Rock Salt Mine with the supervision of Ass. Prof. Dr. Hasan Aydın Bilgin. Finally, this report covers information about the trip. The mining trip to Çankırı Rock Salt mine can be appre…

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The Factors Responsible for the Distribution, Size, and Frequency of Charitable Donations and the Effectiveness of the Charity Marketing Campaigns

Charity is a practice which enables people to support specific causes,
associations, institutions and individuals by making occasional and/or
regular charitable donations. In spite of its altruistic and non-profit
nature, charity giving is a very large market which has caught the
attention of numerous experts who have attem…

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The Relationship between Leadership and Charisma

Charisma and circumstances Table of contents 1. Introduction 1 2. An analysis of charisma 2 3. The nature of charisma 3 4. The effects of circumstances 4 5. Conclusion 5 References 6 1. Introduction Leadership is a concept that has always interested great thinkers and

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The Importance of Good Communication in the Business Sector

Good communication is essential for all organizations to be successful. Communication is defined as transmitting, receiving, and processing information (Baack, 2012) Communication is important when team members of a company are working towards the same goals. Lack of effective communication can render an organization handic…

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Understanding My Leadership Style from the Leadership Self-Assessment Test

When I think of myself as a leader, I automatically think of how people normally tell me that I have a controlling nature. While I don’t find myself to be controlling, I will say that I like order. I like to have things in a routine and I like for things to happen systematically. I joke with people that I am slightly OCD…

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A Study on the Qualitative and Quantitative Concept of Designs

This chapter is based on a different conception of “design” than that of the preceding two chapters. Those chapters assumed that “integrated MMR designs” are a type of design, contrasting with qualitatively- and quantitatively-driven designs. This is a widely-held view of design–that design primarily involves selecting a p…

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A Study on Consumer Behavior Towards Luxury Animal Skin Products and the Idea of Responsible Consumption

This study focuses on consumers’ attitude towards luxury animal skin products and the concept of responsible consumption, which has already been analysed and investigated by numerous scholars. Nowadays many brands use animals’ skins to make their products. Most luxury brands offer items made from real hides as these are wid…

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The Arguments of Daniel Griswold and Charles Kernaghan on Senator Byron Dorgan’s Proposed Bill on the Ban of the Sale of Imported Goods Made in Sweatshops

The capitalistic trend of the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to inexpensive sweatshops in developing countries and its overall effects on working conditions has been a controversial topic since the development of a global market. The issue was once again publicized when Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota proposed a Bil…

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An Assessment of the Operating Principles that Makes Berkshire Hathaway a Success

3-. The operating principles of Berkshire Hathaway are in stark contrast to the “best practices” recommended by governance experts. What does this say about the reliability of those best practices? The positive result in terms of management and growth of the company Berkshire Hathaway over time, is a clear example of how…

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An Overview of the Corporate Social Responsibility of ASOS, a British Online Fashion and Beauty Store

Asos is a global online fashion and beauty trade and offers more than 50,000 lines of branded and outdoor products for women, men, footwear, accessories, costume jewelery and beauty. ASOS account with web pages for the United Kingdom, USA United States, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia and deliver to more than 19…

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The Elements of an Effective Recruitment and Selection System and Its Link to the Human Resources Planning Process

The role of recruitment and selection can be said to be important and critical in an organisation as it helps with the process of leading, managing and developing people. It is indeed pivotal as it also determines successful worker performance and positive organisational outcomes as it is a part of the overall human resourc…

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A Study on the Perception of Accountants and External Auditors Located in Barbados About the Standard Setting Process for International Financial Reporting Standards and International Standards on Auditing

Introduction Accountants and external auditors in Barbados are impacted by the standard setting process of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and therefore have a role to play in the process. The purpose of this study is to investigate the perception of accountants and external auditors located in Barbado…

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The Use of E-Recruitment, E-Training, E-Performance Management, and E-Compensation in Modern Human Resource Management

