A Discussion on the Popularity of Mergers Among Large Companies

A Discussion on the Popularity of Mergers Among Large Companies

In the past it was believed that mergers were not only exciting but
also that they created value and were simply just good. The bigger the
merger, the better it was. In the recent years mergers especially among
large companies are not seen quite so favorably. Mainly because instead of
the original thinking that big merger w…

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The Ethical Dilemmas of the Workers in the Banking Industry

Banking industry is associated with money making. Many people believe
that banks only exist to accumulate wealth. They lend out money where in
turn they collect interest, and on the other hand they invest money from
which they also obtain profit. Even though banks are for-profit
institutions, this still means that ethical c…

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A Discussion on the Supply Management Issues at Apple, Inc.

Introduction The purpose of this paper will be to discuss supply chain management issues at Apple, Inc. the focus of this discussion will be around a board overview of the core functions in production, inventory control, supply chain management, quality control, and economies of scale. Definitions As defined by the Caps…

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An Overview of the Management Problems of Zynga, an Online Gaming Company

Let’s start at the beginning by defining some concepts. What is the reason for a business to exist? In short, from the owners and/or shareholders point of view is to make money (Key Functions, 2005) while providing a “…product or service which satisfy customer needs or wants” (Capsim, 2015). It sounds simple, right? However…

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The Role of a Management Team in Steering a Company to Either Success or Failure on the Example of Blockbuster

Introduction The purpose of this paper will be to discuss how a management team steer a company to either success or complete failure –all dependent on the managers capabilities and styles. We will be exploring Blockbusters’ downturn history focusing on two of its retailer CEOs and its last entertainer CEO. I chose to expl…

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The Important Concepts of Whistleblowing, Socio-Technical Systems, and Moraility in the Science Application International Corporation or SAIC

The SAIC is a company that has over 9,000 government contracts, making it the company with the most individual government contracts. This article references three concepts we’ve talked about: whistleblowing, socio technical systems and morality. Whistleblowing actually does not come in this case although it should because a…

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Product Safety and Ethical Dilemmas

A fire extinguisher is not really something people have to worry about; in fact it is supposed to put people at ease as it assures safety. However, the Kiddie plastic disposable fire extinguisher does just the opposite as it was found not to dislodge properly. The product had a faulty valve component that prevented the exti…

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The Important Values of Professionalism, Dedication, Responsibility, Teamwork, Respect, and Integrity in the Culture of Engineering

Engineers are innovators of the future. They are most often the people who solve the hardest problems in our society in an attempt to bring us into a newer age. It doesn’t necessarily take a degree in Engineering or Computer Science to be an engineer. Instead, it takes someone who is willing to challenge himself or herself…

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Greed and the Lust for Power Took Away Walmart’s Integrity as a Company

Walmart: A Problematic American Power Walmart’s historical basis is solid; cut out retail’s middle man so customers save money. Efficient, innovative, and smart, this model was a success during Walmart’s infancy. But with time and massive growth Walmart has adopted many problematic policies. The recent economic suppress…

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The Questions of Ethics and Law in the Merger of Two of the Largest American Airline Companies

In a merger of two of the largest airline companies in the world there is an enormous amount of questions that arise. Many of those questions are ones of ethics and the law. Can a merger of this magnitude be legally allowed to happen? What are the negatives and positives that will come out of such a colossal deal? An et…

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A Microeconomic Analysis of the Firearms Company Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson is an American arms manufacturer that competes with
numerous domestic and foreign arms manufacturers. In order to help Smith &
Wesson efficiently operate and control its share of the market we are
conducting a microeconomic analysis of Smith & Wesson. This report will
look at scarcity, choice, and opportuni…

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An Introduction to the Plans of the Sharp Style Company to Improve Their Website and Online Services

Currently Sharpe Style does not offer any online sales, but they do already have a website that lists store locations and advertises sales at the brick-and-mortar location. Mary would also like to incorporate an intelligent marketing system that will help customers make choices based on what they normally buy and by offeri…

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The Successful Strategies of Apple in Advertising

“You’re more powerful than you think.” This is just one of the latest quotes another genius from Apple has engineered. What Apple does differently than other companies is make the customer feel like they have more control over their world with the newest product that they have put out. The late Steve Jobs and his team have…

