A Proposal and Marketing Plan for Sunway Resort and Spa

The Greatest Ponzi Scheme of Bernie Madoff

The World’s Greatest Ponzi Scheme There are many types of fraud in the business industry. One type of fraud in particular, which is arguably the most famous, is the Ponzi Scheme. According to Oxford Dictionaries a Ponzi Scheme is “a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a nonexistent enterprise is fostered by…

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A Proposal and Marketing Plan for Sunway Resort and Spa

Resort Hotel (Sunway Resort and Spa) This is a proposal and marketing plan for a hospitality business as resort hotel. We named it as Sunway Resort and Spa, this plan included hotel’s environmental analysis and forecasting, market segmentation and target, objective and quotas for the hotel, our strategies and tactics, need…

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The Mission Statement for the Ready Flowers

Operations strategy Mission statement The mission statement for Ready Flowers is to produce flowers whilst distributing it off to the biggest supermarket chains. The goals of the business are to satisfy customer needs. Having a variety of flowers that attract consumer needs at different seasons. Whilst ensuring the compa…

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A Study on the Psychopathic Behavior of the Salespeople in Violeta’s Organization

Based on what you know about organisational psychopathy, justify how the behaviour of salespeople in Violeta’s organisation could be regarded as “psychopathic”? Psychopaths tend to prevent groups of people from developing empathy for others by manipulating them into behaving as borderline psychopaths to achieve their perso…

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An Analysis of the Background and Internal Environmental Factors, External Marketing Environment, Marketing Strategies and Recommendations for BMW

Executive summary This report outlines analysis of BMW’s background and internal environmental factors, external marketing environment analysis, marketing strategies and recommendations for the organisation. (Complete description in Appendix 8) Methods of analysis include Strength and Weaknesses comparison, Pestle and Per…

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The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility to Every Business

Reflective Report on Corporate Social Responsibility Debate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is considered an important milestone that every business should try achieve as they grow larger and have increased impact on their surroundings. In the debate about CSR we had to debate about the impact that Coca Cola’s factor…

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An Analysis of the Managerial Success of Zara, a Spanish Fast Fashion Retailer Company

Zara is considered a fast fashion company. With more than 4,000 stores all over the world, Zara is known for their extraordinary approach to operation management that allows them to develop a new product and have it delivered to stores in just two weeks. In comparison, other retailers take up to six months to do the same (F…

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An Introduction to Job Analytics and the Benefits of the Mobile Application

In the era of technological advancement, mobile technology became an integral part for socialization, communication, and fast information. The innovation of mobile applications thus sets the stage for statistical information to be easily accessible and useful. That being said, I would like to introduce a new app called Job…

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The Concept of Diversity in the Workplace and Its Importance to Organizations

Diversity means variety and dissimilarity. The idea of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means that understanding that every individual is exclusive, and recognizing our individual variations. These could be based on the race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic standing, age, physical skill…

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An Overview of the Business Strategies of Zappos

Executive Summary Zappos goal, according to the article is to keep the employees happy and provide the best services they could to the society. They believed that a happy employee give great services. They also developed a list of core values to define what zappos is about. They always believed in keeping the customers ha…

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The Culture and the Business Management and the Book by Anthropologist Edward Taylor

Culture and Business Management Culture is the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group. According to the book the Anthropologist Edward Taylor, in 1871 defined culture as “a complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, arts, morals, law, customs, and any other capabilities and…

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An Overview of the Business Strategy of Dona Juice

Dona Juice is a refreshment product which was launched eighteen months ago with the main aim of bridging the existing gaps in the market. The product is made out of different fresh fruits and it will come in a variety of sizes and color. The juices comes in different brands: Mango, avocado, banana, water melon. Dana Juice i…

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The Boomer Consulting Inc and the Aspects of the Leverage