E-Recruitment Recruitment, “includes those practices and activities carried out by the organization with the primary purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees” (Breaugh & Starke, 2000). This function is a critical part of human resource management as it involves getting human assets into the organization. M…

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The Different Elements of a Good Audit

Before the audit is performed the auditor must have an understanding of the client’s business risk and industry. This may assist the auditor in identifying significant client business risks. A company’s business risk is defined as the possibility that the business may not be able to repay its loan because of economic or bus…

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A Case of a Long Organization Restructuring Exercise Undertaken by Unilever, an Old Multinational Global Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company

Introduction Decentralization was a source of strength for Unilever. The company create basis of subsidiary companies in major national markets. Each market was responsible for production, marketing, sales and distribution of products in that market. The case discusses a long organization restructuring exercise undertake…

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The Important Elements of Leadership

Keys to Leadership: Organization, Acknowledging Good Performance, and Communication In Tim Hinkin’s article, Becoming a Leader in Hospitality, he mentions an inspirational quote from one of Hospitality’s greatest leaders, Bill Marriott, stating, “if we take care of our employees they will take care of our guests.” This q…

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The Importance of an Efficient Operations Management

Operations Management organizes the resources that produces and delivers products and services by an organizations for it consumers. Operations management is the central most important process for effectively running a company. This area of management is diversed and is categorized into various types of businesses, includin…

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The Importance of an Efficient Supply Chain Management

One of the main goals in a business is to maintain an efficient system of running operations. When businesses maintain efficient operations, it not only increases profitability however, also reduces cost. In today’s globalized market, competition is fierce, as many business entities offer similar goods and services. In orde…

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A Study on the Used Volkswagen Car Dealership and Its Benefit from the Opening of a New Site in Colchester

Introduction This report aims to determine whether a used Volkswagen car dealership
would benefit from the opening of a new site in Colchester, by analysing
the local used car market and its characteristics. A number of quantitative
methods will be employed to analyse market-related data and to draw

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The Marketing Communications Strategy and Tactics Regarding Audi R8 V10

The marketing communications strategy and tactics that the product owner utilises. An overview of Audi’s R8 V10 During the past two decades, Audi has successfully strengthened its brand, reputation and market position by integrating an effective marketing communications strategy aimed at satisfying its target customers’…

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A Research Proposal on Design Orientation and the Method Used to Evaluate Firms’ Design Orientation

Abstract This research proposal investigates the meaning of design orientation in
order to develop a method aimed at evaluating firms’ design orientation as
objectively and accurately as possible. After analysing various definitions
of design and summarising the findings of several design-related studies,
the main research…

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The Challenges Faced in the Trends of NPI and How the Latest Methodologies Can Help the Management

  1. Introduction The development of a new product is a complex process that involves various decisions and activities, and can only be achieved when people specialised in different fields cooperate effectively (Bernard, 2011, p.247). In order for a team or an organisation to deliver a product that meets or even exceeds cust…

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The Importance of Face-to-Face Survey in the Evaluation of the Origins of Luxury Brand Perception and Its Impact on Luxury Brand Strength

Methodology Tested and effective methods have been used to evaluate the origins of luxury brand perception and its impact on luxury brand strength. A number of people enjoy buying goods from luxury brands, including animal skin products. Although using animal skin to make clothes and fashion accessories is not an eco-fri…

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A Study of the Business Strategy of Mulberry

  1. Introduction Founded in 1971, Mulberry is known and appreciated for its exquisite
    leather bags and ability to combine elegance, charm and practicality.
    (Mulberry, 2015a) Since 2000, the company has been striving to position
    itself as a global luxury brand by focussing on its main strengths, i.e….

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A Proposal for a Market Entry Choice for Gerolsteiner

  1. Introduction In today’s competitive global market, more and more firms resort to international expansion to maximise their sales, increase their competitiveness and gain access to new markets, ideas and technologies (Hollensen, 2014, p.15). However, being international expansion a complex process that entails numerous…

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