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An Overview of the Energy Drinks and Their High Demands in the United States and Across the Globe

Globalization and Us: Energy Drinks Author Kathryn Sorrells defines globalization as a “complex web of forces and factors that bring people [and their] cultures” closer together. Behind the complexity of this process, lies the concept of nations’ “growing interdependence” with one another, which can be seen in more ways…

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Employees’ Usage of Company Technology for Personal Purposes

Within the past year, there has been a rapid increase in the number of employees using company technology for personal purposes. Everything from social networking and email to shopping and gaming sites are being taken advantage of by employees during their work hours. Something must be done to control this issue. With no…

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A Discussion on the Factors That Influenced the Struggle of Malaysia Airlines and How It Could Recover

Introduction Malaysia Airlines is Malaysia’s flagship carrier and is owned by Khazanah Nasional Bhd with 69.37% share in MAS. In the past several years, the growth of the airline industry, entrance of new airlines and rise in fuel prices, has lead to the recent struggle of MAS. Talks of selling the company to a private i…

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A Development Project for the Santa Rosa Rancheria Tachi Yokut Tribe

Introduction The Santa Rosa Rancheria Tachi Yokut is a Native American tribe that has a long history of self-determination, culture, tradition, and adapting to the growing trend of modern social and community development. In 1967, the Tachi Yokut tribe was federally recognized as a sovereign nation near the city of Lemoor…

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An Executive Summary for a Development Project for the Tachi Yokut Tribal Council

Executive Summary In today’s world, high speed broadband internet access has become a necessary utility that would have a substantial positive impact on economic and community development for the Tachi tribe. Expanding tribal access to the internet would allow businesses, schools, and community members to easily obtain cri…

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An Analysis of the Strategic Choice to Improve Santa Rosa Rancheria Tachi Yokut Tribe’s Technological Infrastructure

Chapter Four: Expected Outcomes With the proliferation of privatized internet service providers and cybersecurity threats that are associated with these privatized access points, the necessity for secure and reliable internet service is an essential component of the modern technological infrastructure. After a thorough…

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The Implementation of the Plan for the TachiNet Wireless Internet Service Provider, Enabling Internet Access for the Tachi Tribe

Chapter Three: Strategic Choice Implementation Plan This chapter will discuss and analyze the implementation of the chosen strategy to invest and develop a tribally owned business called TachiNet Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) on the Santa Rosa Rancheria Reservation under the approval of the Tachi Yokut Tribal C…

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A Discussion on the Infrastructural Disadvantages of the Native American Tribes and the Plan of Enabling Internet Access to the Tachi Tribe

Chapter Two: Literature Review As a direct result of the segregation and brutality that Native Americans have experienced at the hands of the American government, Native American communities continue to live in isolation from the mainstream media because of the lack of technological infrastructures that exist on tribal lan…

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The Pros and Cons of Both Physical and Conceptual Models of Transmitting Knowledge

Theory of Knowledge Essay 2. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of using models to produce knowledge of the world. Earlier this year, my IB Business and Management teacher shared with us an article on The Economist, introducing to us the term ‘planned obsolescence’. “Planned obsolescence is a business strategy in wh…

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A Career Launched with the Help of AEG Network Live

AEG Network Live is one of the biggest names in video production right now, specifically video production that deals with live concerts and performances. Based out of Los Angeles, Network Live offers the best in high-quality coverage of events, and specializes in working closely with each client in order to successfully ex…

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A Comprehensive Analysis of Acing Business Associations, a Book by Michael Chasalow

Michael Chasalow, author of Acing Business Associations, wrote this book to help provide a foundation for students who do not know much about business associations, which is a key class in law school. He notes that “for students who have not yet established their bearings in [business associations], it can be confusing and…

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CEO of Volkswagen and Turing Pharmaceuticals Cracks under Pressure Due to Negative Responses

The summer of 2015 saw two major crises unfold. Volkswagen, under CEO Martin Winterkorn, and Turing Pharmaceuticals, under CEO Martin Shkreli, both came under pressure following negative responses to their organizational behaviors. Winterkorn’s Volkswagen came under fire for cheating emissions testing on more than 11 millio…

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