A History of the Automobile Industry and the Development of Car Technology

A History of the Automobile Industry and the Development of Car Technology

As time approaches the 21st century, the automobile has become our major source of mass transportation. Everything about our culture and society has developed around this necessary form of travel. However, along with this necessity comes the issue of pollution to the environment. These great gasoline powered vehicles have c…

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A biography of Eli Whitney, an American Manufacturer

Eli Whitney was born in Westborough, Massachusetts, on December 8, 1765, to Eli Sr. and Elizabeth Whitney. (Whitney) At the age of 12, Elizabeth dies, leaving behind Eli and 2 other children. This combined with having a stepmother within two years of his mothers death greatly effected Elis childhood. During the Revolutionar…

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An Analysis of the Historical Development of Human Resources Management

  1. Briefly describe the historical development of Human Resources Management (HRM). The history of human resources goes all they way back to England, where masons, carpenters, leather workers, and other craftspeople organized themselves into guilds. They used their unity to improve their work conditions. These guilds becam…

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An Analysis of the Reimbursement of Taxpayers by the Corporation in the United States

Taxpayers will be reimbursed by the corporation for all out of pocket expenses incurred including transportation, and lodging expenses. However, taxpayers will not be reimbursed for costs incurred in the operation and maintenance of employee home offices. 1. What procedures must the corporation take in developing and carry…

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An Analysis of the Modern Computer Power and the Business Investment on the Internet

From the 1940’s invention of the ENIAC* to the high powered computers of today, end users are constantly bombarded with a litany of options. Enter the Internet. A virtual world that has broken down communication barriers and raised our notion of globalization to epic proportions. One can chat with friends in the far east wh…

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A Company Analysis of eToys, a Toy Company

  1. Company Mission; Background/History The vision of eToys is to create the premier family-oriented destination on the Internet. eToys was launched in October of 1997. eToys was created to offer an extensive selection of products from well known and specialty toy brands, a combination that would be both economical and phy…

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An Analysis of the Concept of Courage for the Acts of Leadership

Most people hear the word hero they think of a super hero in a comic book leading a secret live. A person who has super human powers and flies around a big city fighting crime everyday or night. The type of person that never makes a mistake in there lives, and was destined for fame from the moment they were born. People thi…

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The Ethical Responsibility of Companies to Deal with Sexual Harassment Among the Lines of Their Employees

I have been employed for 17 years with a major aerospace company. Like any corporation, it functions through a multi-tiered managerial hierarchy. In the spring of 2000, several derogatory comments appeared on www.companygossip.com about Stella O’Brien (not her real name), an employee of the aerospace company. The www.compan…

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Modeling, Fashion and Talent Agencies

A Schwabs Conventions-Parties 202-333 3560 Anne Schwabs Model Store 202-333 3560 Creative Management Services 202-333 3560 T H E Fashion Productions 202-342 0933 A Absolute Modeling Agency 407-240 0001 A Beautiful Cachet Of Dreams Inc 305-865 4099 A-1 Pegs Talent & Modeling Agency 407-834 0406 Aaron Model & T…

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The Contributions of Marketing Through Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Consumers have so many choices to make compared to ten or even twenty years ago. Today as always, business growth depends heavily on loyal customers who return because they are satisfied with the product and/or service they have received. But first companies have to bring consumers into the stores. The companies bring consu…

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A History of the Human Resource Management

Tzvetomira Nenova A4 Human resource management is based on the belief that human resources are uniquely important to sustained business success. An organization gains competitive advantage by using its people effectively, drawing on their expertise and ingenuity to meet clearly defined objectives. Human resource management…

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An Introduction to the History of the Cracker Barrel

Students who miss Mom’s home cooking are in luck: Cracker Barrel is coming to town, and just may be what homesick students need to hit the spot. The restaurant will be located where the old Wal-Mart building is, next to Movie World on U.S. Highway 641. In a small town like Murray…

