a paper about faity tales

use robin hood to wirte as an example then follow the instruactions

Formal Requirements:

4 pages

12 point Times New Roman


One inch margins

MLA heading

MLA documentation

Sources: 2 in-class readings

               2 student-selected, instructor-approved sources


For this paper, you will need to answer the question:

Are fairy tales useful to society? Why or why not?

In order for this paper to be successful, you will need to:

  • define “fairy tales”
  • support your argument with reasonable examples
  • support your argument with credible sources

As a scholarly, academic paper, you should have:

  •  a clearly identifiable thesis in the introduction paragraph
  • clear topic sentence and well-organized paragraphs
  • an academic tone and style (no second person, limited first person)
  • minimal grammatical errors

more points to write about is

1- different viersions of robin hood

2- the original of robin hood. dose it still teach the right morals

3- what lessons or morles it teaches,dose it effect the world as you see it as a child

4- Archetype of this fairy tale.