A Quick Guide to Getting Hired

A Quick Guide to Getting Hired

Job Application Form The three things that I think are important are to know the job description, the job responsibilities, and the job qualifications. These things help one to weigh himself or herself and know whether one is suitable for the position they are applying for. For example, being a waitress requires a very hos…

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A Case Study on the Employment Standards of McDonald’s in British Columbia, Canada

Employment Standards Case Study The article reflects on McDonald’s situation where they are accused of possibly abusing the Temporary Foreign Worker Program at one of their franchise outlet in British Columbia. From the article, McDonald is said to offer more shifts to the temporary foreign workers than the Canadians. As a…

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A Research on the Important Roles of Marketers in the Marketing of Books

Marketers We as University students are planning to visit a high school to encourage the students there to read books that we shall carry with us, and the way for them to get the books is to buy from us. We shall go as a group of four students who shall play the specific roles of marketers and cashiers for the project. Oth…

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An Evaluation of the Role of the Human Relations Management

Human Relations Management The human relations management mainly focuses on the relations that people have in the workplace. The human relations approach to the management, therefore, emphasizes the social and psychological aspects of the people at work (Hendry, 2012). The relation that people create in their work is the o…

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A Case Study on the Immormino v J&M Powers Inc.

Case Summary Facts Mary Lee Immormino was injured as a result of a hot water spill by defendant J & M Powers, Inc., d.b.a. McDonald’s fast food franchise. The defendant has filed a summary judgement request because the cup design and manufacture have met the basic consumer expectations and were not defective. The warning…

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Organizational Behavior and Its Importance in Managing a Business Organization

Unison is the largest trade union for public sector workers in the UK. Apparently the framework of UNISON is such that it follows a centralized structure of procedural implications such that all the decisions affecting the whole union are made by individuals who are senior members &…

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An Overview of Application Learning, Solutions to Problems and Future Goals

I. Introduction The course that I propose to develop is the application learning,
which falls in the system of the Information Technology Department. With
the current technology and e-learning, the classroom is no longer viewed as
a local community but rather as a heterogeneous group of learners
worldwide. In the glob…

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A Strength and Weakness Analysis of the Dhahran Agency Case Study

Based on the analysis of the Dhahran Agency case study, there are quite an in-depth description of the discrepancies within the internal controls. There are several strengths of this analysis that the student was able to evaluate as well as present a well-structured and quality report on the case. The parties involved with…

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A Company Overview and Marketing Analysis of Trafigura

A Report about Commodities Trades Company Trafigura Trafigura as a multinational trading company involved in metals, oil and energy has stakeholders necessary in the organization and project management of the enterprise. Its stakeholders include host governments, regulators, civil society, non-governmental organizations (N…

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A Discussion on the Impact of the Growth of Alien Labor in California

California and its industrial revolution especially in terms of prospecting minerals and the railway line brought workers from diversified cultures and origins to the state. The promise of jobs building the railway line and mining ensured that California was one of the most favored destinations by workers seeking employment…

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The Importance of the Coffee Industry to the Dominican Republic

Shade coffee systems are extremely beneficial to the flora, fauna, and human communities established in the Dominican Republic. Birds and coffee farmers themselves profit from this type of farm the most; however, the advantages can be felt throughout the tropical island of Hispaniola and beyond. Although sugarcane, tobacc…

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Product Pricing: The Relationship Between Price and Value

Relationship between Price and Value According to Christine Benninger, from Stanford Entrepreneurship Center, (2011) everyone gets what they pay for. This shows that there is a relationship that exists between price and value of the products or services that we get. Price is taken to be the amount of money that is mainly p…

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A Comparison between the Business Behavior of America and Nigeria

Examine how and why business behavior can differ in different cultures Part 1 Invisible boundaries exist in business practices dividing different cultures, thus making business practices vary in various cultures. This is the case for both Nigeria and America. The management of these invisible boundaries would be easier if…

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A Case Study on the Financing for Drug King

In order to raise capital, a business is required to follow a number of different options. One of the most prominent is to issue debt. Through that path alone, there are multiple different options on the types of bonds to issue. For example, an entity may choose to have a call option or a stock converter option. Drug King h…

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The Life of an Accountant and the Skills Needed to Be Successful

Without a doubt, Washington D.C. is one of the hubs of professional development. Informational Interviews, then, are a critical component on a young intern’s own advancement. I have been told, and experienced myself, the idea that it is not about the strength of a resume or cover letter, but a potential career rests almost…

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The Importance of Internship in Advancing Your Career

Foot in the Door A step into the real world is always shocking; especially in an unfamiliar city. Traveling to Washington D.C. in order to participate in an internship program was one of the toughest decisions I have made. First, it would mean spending the summer away from my family. Secondly it’s the summer before my fina…

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The Evolution of GAAP (the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)

The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) have guided the finance reporting protocol for years. Recently, rapid changes have been occurring in the American business sector; however, contrary to what many may think, significant changes have not occurred in the GAAP principles. There has been a small degree of chang…

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An Analysis of the Successful Marketing Strategies of Target

Without a doubt marketing is never stagnant. Conditions with the consumers, markets, and economy all fluctuate significantly, and all have a significant impact on retailer’s marketing strategy. When a consumer thinks of a discount retailer, Target is one of the first to come to mind. Forever in competition with Walmart, Tar…

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The Impact of Slotting Fees on Vendors, Retailers and Consumers

The obstacles seem endless for those entrepreneurs desperately seeking success for new product. These innovators finally produced a final product, but are now faced with ridiculous charges just to get their product on shelves. From the retailers perspective though, it is a business. They must find a way to make more money,…

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Pricing New Products: The Example of the Apple Company

Without a doubt, marketers’ toughest task is pricing each new product that their corresponding company produces. Price too low, and the company fixes the product’s market value position at a low level while foregoing significant revenues and profits. Marketers combine for many different strategies to achieve their sales goa…

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Building Relationship With Customers Through Sales Force: The Example of MedTronic

They are either loved or hated. Salespeople make a big portion of the marketing population today, and they can be found anywhere. Every company focuses on the importance of building customer relationships with their cliental, and having a salesperson to connect with these consumers makes the job easier. Relationships are im…

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The Role of Marketing in Business and Economy

Marketing professionals have the opportunity to touch millions of lives each day. Especially in the developed countries, television advertisements, billboards, and newspaper articles engulf the cities. Even though it does not seem like a major contributor, a consumer’s perception of a product makes a huge difference in the…

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The Problem of Fraud in Companies

Hide and Seek Ever since there has been rules, individuals have sought out ways to violate these rules in order to satisfy their own self-interest. Ethics are thrown out the window. This could not be more true in the field of Accounting. The latest $7.6 Billion Ponzi scheme in China proves, once again, manipulating numbers…

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A Comparison of Air Fare between American Airlines and Southwest Airlines

Airline travel is far from convenient, but the only way to travel long distances in a shorter amount of time. With the continuous rise in prices, however, one must look at the opportunity cost of choosing the airport. There are so many hidden fees now married with the increase of a plane ticket, and not many travelers stop…

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The Goodwill Company’s Marketing Practice

Marketers face a never ending challenge of attempting to appeal to a target market with a large enough customer base to generate big profits. A under lying challenge is to reach a majority of that consumer group. Goodwill has been serving the community and serving its mission since 1902. Not only do they have a wide variety…

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