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Sometimes Embracing Conflict Is the Only Way of Solving Important Issues in Any Area of Our Lives, from the Workplace to Our Inner Self

Conflict is often necessary for reaching deeper levels of dialogue and for bringing to the surface important issues that effect the team and/or school district. The mindset needs to be “resolving conflict” by working through conflict instead of avoiding it, and the term conflict is not necessarily synonymous with…

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An Introduction to the Importance of Pay Equality

For as long as we can remember, pay equality has been a big issue within the workplace, especially when its comes to women. Equal pay has been law since 1963. But still 38 years later, women are still being paid less then men. Even when females have the same education, skills, and experience. In the last two decad…

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An Analysis of the Topic of the Effective Simulation Time

Number of Cells = 96 Number of Channels Per Cell = 7 Total Number of Call Failures = 3 Total Number of Finished Calls = 30887 Effective Simulation Time = 32500s No. of Counts Before Checking Convergence = 100 Time Channels Are Occupied = 3115895s Probability of Blocking A…

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An Overview of Administrative Agencies

– Adminstrative agencies are also called regulatory agencies or bureaucracies – Adminstrative law- Study of the powers, procedures, and the practices of these administrative agencies – Adminstrative agencies handle tow areas of public concern: Economic regulatoin and public welfare – Public welfare is broken down into tw…

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A Review of Prospects for US Based Businesses

A 35 page research paper closely examining the prospects for US-based businesses in Europe. All around the world, nations are forming geographic alliances to help build their share of the world market, but Western Europe is taking one extra “giant step” in their plans for a barrier-free Europe with a common curren…

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The Concern of Working for Central City

Working For Central City Concern Central City Concerns owns and operates a great number of the transitional housing in Portland along with Hooper Detox. I have worked for C.C.C. for almost three years now and I’m among one of the only workers that haven’t discovered a dead body yet. Due to the fact that we at C.C.C…

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An Analysis of the Pension Plans in Corporate America

In corporate America, the majority of workers have been introduced to pension plans. A pension plan can be defined as a payment, not wages, made regularly to a person (or family) who has fulfilled certain conditions of service and reached a certain age. A new retirement plan is becoming popular throughout US companies. Th…

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An Analysis of the Topic of the Dealership and the High Prices of the New Cars

Have you ever been to a dealership to buy a car and come away discouraged by the outrageously high prices on new cars? Don’t worry-there is hope! You can get a reliable, good-looking vehicle for thousands less than the new car dealerships charge. The answer? Buy a used car. Used cars are some of the best deals available to…

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A History of the Carnival Corporation

The history of the Carnival Corporation begins in 1972, when Ted Arison set up Carnival Cruise Lines as a subsidiary of the American International Travel Service. The first ship ran aground, but Arison remained steadfast in achieving his vision of a cruise line offering affordable vacation packages to middle-income consumer…

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A Career of a Real Estate Agent

As far as I can think back I always enjoyed being in an office setting. My father used to be an Insurance Salesman when I was little and whenever I had to stay at his office for one reason or another I would always pass the time away happily playing office even answering some calls for my dad. As I got older my dad used to…

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An Analysis of the Topic of the Airline Industry

The airline industry has grown at an incredible rate in the past, and is expected to increase at an even faster rate in the next twenty years. Delta Airlines has capitalized on this by being one of the leaders in air transportation, transporting more passengers worldwide than any other airline. In 1997, Delta became the fir…

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The Origin and Ingredients of Total Quality Management System

TQM stands for Total Quality Management, which is “a cooperative form of doing business that relies on the talents and capabilities of both labor and management to continually improve quality and productivity using teams”. (Joseph R. Jablonski Implementing TQM) The origin of TQM was derived during the 1980’s by Dr…

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The Growing Potential of Canada’s Business Environment

Technological changes today, and in the near future, will be the greatest influence on Business, as we know it. With the development of computers and robots, the requirements for many industries will fill up extremely quickly. By having machines to perform complex and monotonous operations by humans, industries will seek ou…

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