Introduction This paper focuses on the Boomer Consulting Inc (BCI) based on the way bidirectional service supply relationship has been displayed in the Boomer circle, the way BCI has made clients co-producers in service delivery and how leverage may be obtained in using Boomer Consulting. The paper also analyzes if it coul…

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The Basics of Prices and Marketing Strategy

I would like to tell you about prices and marketing strategy. In the world of economics prices are built by different factors. Generally, price of a commodity is based on it’s cost price and interest, which producer gets from it. And it depends on a situation between producer and customer whether the final price will be hig…

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Culture Insensitivity and Moral Decay at IMP

Introduction “All it takes is for Good Men to do Nothing” is a case study that demonstrates culture insensitivity and the moral decay at IMP. Based on the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission findings, this paper highlights the recommendations to address the issues on the training needs analysis and potential training conte…

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The Use and Issues Regarding IoT Technology in a Company

Introduction This paper presents the IoT, how it is used in a company and issues one should know before making a decision to implement the IoT technology. Most of the issues identified in this paper are related to security. This is because, for any technology that connects to the internet, the technology is vulnerable to s…

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An Introduction to Variable Pay and Its Pros and Cons

Pay for Performance Variable pay is a form of compensating employees depending on their performance. Unlike the salary which is compensated in equal proportions throughout the year, a variable plan is dynamic depending on an employee’s achievement (Zall, 2011). In my organization with a variable pay plan, the basis for p…

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A Company’s Systematic Risk and Non-Systematic Risk

4. Company’s systematic risk and non-systematic risk (two each) Systematic risk Systematic risk also called as non-diversifiable risk or market risk which is uncertainty inborn to the whole market. Due to systematic risk will be affected by day to day fluctuations in stock’s price so it’s volatile. Wars, economic recessio…

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A Review of the Different Selection and Recruiting Techniques for Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition Techniques Recruitment & Selection Table of Content: 1.     Analyzing Job Specification before the Interview –         Assess the recruitment needs –         Make the job analysis –         Set up the job processes –         Writing the job description   2.     Developing the Required Profile –  …

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The Key People in the Microsoft Corporation

William H. (Bill) Gates – Chairman and chief executive officer of
Microsoft. Born
October 28, 1955 shortly after 9 PM. He is reported to be the richest
private individual in the
World topping the Forbes list of richest people for both 1996 and 1997 INVE…

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The Factors That Impacts the Shopping Decisions of Consumers in Paco Underhill’s Why We Buy – The Science of Buying

There is a science behind the motivations of why we buy certain merchandise and not others or the emotional feelings we experience when walking into a retailer. Paco Underhill, author of Why We Buy- The Science of Buying explores into detail what these factors are that impact us as consumers. Factors including the marketing…

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A Recommendation of the Equity Theory to Address the Issue Between Management and Labor

Motivation Case Assignment To solve the problem between management and labor I might consider utilizing the equity theory. In this situation, the workers and the robots are not equal in any way but rather than quitting because they aren’t as efficient and effective the workers are putting in extra efforts to find some othe…

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An Overview of Data Analytics, Its Use in Accounting and Fraud Investigations, and Its Pros and Cons

Data Analytics Report What is Data Analytics? Generally, data analytics refers to the techniques and processes used to examine large sets of data and identify patterns, trends, and other insights which help businesses to make more informed decisions. The first step in the data analysis process is knowing where the data…

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A Ponzi Scheme Study: The Lou Pearlman’s Fictitious Airline Company

Ponzi Scheme Assignment A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation in which the operator of the scheme lures investment funds from new investors and then pays older investors with the new investors funds. There are no legitimate business activities or profits from financial trading involved. One example of a Ponzi…

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The Use of PESTEL Framework by Strategic Leaders in Organizations

Final Essay Questions The PESTEL Framework is used by strategic leaders to analyze their external environment and identify opportunities and threats. This is done by monitoring the company’s macroenvironment and evaluating any trends or changes. Next, strategic leaders determine which PESTEL factor is the source of these t…

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