A Management Course on the Four Functions of Management

The Role of Human Resource Management in the Tourism Industry

Human Resource Management in the Tourism Industry The availability of new sophisticated technology in various
organizations is increasingly growing and as a result, developing global
concern. In this regard, the roles of Human Resource Management (HRM) have
become more critical in the business world. Historically, HR…

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The New Marketing Ideas in the Fashion Industry

Fashion Marketing Articles “Storytelling Key to Burberry’s China Strategy” by Harilela The article was written with the intention of inculcating marketing
knowledge to executives in the fashion industry. For this reason, the
underlying ideas were meant to help marketers understand the fragile nature
of the co…

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The Importance of Performance Evaluation of Employees

How to improve current employees’ performance. Every organization main objectives are to maximize profits and
shareholders wealth. However, improving employees’ performance remains a
goal. Workers underperformance can affect the company as it would fall
short of its potential. It is therefore important for the firm t…

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The Use of the Concept of Supply Chain Management in the Business Environment

Introduction The concept of supply chain management is widely employed in the business environment. In recent years, the interlinking between supply chain and quality management has gained significant attention. Through this relationship, it is possible to identify quality management issues within the supply chain environm…

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An Overview of the Demand Forecasting Method, Its Importance, Types, and Impacts in Business

Introduction Demand forecasting is a crucial aspect because it largely contributes to efficient decision-making in terms of different organizational operations, particularly in the case of manufacturing companies. In this regard, forecasting is a fundamental process in demand management and other related activities. Foreca…

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Why Accounting Knowledge is Important

Introduction Knowledge in accounting is important as it acts as the primary factor of a market economy. Every financial activity relies on accounting knowledge to create attainable goals and objectives with the aim of making profits. Accounting knowledge is the foundation of monetary and financial systems of the states and…

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The Progress of Virtual Reality Technology and the Marketing of the Product

Virtual reality’s popularity is increasing. Soon it will be used by people from all walks of life. Today, virtual reality is mainly associated with gaming and educational purposes. Moving forward we will see consumers using virtual reality with social media, shopping, and even buying a home. For our expo project, we will be…

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Factors in Developing a Business

Being a person of business in a developing country is not easy. Having the mental tenacity for incentive to create a company can make or break any entrepreneur and this is why having globalization is such an important asset. Globalization plays many keys for expanding your business to the world. Beginning with the personal…

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The Different Ways of Protecting a Company in a Partnership Setup

WAYS OF PROTECTING YOUR COMPANY IN A PARTNERSHIP. The relationship between partners and how the business is to be run is governed by the partnership agreement between the partners. Creating the partnership agreement and setting up the proper structure for the partnership are the two most important steps in the partnership….

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Ways to Improve Hospitals and Retail Environments

Improving the Standard There are many ways that hospitals and retail environments can be compared and both can learn from the other to produce environments that are both unique and far more productive. Both Hospitals and retail environments have their own goals and agendas to attend to. The hospital’s goals being to give t…

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An Analysis of the Ethical Business Leader, Melinda Gates

Ethical Business Leader-Melinda Gates Melinda Gates, most commonly known as Bill Gates wife. Bill is well-known for finding Microsoft. As many know, the couple are increasingly wealthy, and are philanthropists. A philanthropist is a person who aims to improve the lifestyles of others, and this is generally accomplished b…

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A Company Overview and History of Pandora

Pandora company is an internet based music streaming program. The company, as of 2017 provided music to nearly 100 million active members at its peak. Pandora is powered by the Music Genome Project and was established and recognized in the year 2000. Although this internet music application is only available in the United S…

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An Analysis of the Ethical Issues Surrounding Jeffrey Skilling

Unethical Leader Jeffrey Skilling’s CEO of Enron Corporation Jeffrey Skilling, an infamous leader and CEO of a booming gas company Enron, which was located in Houston, Texas encompassed several unethical practices during his short-lived career within this company. The Enron scandals were broadcasted nationally, and many…

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The Operating System’s Efficiency Project at CommUniversity

The overview of the project will consist of the scope and the deliverables that are expected of us from CommUniversity. Prior to starting the project we met with our sponsor Elizabeth so she can discuss with the group members on what the project will entail. Elizabeth has been working with students from past semesters on a…

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An Overview of Internet Marketing Throughout Time

Internet Marketing in the Past, Present, and Future Online marketing is among the well-recognized and triumphant marketing techniques, and it has transformed immensely over the past years. There were only a few people who had the ability to possess the technology needed. Today, it reaches almost all the people globally (Ka…

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The Role and Benefits of Team Building

Role of Teambuilding Have you ever heard of the famous saying that wolves are stronger when it is with its packs? Not because they can share the same power. But because they do share one goal, to defeat enemies. Same thing also applies to human teams. In this essay, we will know the vital role of team building.According to…

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The Implementation of Output Controls and Behavioral Controls in the Managerial Position

Mini Case #11 1. As a manager, implementing output controls are a vital way to get employees to complete the tasks assigned to them in a efficient and cost effective way. Since the teams at this company depend on one another to finish their part of the project, output control is extremely important. If just one team is…

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A Case Study of the Divisional Structure of the Website Design Company and Its Pros and Cons

Mini Case #10 1. Currently, the website design company is organized into a divisional structure with different functions completing the tasks as the product moves through production. This type of structure has led to completion times of the custom websites to be longer than what upper management would like. To improve t…

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The Effective Implementation of Value Chain Management

Mini Case #9 1. The most important thing to identify before looking to increase productivity is what the firm’s competitive advantage is. Only after determining what type of competitive advantage they have in the flat screen display market, can the company effectively compete and become a recognized name in the industry….

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A Case Study on the Solution to Help Employees with Negative Mood and Conflict in the Workplace

Mini Case #3 #1. A negative mood and conflict in the workplace greatly hinders the effectiveness of those in that department. In this case, only a few employees are responsible for the negativity and conflict. Since only a couple people are responsible, it will be easier to correct the problem. The first step that shoul…

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A Case Study on the Management Theories to Improve Employee Behavior and Performance in the Workplace

Mini Case #2 #1. The first management theory that needs to be examined to help aid in the organization and controlling of hotel employees is Douglas McGregor’s Theory of X and Y. If managers follow Theory X, they feel that workers need to be supervised intensely which may lead to tension between workers and management….

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A Case Study on the Lack of Concern on Finding Suppliers with New or Lowered Price Clothing and the Solution to Fix the Problem

Mini Case #6 1. The task environment for a retail clothing store has three main components; Suppliers, Competitors, and Customers. Each of these three components need to be actively managed to help keep the store popular and full of customers. A huge problem that is facing the store is the lack of concern about finding…

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A Study on the Concept of Time Value of Money

“Present-value and Future-value of an amount delivered at sometime in the future and at present respectively” The value of any asset is the sum of the present value of cash flows expected to be delivered form that asset. The widely used term “Time is money” relates to an ironic relation between two of the most scare and…

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An Overview of One Smooth Stone Management Theory

Management at One Smooth Stone Part 1 The definition of management is “the pursuit of organizational goals efficiently and effectively by integrating the work of people through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the organization’s resources” (Kinicki & Williams, 2016). Mark Ledogar and Gary Vik exemplify this…

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A Management Course on the Four Functions of Management

Something that I heard continuously throughout this management course was, “start by getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats” (Collins, 2001). This quote goes along with how managers use the four functions of management, communication, and motivation in the…

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